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Google Adsense: How to Explain the Google Adsense Program to Others

We’re not talking about strangers here. For the strangers that visit your site, your content will have to do all the talking for you. But for the people in your daily life, the ones you want to click on your referral button, the ones you want to read and comment on your blog; these are the ones you want to be able to enlighten about the Google Adsense program.

First, excitement breeds excitement. Get excited about your new venture and others will too. Learn everything you can about the Google Adsense program, not only will this increase your earnings, but you’ll be better equipped to explain the mechanics of the program to others.

Show them the money. There’s nothing like a little proof to make a believer out of someone. You don’t have to wait until you’re making thousands per month, although that’s a healthy goal. But even a small deposit in your piggy bank is enough to intrigue most people. Can’t you just count those referrals now?


How To Earn $100k This Year From Google Adsense

Google’s AdSense is a fascinating revenue-sharing opportunity for small, medium and large web sites. Some webmasters are designing brand new sites specifically for serving AdSense text ads. (It’s against the AdSense rules to design a site purely for AdSense, so you’ll want to include a few affiliate Affiliate links or sell your own product, too.)

Let’s say you have a goal of earning $100,000 a year from AdSense. Is that possible? Let’s see … $100,000 divided by 365 = $274 ...

Adsense, google, ppc, pay per click, adwords, overture

Google’s AdSense is a fascinating revenue-sharing opportunity for small, medium and large web sites. Some webmasters are designing brand new sites specifically for serving AdSense text ads. (It’s against the AdSense rules to design a site purely for AdSense, so you’ll want to include a few affiliate Affiliate links or sell your own product, too.)

Let’s say you have a goal of earning $100,000 a year from AdSense. Is that possible? Let’s see … $100,000 divided by 365 = $274 a day. So your goal is to produce either:

* 274 pages which earn $1 a day or

* 548 pages which earn 50 cents a day or

* 1096 pages which earn 25 cents a day

The following are hypothetical cases. To earn $1 a day per page, you need, per page…

* 400 visitors, 5% click-through rate (CTR CTR) and average 5c payout.

* Or 200 visitors, 10% CTR and an average 5c payout.

* Or 100 visitors, 10% CTR, and an average 10c payout.

* Or 100 visitors, 5% CTR, and an average 20c payout

Let’s assume you choose a goal somewhere around the middle, say aiming for 50 visitors per page and want 274 pages earning $1 a day. You’d need 274 x 50 = 13,700 pageviews a day.

Does that sound too tough? If so, you’d better look for more profitable keywords and ways to improve your click-through rates.

Let’s try a different scenario, You choose more profitable keywords and make your $1 on average per page from, say, 10 visitors. 274 x 10 = 2740 pageviews a day, That’s looking easier to achieve, If your average visitor sees 3 pages, you now need 913 unique visitors a day.

Is that too tough to achieve in your niche? If so, create two sites, each attracting half that number, 456 unique visitors, a day, Can’t achieve those click-through rates and payouts? Then you’ll either need more pages on your sites on more niche sites.

Please note, because of the AdSense rules, these are all hypothetical cases. I’m not allowed to give real cases. Real CTR rates and payouts vary hugely.Choose the goal which best matches your site or sites.

Then start building keyword-rich pages containing well researched, profitable keywords, and get lots of high quality links to your site.

For example, if your site is about topics such as debt consolidation, web hosting or asbestos-related cancer, you’ll earn much more per click than if it’s about free things.

On the other hand, if you concentrate only on top-paying keywords, you’ll face an awful lot of tough competition.

What you want are keywords that are high in demand and low in supply, So do some careful keyword research before you build your pages.


How to earn with Google Adsense!

If you already have a site that is up and running, it makes good sense to take advantage of Google's Adsense to make a few extra dollars out of your site. If you don't have a site, but have good ideas and feel that you can put up a site that can attract traffic, it's worthwhile for you to put up a site of your own, and post Adsense ads in it.

google adsense, website, web page, content, lose money, html code, good traffic, increase traffic, earn money

If you have your own website, you can earn a good amount of money through Google Adsense. What do you have to do to earn money from your website? Nothing, really. You just have to re-post, in your site, the ads that Google has posted in its search engine pages. Here's how it works.

How does it work?

Every time you fire a Google search, alongside the search results, you find a few links displayed under the heading 'sponsored links.' Well, these are links that the advertisers pay Google for displaying. They do not, however, pay a fixed amount for keeping those ads there, but a certain amount for every time a visitor clicks on the link and visits the advertiser's site. This way, the advertiser only pays when someone actually clicks on the link, Google gets money for putting up the links, and the visitor gets to know of related links that could give him relevant and additional information and/or services. It's a win-win situation for everyone involved in the game.

Where do you come in?

Google reasoned that anyone, who visited a third party site that held content relevant to a particular search, would be interested in the sponsored links that it provided along these search results. So it decided to extend the group to include sites that have similar content, by allowing these sites to display ads and links that would be redirected to the sponsored links of Google. That opened up an easy way to increase the traffic to the advertiser's site by increasing his exposure, while the site owner gets money for just posting the ad in her site.

What do you have to do to take advantage?

If you already have a running site that ha a good traffic, you may have to do practically nothing. All you have to do is copy and paste some HTML code into your pages. That's all! The ads will appear on your site and every time someone clicks on those ads, you get your share

How much money can you make?

That's not very easy to answer, because there's no single answer to that question. It all depends on a combination of factors like keywords, the page number where the links appear, and the demand for the day. Whatever the going rate, Google passes on a part of the revenue that it gets from your site to you. You can see at any point of time and on any day, how much money you've made.

You can be sure of one thing, though. You're not going to lose money by posting the ad in your site. Whatever the revenue, it's an additional amount that you get from the site for no additional cost.

What if you don't have a site?

You can still benefit from this scheme if you don't already have a site. You will of course, need to put up a site in that case. You can put up a site easily and at a fairly low cost. First of all you should decide on the content of your site. If you're thinking of duplicating someone else's site by copying their contents, that wouldn't work. Your site will have to be original, although its contents may be similar to that of other sites.

If you are putting up a fresh site, you'll need to estimate the costs of putting up the site and maintaining it against the revenues that you'll get. The secret is in getting good traffic to your site. So you should concentrate on building an attractive site and find out ways of attracting traffic to it. The rest will then follow.


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