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Holiday, Vacation & Weekend


Hosting a Holiday Party

Holidays are a wonderful time to gather with family and friends to share love and stories. The end of the year is a great time to catch up and share good spirits for the new year ahead. In fact, any time of year is a good excuse to get together with friends and family. If you are choosing to host a holiday party, there are many things to consider.

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Holidays are a wonderful time to gather with family and friends to share love and stories. The end of the year is a great time to catch up and share good spirits for the new year ahead. In fact, any time of year is a good excuse to get together with friends and family. If you are choosing to host a holiday party, there are many things to consider.

One of the first things to consider when hosting a holiday party is whether it will be formal, semi-formal or casual. This will affect everything from the invitations, the decorations, to the food. If you choose to host a formal event, the invitations should reflect this with dramatic colors and elegant elements such as ribbon or sparkling designs. For a semi-formal or casual event, choose an invitation that reflects the holiday being celebrated and uses more casual colors and design elements.

Depending on the holiday being celebrated there are a number of holiday party invitations that can be chosen. For winter holiday parties such as Christmas or Hanukkah, choose a holiday party invitation that best suits the mood and theme of the holiday party. There are a great number of invitations whether it is a summer time 4th of July party, or a fall Halloween party.

When and who to invite. Invitations should be sent to everyone invited to the party. Invitations should typically be sent out two weeks in advanced, or further in advanced for a very formal gathering. It is a very good idea to send out an RSVP with invitations for planning seating and food for the party.

Throwing a holiday party can be very fun. Holidays are a great time for friends and family to get together and relish in the festive time. Choosing a perfect holiday party invitation will help form the theme and the mood of the event and provide all guests with a truly entertaining party


How to Enjoy the Holidays With Your Relatives

People gather for holiday parties. Here's how to make the event memorable for the right reasons.

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Here are five simple things that will make the next holiday party enjoyable for everyone.

1) Leave Home Without It

Unless you visit like-minded people, leave your private cause at home. Cover the tattoo, remove the nose ring, take out the tongue stud. Similarly, avoid editorials, lectures, and sermons. Remember: it's a holiday party. No one comes to be offended.

2) Make Them Special

Let others talk. Be impressed (or at least interested) with what they say. Ask questions to encourage telling more. Find something to praise. Give your complete attention while listening. Appreciation is a gift that lasts a lifetime.

3) Detach

Let others be themselves. Accept what people say, regardless how outrageous. Avoid correcting, criticizing, or complaining. Ignore bait that lures you into arguments. Avoid taking things personally. Just say, "Ah, how interesting," and move on.

4) Talk Friendly

Offer compliments. Be positive. Be gracious. Be mature. Find diplomatic ways to express your ideas. Avoid negative words, especially "not," because negative ideas trigger a defensive response. Be a source of solutions instead of complications.

5) Behave

Avoid trick questions ("What kind of idiot would do this?"). Avoid punitive stories that contain hidden insults. Avoid baiting people into arguments. Spend time with people who enjoy your ideas. Realize it is always a bad idea to start an argument.


How and Where To Enjoy Gorilla Safari While On African Holiday, Vacation & Weekend

Gorillas like human are curious, they can be bored, bold, annoyed, have pleasure, excited, afraid, can worry, show affection, be thoughtful and they can be hostile. Gorillas like to study people to see if they are friendly.


Gorillas are threatened primate species in the world with the remaining living in Africa and in countries Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo.

Known to be the largest living primates on Earth, Gorillas are of three kinds; 1) Eastern Lowland Gorillas, which reside in the Democratic Republic of the Congo; 2) Western Lowland Gorillas which live only in West Africa and: 3) Mountain Gorillas, which are only found in Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Listed as one of the top 10 threatened / endangered species, there are only 655 species remaining. There are approximately 355 gorillas in the Volcano and Virunga Mountains of Rwanda and Congo and another separate group of 300 in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. There are no Mountain Gorillas living outside of their native mountain forest home. Gorillas are protected by international law. Capturing or killing gorillas and other endangered species is illegal.

Unlike chimps, Gorillas live in groups / families without territorial boundaries but with family’s range from 2 to 15 square miles. The females decide who they are going to allow into their family. If a gorilla wants to join another group and the females do not want her in, they will scratch her in the face and keep her out. If a female wants to leave a group to find a male she likes better, but the other females like her very much, they will grab her by the legs and not allow her to leave.

Female gorillas weigh approximately 350 pounds and adult male gorillas can weigh approximately 700 pounds. Adult gorillas can be seven feet tall with an arm span of 8 feet.

Gorillas feed on 58 different types of plant species, including stems, roots, leaves, flowers, thistles, ferns, tree wood and bamboo shoots. Gallium vines, fruits and celery are their favorite foods. Gorillas have much larger teeth in the back of their mouth than humans do so that they can grind foliage, bark and bamboo.

Gorillas like human are curious, they can be bored, bold, annoyed, have pleasure, excited, afraid, can worry, show affection, be thoughtful and they can be hostile. Gorillas like to study people to see if they are friendly.

Gorillas communicate by stomach rumbling which means they are contented, a pig grunt of harsh staccato grunts used when disciplining or complaining. A roar or scream is given when a gorilla is threatened. A loud hoot or roar is given when silverbacks are interacting. This is done by chest beating and thrashing of trees. When gorillas are afraid they send out a powerful odor from their glands.

Having endured decades of civil war in Central and East Africa, gorillas are confronted by the devastating consequences of increased habitat loss, poaching for the bush meat trade and the spread of dangerous diseases like Ebola. “These animals are Threatened” therefore make a tour to these countries to have a look at the few remaining primate giants before they are lost. Spend some time with them, they are awe-inspiring.

Gorilla tracking the Activity.

On this day, in the morning you wake up to a breakfast and then transfer to the park headquarters for the briefing before you set off at 9:00 am through the tracks to search for the humble giants. You have to go with packed lunch as the time taken to before meeting the great apes is un predictable. However the time ranges between 2-9 hours depending on the movement of the giant primates (Gorillas). The activity is tiresome, it involves walking along steep hilly tracks however encountering these great relatives of man erases all the poor memories/ hardships you went through in trying to find them. They are awesome!

Safaris to see the gorillas of Africa can be arranged by Sydah Naigaga of Access Africa Safaris


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