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Aspen Nightlife – How to Find the Entertainment

No matter what time of year it is when you visit Aspen, there is always something going on – even in the off season. The town is small, but there are usually several types of entertainment offered each evening in different parts of the small town. Generally, you won’t have to search too hard to find some entertainment – but it is better to know exactly what is going on all over town, so you can choose the Aspen nightlife that best suits your interests.

First, call the Chamber of Commerce in Aspen a few months before your trip if possible. Ask them what events are planned for the time period that you will be there. Events are usually scheduled well in advance, and finding out about these events well in advance will not only help you to better make your plans, but it will also allow you to purchase needed tickets in advance. Nothing will be more disappointing than arriving in Aspen and finding out that your favorite band is in town for a sold out show!

Events can come up at the last minute as well.
Upon your arrival to your lodge or hotel, ask the concierge about events that will be taking place during your stay. If you have already contacted the Chamber of Commerce, you will know most of what is going on around town – but there may be a few surprises in store for you.

Don’t forget to check with the Chamber of Commerce offices in nearby towns and villages!
Snowmass is a village that almost seems to be a part of Aspen – but it isn’t. Contact the Snowmass town hall to find out what events are scheduled in the village during your visit.

Have a plan before you arrive in Aspen. Use Internet resources, as well as the information that you learn from the various Chambers of Commerce and your lodge to plan your daytime and night time activities while you will be in Aspen. Again, there is always something to do in Aspen, and if you don’t plan ahead, you will waste a lot of time trying to decide what you want to do.

While you want to go in with a plan, leave a day or two open – with no plans. Use these days for shopping expeditions or simply take a quiet walk through the quiet Victorian neighborhoods. Go to a restaurant that isn’t in your plans, or spend some time in the Great Room at your lodge. There is always something to do…but sometimes, it is nice to have nothing to do as well!


How To Choose The Pub Table That Is Right For You

Pub tables have become necessary accessories in homes with the coming of home entertainment systems and home bars. Nowadays, you can easily shop online for pub tables in different sizes, diameters, materials, finishes and style. But how do you choose the pub table that is right for you?

pub table, pub yable sets, pub table chairs

Have you just put up the home bar of your dreams and now need a pub table so you can seat down and have a drink with friends on basketball finals night? Have you just moved to your own place and want to use a space-saving pub table as your dining table? Do you prefer to eat your meals sitting high to see out the window for a better view?

Pub tables have become necessary accessories in homes with the coming of home entertainment systems and home bars. Nowadays, you can easily shop online for pub tables in different sizes, diameters, materials, finishes and style. But how do you choose the pub table that is right for you?

Tips on choosing the right pub table

1. How tall do you want your pub table to be?

- If you want it to be the same height as your kitchen countertop, then you should get a pub table that is about 36 inches tall and a bar stool that is 24 inches.

- If you want it to be the same height as your bar countertop, then you should get a pub table that is about 42 inches tall and a bar stool that is 30 inches.

- If you want to have the flexibility of varying the height of your pub table and bar stool, then you should get a metal table and bar stool with adjustable height mechanism.

2. How many people are you going to seat around your pub table?

- If you are going to seat 2-4 people, then you should get a table top measuring 24 inches in diameter for cozy get togethers or 30 inches if you want to comfortably fit 4.

- If you are going to seat more than 4 people, and this is usually outdoors where you will have more room, then you should get a table top measuring 42 inches in diameter. Outdoor pub tables of this size can come with holes to hold an outdoor patio umbrella.

3. What would be the best location for your pub table?

- If your home bar is indoors or if you want to use your pub table as a dining table, then you should put your pub table indoors in the recreation room or den.

- If you often entertain outdoors, or you simply enjoy being around in your garden or covered patio, then you should put your pub table outdoors.

4. What material, style and finish do you want for your pub table to suit your taste and home décor?

- If you prefer the traditional old-world style, then you may opt for bevelled, hardwood pub tables in oak finish or the graceful flowing lines of handcrafted metal or wrought iron pub tables with clear glass table tops.

- If you prefer the modern contemporary look, then you may opt for black metal pub tables with clean, minimalist lines and a clear bevelled glass table tops.

- If you want to create the tone for viewing an exciting ballgame, then you may opt for a pub table in the themed style which shows your favorite college team logo.

5. Do you want bar stools to accompany your pub table?

- What type of back do you prefer for your bar stools: high back, low back or backless?

- Do you prefer the seats upholstered in fabric or leather?

- Do you want the seat to swivel or remain stationary?

- Do you want the seat to be 24 or 30 inches high?

- How many bar stools would you need?

6. And last but not least what is your budget? A quick browse of pub table online stores shows that:

- A budget of under $300 can get you a themed NCAA pub table in polished honey wood finish and with inset leather background of your favorite college football team logo.

- $400 can buy a traditional pedestal pub table in bevelled hardwood oak finish, with a heavy ball and clawed feet for that majestic look.

- And for a slightly bigger budget of around $900, you can get a rustic looking outdoor pub table that will be the conversation piece of your next backyard barbeque. Set in dark wood, this pub table is fashioned by hand in the saloon style, from irregularly shaped individual South American teak.

Happy browsing.


How To Choose The Right Home Bar For You

Whatever your lifestyle requirements and party dreams, there is a home bar to suit your space, style and budget needs. Here's how you choose the home bar that is right for you.

home bar, home bar furniture, home bar accessory

Do you want to enjoy a relaxing drink with friends in the privacy of your own home bar - away from the noise, jostling and smoky interiors of crowded clubs? Do you want the quiet simplicity of a basic home bar to mix a few drinks or maybe have a saloon-style outdoor home bar to add sizzle and excitement to your summer parties?

Drinking in moderation can bring people together and add an element of celebration to most social and family gatherings. And in this age of open plan houses and home entertainment systems, the home bar is becoming more popular as a focal point for partying and socialising.

Whatever your lifestyle requirements and party dreams, there is a home bar to suit your space, style and budget needs. But how do you choose the home bar that is right for you?

How to choose the home bar that is right for you

1. The most important question to ask is: How much space can you allocate for your home bar?

- If you have a big space, you may choose a home bar that will be permanently located in a large recreation room, den or covered patio. Most permanent home bars have separate serving counters, storage space for bottles, glassware and bar accessories, including bar stools.

- If you have a medium-sized space, then you may choose a semi-permanent home bar resembling a cocktail cabinet. Most semi-permanent home bars have pullout shelves or cabinet top space to mix and serve drinks. They also usually display bar equipment, glassware and bottles.

- If you have a smaller space or want the convenience of entertaining guests in any part of the house - both indoors and outdoors - you may choose a mobile home bar on wheels. Just make sure that your mobile home bar has enough space on top or that it has pullout counter to lay out glasses and prepare drinks.

2. The next question is: What would be the best location for your home bar?

- Do you want your home bar indoors or outdoors?

- Can you put your home bar in a corner to save space?

- Is the location convenient for you, your guests and other family members living at home?

- Do you want your home bar tucked away in the basement for privacy and so as not to disturb other family members when you are partying with friends?

- Do you want it in the living room or your study?

- Or if you often entertain outdoors, do you want an outdoor home bar in aluminium or wicker in the covered patio?

3. How much storage space do you need for your wine glasses, vintage bottles, and other bar accessories?

4. Will you need a roomy countertop to mix and serve your drinks? And what countertop material do you prefer?

- If you love the natural grain and beauty of wood, then you may opt for a mahogany, dark cherry or oak countertop.

- If you are partial to the elegance and easy maintenance of natural stone, then you may opt for a marble or granite countertop.

5. What home bar material, design and style would fit both your décor and cleaning maintenance requirements?

- Most home bar shops whether online or brick and mortar stock a wide range of styles from traditional, to contemporary, kitsch to old western.

- If your taste is more traditional, then you may opt for the American colonial or old world European designs in dark woods with elegant flourishes and intricate carvings.

- If contemporary, then the cleaner lines of Swedish organic minimalism might be for you.

- If Hollywood glamor and old western, then you may opt for a saloon-style rustic timber home bar in your backyard or game room.

6. And last but not least, what is your budget? There is a wide range of home bars to suit every budget - from the lower priced $600 bar cabinets, to the $1000 mid-range mark, and up to the classical timber home bars that cost $2000 and above.

- If you have $600, you can get a home bar in the bar cabinet style with a beautiful wood carved front in lovely oak finish. Some bar cabinets have removable wine racks - holding six bottles, wood serving trays, front drawers and pullouts to rest glasses. Most bar cabinet doors have dual inset shelves to keep condiments and accessories.

- If you like the traditional look and have $1000 to spare, you can get an old world style home bar with deep, rich wood curves and flourishes and elegant black granite countertop. Home bars at this price range can give you spacious service areas to store up to 15 wine bottles, stemware racks to store wine glasses, shelves to store liquors and drawers to keep tools and bar accessories.

- Or if you want the ultimate in home bar furniture and have more than $2000 in your bank account, then you may opt for traditional classic timber home bars with gorgeous wood top, ornate, hand-carved wood detailing, brass plated foot rails to rest those weary feet, ample drawers and shelves to store supplies and wine bottles, wine glass racks for convenience, and can include matching leather topped bar stools.



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