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How to Act on a First Date

Usually by the time you have a first date you have either already meet someplace, or have at least talked on the telephone or over the internet, and there should at least be some amount of interest in each other or why would you have agreed to the date in the first place.

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The key to a successful first date is to relax and just be the real you. If you try to act in a way that you think the other person will like, then they may start liking someone who you are not, and in the end you will wind up breaking up and getting hurt, so honest truly is the best policy, and in the end if you are just being you and it does not work you, you know they were not the one for you.

Dating is like gambling at poker, sure a good bluff may win you a hand or two but you are not going to win the World Series of Poker by bluffing, only by playing the best you can. This is no different from dating if you make things up to try and impress this person they are not liking you but are liking the fake you and eventually they will see the two are no the same.

Try to think back to the things you talked about when the both of you spoke on the phone and see if you learned anything that may help you decide where to go for your date, but if you do not have enough information about them to know what they may like you sometimes have to gamble and throw the dice, and hope you don’t crap out.

The most important thing to do on a first date is to have a good time, the bigger a deal you make of it the harder it is going to be and the higher the chances of you making a jerk of yourself. If you are nervous before the date take a few minutes and take a few deep breaths and if this does not help then I recommend you do what I like to do in the casinos when my nerves are bothering me I simply have a drink. The alcohol in one drink will usually calm me down enough to concentrate.

The key to having a nice first date is simple:

Take her/ him to a nice place, quite but not too quiet, you should be able to hear each other but other distractions are also good for those uncomfortable moments.

Do not take her/ him to a place where your friends hang out, this will make her/ him feel as if they are being ganged up on or they may feel out of place and resent you for making them feel that way.

It is very important to have the whole night planned out already before the date and have a backup idea just incase. The tricky part is making it look like it was not all planned. Let's say you decide that you are going to take her for dinner, then after you want to take a walk on the beach do not just say hey after dinner let's take a walk on the beach. I would recommend you wait till after dinner and ask her if she wants to take a walk to burn off dinner and then take her to the beach.

Then when you are on the beach take her/his hand while walking, this makes a physical connection between you and makes it easier later on when you go for your first kiss.

Just remember that dating is a gambling sometimes you are going to get a bad hand and eventually if you play your cards right you will find the right person and win the jackpot.


How to Attract A Woman: The Best Ways to Handle Physical Contact

Touching/physical contact is an absolutely vital component of seduction. You can't successfully pick-up a girl without first establishing a basic level of mutual tactility .

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Touching/physical contact is an absolutely vital component of seduction. You can't successfully pick-up a girl without first establishing a basic level of mutual tactility - I.E. Before you can move in for the kill by kissing and/or sleeping with her, you MUST first have a regular, healthy amount of touching that works both ways: she flirtatiously puts her hand on your knee, you encircle her waist with your arm and pull her a little closer - whatever form the physical contact takes, it has to be present for you to achieve your final goal of actual seduction. And that right there is where the problem for many men lies: how can a guy get the ball rolling when it comes to tactility and physical closeness? If the girl's not being tactile, how can a guy develop mutual physical closeness without freaking her out or scaring her away?

Often men just "go for it" and consequently end up making the girl feel uncomfortable or even slightly violated because of their rushed attempt at physical closeness. Other men decide they don't want to risk putting a girl off, so hold back any kind of touching or bodily contact - doing so usually sends out the wrong message, that the guy is either not interested in the girl, or that he's simply too timid to show it, neither of which are attractive scenarios in the mind of a good-looking, fun-loving girl. Okay, so what's the solution to this awkward problem?

Quite simply, you just need to follow a few basic rules or procedures, all of which conform to the personal boundaries of most girl (and therefore don't appear uncalled for or rushed) but at the same time clearly indicate that you're a confident guy who's not afraid of getting to know girls and even showing it through casual, relaxed physical contact. So, let's take a look.

1. Many men think that touching a girl in any way when they first meet them is an absolute no-no. But that's simply not true. To form a positive, strong first impression and create an immediate bond with a girl when you first introduce yourself or get talking, casually and gently touch the outside of her right arm while at the same time verbally expressing something. The outside of a woman's arm is not intimate enough a place for the touch to feel strange or out-of-place, but at the same time it's a clear-cut sign that you're a personable, socially adept kind of guy. Don't be afraid to give it a try - you'll notice the benefits immediately.

2. Once you've started a conversation with a girl, or when you randomly find yourself chatting to a woman you really like the look of, it's important to keep up the physical contact. Doing so helps maintain the bond and rapport you've already created and also helps build it further, into mutually felt sexual attraction. You can use something called 'Stealth Tactility' to do this. Quite simply, stealth tactility involves making physical contact with the girl in a disguised way. For example, if she wants to go to the bar or bathroom but doesn't know the way, you can use stealth tactility by placing your hand on her shoulder, drawing her in a little closer, swivelling both of your bodies round until you face in the right direction, then point past other people or obstacles with your other hand to where she needs to go.

3. Lastly, always try to use a 'contact close' when you finish your conversation with a girl. For example, after swapping numbers or arranging to meet again, give her a kiss on the cheek or a hug and a kiss. Many men think that the hard work's been done once something's been arranged for a later date, but making physical contact before you part with a girl is always a great way of ensuring she remembers you and really cannot wait to see you again.


How To Attract Women With Your Attitude

If there was one magic pill that you could pop to make yourself more attractive to women, would you take it?

Chances are, most men would give answer with a resounding yes. After all, who has the time to keep up with the countless dating advice and tips handed out by dating gurus who promise that by doing what they tell you to do, women would come in droves begging you to let them bear your children?

But since reality bites, no such pill exists. And the male species, si...

If there was one magic pill that you could pop to make yourself more attractive to women, would you take it?

Chances are, most men would give answer with a resounding yes. After all, who has the time to keep up with the countless dating advice and tips handed out by dating gurus who promise that by doing what they tell you to do, women would come in droves begging you to let them bear your children?

But since reality bites, no such pill exists. And the male species, since the beginning of civilization, has been working on making himself the object of interest and attention of his female counterparts. Even now, in this age of dating websites and speed dating the objective has not changed.

So why is it that some guys seem to get it right all the time while the rest seem to remain luckless no matter what they do? Some would say that looks and appearances had everything to do about it. But that’s not entirely true.

While it may be so that how a guy looks like matters in order to catch a woman’s attention, that alone will not make him totally attractive. What makes the guy go from “Hi there. You alone?” to “Good morning, doll.” is his attitude.

Attitude by definition is your outlook and mindset towards any given situation. In the dating scenario, it would mean how you behave and think when it comes to approaching a woman, chatting up a conversation with her and treating her just a tad more special than the rest of the women in the room.

So what kind of attitude should you have?
A lot of guys think that they need to impress women to makes themselves attractive. While making an impression is important, you need to make sure that that impression is really you. Otherwise, your attitude towards dating shows that you would rather make false impressions and basically lie, just so that you can get what you want. Not exactly an attractive trait, isn’t it?

Instead, develop the “just as I am” attitude. No pretenses, no airs – just what you really are. Very little anything else makes one more attractive to women than to see a guy that’s totally honest about who and what he is.

But hold on, that is not to say that you should totally let yourself go. The “just as I am” attitude does not mean not bothering to dress up in nice clothes just because you are more of a shorts-and-flip-flops kind of guy.

Not in the least. In fact, the “as is” attitude should stay in the backstage. The main idea is that you don’t need to pretend to be the sensitive writer type when you’re more of a Monday night football kind of guy. But at the same time, you need to make an effort to put your best foot forward.

Do this by taking the time to look your best. You don’t need to look like Hugh Jackman’s long lost twin, but don’t look (and smell) like a bum either. Take the time to choose clothes that fit well on you. Pay attention to body hygiene, especially if you tend to sweat and don’t forget to check your breath as well. But more importantly, work on making this a habit rather than a once-in-a-while thing. That alone increases your attractive points by a whole lot.

Now that you’ve cleaned and dressed up, it’s time to work that attitude. For example, as you approach someone, tell yourself that all you need to do to get her interested is for you to be friendly and to treat her well. You don’t need to impress her with things that aren’t true about you. Remember, you are to come as you are and not someone else.

If she responds, then good for you. If she doesn’t seem to be interested regardless of how nice you are, that’s still ok. If this happens, tell yourself that you and her don’t fit and then walk away. At the very least, the woman you just approached will notice that you knew when to stop. Surprisingly, on a second encounter, she just might give you a better chance, just because you showed restraint the first time you met.

Now this isn’t a foolproof plan that can help you score with the ladies. But it is a lot better than pretending to be something that isn’t you. Developing a healthy confident attitude about yourself will not only make you more attractive to the right women around you, but will also help you personally as you begin to see yourself in a better light.


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