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Holiday, Vacation & Weekend


Camping Holidays

Family holidays and hotels don't always go together as the kids like to let off steam. It's better to be flexible when you have children and camping holidays suit many families. You can have a meal when you want and the kids can make friends with other kids on the campsite. No one minds a bit of noise, as long as they are tucked up in bed at a reasonable hour.

If you get bored, then it's just a matter of decamping and moving on to somewhere else. Children like to be given some responsibility and it teaches them self-reliance to be given basic tasks to do. They could fetch the water, help to cook a simple meal or organize games to keep younger siblings entertained.

In my home country of England, campsites tend to be a bit rough and ready. You may find one on the corner of a field that a farmer uses. The farmer's wife may sell milk, eggs, bacon, bread and butter. If there are any toilet facilities, they will be basic. The more commercial campsites with their own tents have better facilities and there may be a shop or a children's playground. Perhaps they have improved, but ones I visited years ago did nothing to encourage camping holidays. The toilet block was dark and dingy and there was nowhere to wash or dry clothes.

My family and I went to France with our two young children. The campsites there were excellent. The toilet block was very clean and well lit and all the facilities were top rate. The tents themselves were spacious and had everything a family could wish for on camping holidays. The kids had a great time and the adults; mostly British, Dutch and German organized inter tent boule competitions. When the kids went to bed, exhausted and happy, the adults got the wine from the cool box and chatted and relaxed. We even babysat for each other so we could go into town and have a meal.

The children had their own courier, who would take them off for a nature walk or do some painting with them. Each tent had a barbecue outside and we used to slap on steaks and burgers. The bread man came every day to the site, selling freshly baked baguettes and croissants. Of course, sunshine always makes camping holidays go better and this was reason enough to give up on camping in rainy England. A coffee and a croissant in the sun is a much better way to start the day!


Campervan Family Holiday – 5 Recommended Western Cape Camp Sites

One of the best ways to see South Africa is in a motorhome or campervan. These can be hired from rental companies which specialize in motorhome hire. When you have a campervan you have the freedom to travel wherever you like without needing to worry about booking accommodation at costly hotels en route, or being restricted to the dates of your bookings.

South Africa offers a vast number of excellent camping sites throughout the country. Many of them have electricity point...

car hire south africa, car rental, rent a car, cape town car hire

One of the best ways to see South Africa is in a motorhome or campervan. These can be hired from rental companies which specialize in motorhome hire. When you have a campervan you have the freedom to travel wherever you like without needing to worry about booking accommodation at costly hotels en route, or being restricted to the dates of your bookings.

South Africa offers a vast number of excellent camping sites throughout the country. Many of them have electricity points and they are usually located in scenic surroundings. Some are more rural and rustic in nature for those who like to rough it, while others are fully equipped for a more luxurious camping experience. The about traveling in a motorhome is that you are self sufficient in so many ways. No need to make or break camp – simply park and start relaxing and exploring right away!

The Western Cape is a great region for a campervan holiday with the family.

Here are 5 stunning camping sites to check out while you’re navigating the highways and byways of this naturally beautiful part of South Africa.

The West Coast - Jamaka Organic Farm in Citrusdal on the banks of the Rondegat River has beautiful green, shady campsites. Campers can explore the farm, hike, swim in the river pool and enjoy the local fruit in season.

Breede River Valley - Montagu Caravan Park is surrounded by breathtaking mountains. The sites are grassed and have electric points. The business centre is within walking distance. Hot water springs are found along the hiking trails in the vicinity.

The Overberg - Palmiet Caravan Park near Kleinmond is an excellent site situated just behind the sand dunes. This makes it a private and sheltered park. The nearby beach is great for walks and fishing. Children enjoy playing in the lagoon / river mouth. The sites have electricity points.

The Garden Route – Aventura Resort in Plettenberg Bay offers the opportunity to stay near one of the most popular beach resort towns along the Garden Route. The park has 78 sites, all with power points. Nearby activities include sport and water sport facilities, river cruises and horesriding.

The Winelands - Tweede Tol in the Bainskloof Pass, around 30 km from Wellington, is located in a nature reserve in the Boland Mountains. Fresh mountain air, fynbos, waterfalls and rock pools abound. There are 25 sites, water and electric points, plus a jungle gym for the kids.

This is merely an appetizer to make you aware of the great camp sites around the Western Cape. There are literally hundreds more all over the region.

This holiday, forget stuffy hotels, shopping malls, expensive restaurant and carefully planned itineraries.

Take to the open road in a campervan and let your imagination be your guide. You will experience the vacation of a lifetime that your family will remember forever.


Celebrating 100 Years Of The British Holiday Camp!

The article covers the history of the holiday camp in Norfolk, particularly in the Greater Yarmouth region. Holiday parks are still a popular accommodation choice with Great Yarmouth home to many.

Norfolk seaside holiday, UK seaside resort, holiday parks Norfolk

Imagine choosing between a guest house with a set of strict rules – and a landlady ready to enforce them, or a holiday camp with tents and daily chores to complete. Doesn’t sound like much of a choice, yet these were the accommodation options for those holidaying in Great Britain’s seaside resorts in the 1900s.

Given these were the only options, the ‘freedom’ offered by the holiday camp was instantly appealing and holidaymakers were welcomed at the UK’s first holiday camp in 1906 at Caistor-on-Sea, Norfolk. By today’s standards the camp was incredibly basic and certainly had no luxury accommodation on offer! Yet it paved the way for a holiday genre that has been thriving for more than 100 years.

Holiday camps continued to make steady progression and 1924 saw the arrival of a holiday camp in Hopton-on-Sea which boasted brick chalets, running water and electric lights – some of the ultimate facilities. However, global events were to have a serious impact on holidays with two World Wars, and the take over of holiday camps to be used as military bases in the Second World War.

Holiday camps really came into their own with a glorious golden era during the 1950s and 60s after the end of WWII. People hadn’t been on holiday for many years and many children had never seen the sea. Life had been incredibly hard and the public were in need of fun and entertainment. The holiday camp could provide all this and more. With swimming pools on site, entertainment in the evenings, competitions including ‘Glamorous Granny’ and ‘Knobbly Knees’ plus plentiful food the camps offered all the right ingredients for an fun and affordable family holiday.

While the offer of cheap sea and sun holidays drew many people to destinations such as Spain in the 1970s, UK holiday resorts such as Great Yarmouth have seen a resurgence of visitors in recent years. As the cost of living continues to soar and with the need to consider ‘greener’ ways to travel, a Great British seaside holiday – with glorious beaches, strolls along the pier and ice cream – is an attractive proposition.

And where better to stay than a holiday village? A far cry from their 20th Century counterparts, Great Yarmouth is home to some of the UK’s best including some with 5-star ratings. With the promise of modern accommodation, a huge range of indoor and outside entertainment for children and adults and onsite eateries, it’s the ideal choice for families.

Great Yarmouth has invested more than £25 million in redeveloping the seafront, creating a stunning new promenade area for visitors to stroll along, and a beautifully lit pedestrianised walkway linking the seafront to the town centre. The town’s rich maritime heritage is evident all around, with a heritage quarter rich in history to explore. The many holiday parks and villages along this part of the coastline expect a bumper year in 2008.


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