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Holidaying in Broome: The Hidden Pearl of Western Australia

If you want to experience another facet of Australia, head for Broome, an exotic oasis in the heart of the country's last great wilderness area.

Western Australia, Hotels,Accommodation, Cheap, Broome

If you want to experience another facet of Australia, head for Broome, an exotic oasis in the heart of the country's last great wilderness area.

Broome is an exotic blend of seaside resort and frontier town with and colourful mix of architectural styles. Add in a delightful beach and a rich and unusual history all in a tropical climate, and you've got the recipe for a great vacation.

Broome's exotic nature stems from its history. Its location on the Indian Ocean made it a perfect spot for pearling and it attracted people from all over the world, especially Japan.

Today's Broome is a chic modern town with art galleries and jewellery shops chic cafes with a wide range of attractions. You can see the pearling luggers at the wharf and in the bays, and buy pearls in Chinatown. For a taste of history, there's a Japanese cemetery, the last resting place of over 900 pearl divers.

Other than the city, the big attraction is the famous Cable Beach, a 14-mile stretch of pristine sand washed by a limpid blue sea. To truly appreciate the magic of Cable Beach, take a camel ride at sunset. The swimming is good too. Roebuck Bay on the eastern side of the town is also popular.

Broome is also a delight for ornithologists as flocks of shorebirds land at Roebuck Bay on their annual migration from north Asia. Summer is the peak time to view them but fledglings often remain there for the first two years of their lives.

Transport: getting there and getting around

Broome International Airport provides transport to several regional and domestic towns and cities.

Public transport in Broome is minimal but there's an hourly bus service to Cable Beach. The flat terrain makes it fine for cycling and rental bikes are readily available.


Broome has a tropical climate with basically two seasons - dry and wet. During the dry season from May to November, temperatures peak at around 30 C. Most days are clear and sunny. In the wet season, temperatures get up to around 35 C. Humidity is high and heavy downpours are sporadic. The area can get hit by cyclones and summer storms.

Accommodation:from cheap stays to luxury resorts

Check on the internet for the range, location and cost of Hotels in Broome
Check on the internet for the range, location and cost of Broome hotels
Check on the internet for the range, location and cost of Broome accommodation

Events:what's on and what's hot

*Broome's flagship event is known as 'Staircase to the Moon'. It occurs when a full moon reflects off mudflats in Roebuck Bay during low tide. The effect is like a glorious set of stairs reaching up to the moon. Occurs March through to October.
*In September, the importance of the pearl industry is captured in Shinju Matsuri, which started in 1970. The name means 'festival of the pearl' in Japanese and the event is an extravaganza which includes an opening ball, carnival and float parade, mardi gras, together with many cultural activities.
*Opera Under The Stars is held in Broom and Kimberly in August.


Holidaying in Southern Australia: Melbourne And Adelaide

Southern Australia is an vast area of great contrasts with the land ranges from desert to plains to fertile wine-growing areas set amid rolling hills.

Southern Australia, Hotels,Accommodation, Cheap, Melbourne, Adelaide

Southern Australia is an vast area of great contrasts with the land ranges from desert to plains to fertile wine-growing areas set amid rolling hills.


Capital of Victoria and Australia's second-largest city, Melbourne is often voted the most livable city in the world. For one thing, it's sited on the Yarra River and scenic Port Philip Bay. Plus, it's Australia's vanguard city for sport, fashion, shopping, cuisines, music and nightlife, and is home to a host of museums, galleries and theaters, and large parks and gardens.

Transport:getting there and getting away

Melbourne's centre for domestic and international flights is Tullamarine Airport. It's located 14 miles northwest of the city center and accessible by skybus.

Spencer Street Railway Station is served by interstate trains. The Sydney-Melbourne XPT runs between Australia's two largest cities daily. The trip takes 10 1/2 hours. The Overland connects with Adelaide daily. The trip time is 12 hours.

Bus services connect Melbourne with other major cities and regional areas of Victoria.

Melbourne’s public transport system, known as Metlink offers a wide range of options for getting around the city. These include trams, trains, and buses. Melbourne has the world's oldest tram network which now runs over 200 miles of track. Trams are the most popular with tourists and locals alike for travel around the city and inner suburbs. Taxis are plentiful and Melbourne has an excellent network of bike paths.


Melbourne has a capricious climate. It ranges from rainy to gusty and it often oscillates between warm and chilly in the space of one day. However it seldom gets really too hot or too cold. Winter temperatures range between 6°C and 13°C. In summer, it rarely gets above 35°C.

Accommodation:from cheap stays to luxury resorts

Check on the internet for the range, location and cost of hotels in Melbourne
Melbourne accommodation is varied and good value.

Events:what's on and what's hot

Melbourne's social calendar is comprises equally of sporting and cultural events.

*The year kicks of with Midsumma Melbourne, an annual pride event in January. It's a three-week bash featuring a music, cabaret, and drag acts.
*Australian Football League Grand Final in September is the annual showcase of Aussie Rules Football.
*Melbourne Fringe held annually in September and October is the city's exuberant art fest.
*LIVID Festival held in October is one of the country's largest rock festivals.


Much of Adelaide's charm comes from its location. It sits on the narrow Adelaide Plains between Gulf St Vincent on the Southern Ocean and the eucalyptus-covered hills of the Mount Lofty ranges. Today's Adelaide is famous for its festivals, arts, sports events and wine from nearby vineyards.

Transport:getting there and getting away

Adelaide's spanking new airport offers international connections to Auckland, Hongkong, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. On the domestic front, it's just an hour's hop to Melbourne and less than three hours to Sydney, Brisbane, or Canberra. There are also buses and interstate trains.

Getting around the city is easy via train, tram and bus services that use the Metroticket unified ticketing system. The compact city center is fine for walking and there are two free bus services for the footsore. There's also a tram that runs from Victoria Square to the seaside suburb of Glenelg.


In a word, Mediterranean. Summer in Adelaide is scorching with temperatures leaping to 40°C and above. Winters are damp and miserable but never really cold. Spring and Autumn are the most pleasant seasons, balmy and temperate.

Accommodation:from cheap stays to luxury resorts

Check on the internet for the range, location and cost of Adelaide hotels.

Events:what's on and what's hot

*Womadelaide, an outdoor festival of world music and dance, is held every February to March.
*The jewel in Adelaide's social crowd is the Adelaide Arts Festival held at the beginning of March in even-numbered years. It features drama, dance and music, along with a writers' week, poetry readings and art exhibitions. The Fringe Festival runs at the same time.
*Adelaide International Guitar Festival is in November.


Holidays in Australia

I hope to visit Australia this winter, and I hope that it will not be the last time. I would like to think that I will take many holidays in Australia in my life time, but I know that this might not be something that I can do very often. However, I will go when I can as I have friends there, and it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t get to spend some time with them every few years. Besides, I think there is a lot my daughter can learn when we visit there, and I hope to take her with me when I go.

The best thing about holidays in Australia is that you can go when the weather in the US is bad, and it will be the middle of summer there. Not only that, but there are many great beaches there, and everyone is so wonderfully nice. Though I am sure there are exceptions, it would seem that a majority of those who live in Australia are easy going and fun to be around. Though you can’t always take long vacations, I want to make my holidays in Australia long because I won’t get to go very often.

Another great thing about holidays in Australia is that they are very much like the US in culture, but at the same time, things are just different enough to make it an amazing experience. They have beauty everywhere you turn around, and there are many awesome things that everyone should have a chance to see in their life time. I know there are those who have dreamed of going to a European country for as long as they can remember, but for me, I have always wanted to take holidays in Australia.

There is one downfall though. When you take holidays in Australia, you do have to be on a plane for a very long time. It takes about fourteen hours to fly to Sydney from the west coast, and I have to take a six hour flight just to get to the west coast of the US to get on a plane to Australia. I’m not really worried about myself, but I am concerned about my daughter, who will be six when we go. However, it will be worth it, and I suspect that the light might be the longest I have ever taken, or will ever take, but for great holidays in Australia, it will all be worth it.


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