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How To Derive Maximum Benefit Out Of Article Submission

The key for your article submission campaign to be successful is not just creating quality articles, but also submitting them in the right manner. You can use these simple article-submission steps as a guideline and create your own plan that will work best for you.

Article Submission, Article Distribution, Directory Submission, Copy Writing Services

Article Submission one of the more popular methods of “Organic Search Engine Optimization” which helps in generating quality targeted traffic and back links to a site. Apart from this, Article Submission is a great way to let readers know more about your business and what unique services you can offer them.

Article Submission can help all types of businesses, be it an Internet based Company or a florist that is looking to create additional exposure to its site through higher search engine rankings or by generating targeted traffic.
It’s only after you test article submission services for yourself that you will realize that article submission is a very strong, yet cost effective way to generate enormous amounts of targeted traffic and back links!

However, the key for your article submission campaign to be successful is not just creating quality, informative and creative articles, but you must also submit them to the right places in the right manner so that your desired audiences can find them. If you’re not sure how to write quality informative articles that bring out the best information about your business, you can hire a professional to do that for you. If you can pen down a good article yourself and don’t know how to start your article submission campaign, you can use these simple article-submission steps as a guideline, and create your own article submission plan that will work best for you.

Pay Attention To The Quality Of The Article
For article submission to be successful, the directories and syndicates will have to approve your article first. For this, you need to make sure that your article is a genuine quality article and not a sales letter!

You should avoid using any kind of promotional language. Rather your article ought to be informative and should be of some value to the reader and not just to your business! Many a times, I have come across an article where some company is telling me they will offer this and that. I wonder how can any one term those as articles but they rather look like ad campaigns to me! You can be rest assured that your article will be plainly rejected by most of the article directories and syndicates.
Tip: Avoiding using any kind of promotional language in your article. The stress should be on educating the readers. Thus your aim should be value addition and not selling your product or service.
Submit Your Article To The Most Appropriate Category Accompanied By The Right Keywords

Choosing the right set of category plays a very important role in maximizing your exposure through article submission. Like humans, every directory is different. Thus, you need to understand the nature of each directory. Same category may represent different set of audiences for different directories. Thus you must have a comprehensive set of categories to classify your business. The same applies for keywords. It should always be exhaustive rather then appropriate. However, you should always try and limit the number of keywords to utmost ten.
Tip: For example, my site, might be appropriate for the category “Internet” in one general directory and might be appropriate for “Traffic Generation” in another.
The Article Must Be Accompanied By An “Author Bio”
Your Author Bio (Or About Author) can make or break the goal of your article submission campaign! Believe it or not, but your Author Bio is probably the most important part of your whole article writing and article submission campaign! You must let your readers know about yourself and that you’re the expert. Mostly all directories will allow you to put a link to your site. Take advantage of this, and always maximize your links that will give you the desired optimizing opportunities.
Other General Precautions

Apart from these few major precautions, you should also take note of the following trivialities for your article submission to be successful:
• Do not use ALL CAPS in the title, use the Title Case.
• You should always prepare an article summary of less then 200 characters before you start article submission.
• You shouldn’t fill your article with anchor texts. I am of the opinion that anchor tests shouldn’t be used in the article. Author Bio is the right place to put links.
These tips are pretty straightforward, and most of you would consider them to be common sense, but even the most experienced sometimes get off track, and may forget some of the fundamentals of article submission. Take my advice and use it as a tool to help you design your own article submission campaign.


How to Use Annual Report

There are many steps in calculating the fair value of a company. However, before we even do that, it is imperative to know how a company earns its profit. Does it do that by selling to consumers? licensing its technology to other companies? or extracting natural resources from the ground?

Finance Stock Annual Report Free Web Directory Article Submission

There are many steps in calculating the fair value of a company. However, before we even do that, it is imperative to know how a company earns its profit. Does it do that by selling to consumers? licensing its technology to other companies? or extracting natural resources from the ground?

The sensible way to do it is by reading the company's annual report. What is an annual report? Annual report is yearly publication by public companies to better inform investor about the company's line of business. Annual report gives investors a glance of the company's line of business, financial health as well as management's strategies for doing business.

Let's look at CNET Networks Inc. The company trades in the NASDAQ market with symbol: CNET. What does CNET do? I know CNET owns But do you know that it also owns,, and ? How do I know that? Yep, you guess it. CNET's Annual Report will gives you all that.

From CNET's annual report, we can do a little digging for CNET's internet traffic. As of August 27th 2005, these websites of CNET attracts 3 % of all internet traffic. Pretty impressive, considering that Google holds 23% of all internet traffic. On April 2005, Google had 78.6 million unique visitors. By comparing this metric, we might have an idea CNET's revenue potential for the month of August. I will not go into that but this shows how useful reading CNET's annual report is. Reading an annual report serves as the first step towards investing in a particular company.

How do we obtain annual report? There are several sources for this. First is the companies own website. You are interested in knowing more about CNET Networks? You can get the annual report by going to and go to its shareholder relation. After several clicks, you can then download the annual report.

Or ... you can go to some websites that offer complete annual report for a number of different companies in alphabetical order. Our website is one of them. Admittedly, while having hundreds of annual reports in one place is convenient, it is not as thorough as what the company's own website has to say.


How To Guarantee Your Article Gets Published

There are literally thousands of article submission sites on the net today. Merely submitting your article to article directories does not guarantee that it will be accepted. Here are a few tips that will guarantee your article gets accepted at more sites.

article directory, guidelines, submission guidelines, author, articles

There are literally thousands of article submission sites on the net today. Merely submitting your article to article directories does not guarantee that it will be accepted. Many article sites have publishing guidelines that are fairly general in nature. Most of the larger, more popular sites, are strict about what gets published and what gets rejected.

If you want ensure that more of your articles are accepted by online directories you need to make sure your article meets the publisher's guidelines. As a owner and publisher of online article sites for many years, I am amazed at how many authors don't take the time to read through submission guidelines.

Many sites will accept any article submitted, especially if it is a new article directory, as a means to build up their article count. However, sites that are more established with high Alexa and Google rankings, tend to be more selective in what is posted in their directory.

The most common mistakes authors make in submitting their articles include:

1. Not following the formatting requirements.
Word wrap and HTML formatting preserve the page layout of the web site. Articles submitted with word wrapping on is one of my biggest reasons for rejecting articles. Forced breaks at 60 characters may be acceptable for sites that primarily feed ezines, but it is not very appealing on a web page. Posting HTML articles on sites that accept only text articles is also quite frustrating for an editor to remove.

2. Microsoft formatting.
Copying and pasting from a Microsoft Word document does horrible things to a page design and layout. Quite often this type of formatting can appear within the text of the article and can also reek havoc on online forms.

3. Affiliate links and ads.
Many article sites do not accept articles with affiliate links in them. This is normally allowed in the author's resource box but many authors insist on adding their affiliate links in the body of the article or the article sounds more like a sales pitch. This type of article is often rejected. Be sure to make your article informative to the reader.

4. Improper category selection.
While most editors will simply take a second or two to place an article in the proper category, editors are finding this too time consuming and will often just delete the article. Sites that receive 50 or more articles each day normally do not have the time to edit each article and select an appropriate category. Be sure to select the most relevant category for your article at the time of submission.

5. Email links in articles or resource boxes.
Although many editors are not concerned with email addresses in articles or in a resource box, authors should be aware of the problems that can arise from using them. Article directories are constantly being scanned by not only search engines but by mail harvester bots as well. Listing your email address in any online web page opens the author up to receive an enormous amount of spam and is generally not a good idea. Email addresses also change from time to time, leaving you with possibly thousands of articles on the web with an email address that no longer works.

6. Author names not capitalized.
While many authors are rushing to submit articles to hundreds of sites as quickly as possible, many don't take the time to capitalize their first and last name in the author profile area. It seems to me that if Susan Smith enters her name as susan smith, it somehow makes her seem like she is minimizing herself as a person. Be proud of who you are and tell the world you are Susan Smith!

7. Punctuation and spelling errors.
Editors don't have the time to check each article for spelling errors or punctuation. If you want to ensure that your article is picked up from these article directories and used on web sites, you will want to make sure that you have thoroughly checked your article for errors. Ezine and newsletter editors often acquire material for their publications from these article directories. If your article is not well written or contains a lot of errors, your article is most likely not going to be used for any purpose other than to provide you with a free link to your web site from the article directory.

8. Word count is low.
Not all directories put word count restrictions on articles. Personally, any article that is less than 400 word is merely written in order to get a link back to the author's web site. Articles that range between 600-800 words are usually better written and actually contain some value for the reader. Make sure your article meets the article count guidelines to help increase acceptance rates.

Each article directory has different requirements for article submissions. If you want to increase the exposure you receive for your articles, make sure that you familiarize yourself with the requirements for each site that you submit articles to. By following the author guidelines, you not only increase your chances of having your article accepted, you also establish yourself as a credible writer and increase your web site traffic as well.


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