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How To Be An Assertive Woman

Women will occasionally find themselves in heated arguments. Sometimes, people’s views and opinions will come in conflict and create drama. Every now and then these conversations can lead to more difficult situations. Knowing how to be assertive in a nice way can prevent an argument from blowing up and may even help one win an argument.

Learning how to be an assertive woman consists of two things: one is the tendency towards a positive attitude, and the other is audacity....

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Women will occasionally find themselves in heated arguments. Sometimes, people’s views and opinions will come in conflict and create drama. Every now and then these conversations can lead to more difficult situations. Knowing how to be assertive in a nice way can prevent an argument from blowing up and may even help one win an argument.

Learning how to be an assertive woman consists of two things: one is the tendency towards a positive attitude, and the other is audacity. Assertiveness means that you possess a kind of boldness; the boldness to let your views and opinions be heard.

At the root of audacity is the confidence that your views and opinions are true. Having confidence in your beliefs causes you to have the boldness to disclose or pass on to others what you have to say. And, conversely, you will have the courage to defend and stand up for your views against people who may disagree of feel differently than you do.

An assertive woman’s assertiveness is also joined by a positive outlook. She speaks with an attitude that is positive despite a subject that may be about things that are negative. The reason for this is because a person who has a negative attitude runs the risk of loosing his or her composure and possibly saying things that could either be regretted later, or not support the argument’s merits. Be sure to think carefully about the words you use and don’t just ramble on. More words is not a sign of assertiveness. It will not help you win the person you are speaking with and may be considered rude.

An assertive person is not one who tries to find the balance between passivity and aggressiveness; but is a different idea all together. It simply means that when you are in an argument, that you will not be bullied to compromise your beliefs or values. It means that you will stand your ground. It is conveying every thought and every word with grace and elegance in order to expose the truth that you hold. This means there is no need to belittle or insult, but, because you have the power of truth on your side, grace, elegance, and poise are yours to wield.

Be sure you have thought through your facts. Be able to back up the things you want to say. Know in advance, if possible, the counter arguments that might come and be prepared to answer them. Look at it is from the point of view of the other person. Step into their shoes and try to understand why they are taking the position that they are. This can allow you to see flaws in the other person’s argument, or, possibly, cause you to change your own opinion if that is what the truth dictates.

Learning how to be an assertive woman is the skill of learning to convey the truth. The truth brings with it confidence. Assertive confidence has nothing to do with changing the mind of your opponent, but has everything to do with ensuring that your opinions, beliefs, and feelings are heard. This is assertiveness.


How to Deal with Rejection from Women

Take a closer look at what's going on when a woman is rejecting a man and learn how to deal with it and understand it so that is doesn't further damage the male psyche.

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Are women actually interested in you when they first see you? Or is it that they are interested in what they are
seeing as a reflection of their own ideals and expectations?

And what about when women reject you or don't even give you a chance? Has this hurt you before even though other guys will tell you not to take it personally or to just 'keep on approaching and you'll get over it'?

Well I'm going to help you deal with this 'rejection' and set it more straight right now (for free).

What's really going on are many different things and on different levels.

I want you to be able to differentiate a woman's response to you so that you can understand it so that it doesn't hurt you or even affect you but rather that you can learn what hasn't been working and take advantage of what does work.

When a woman sees you for the first time, she is extrapolating every little detail about you to determine
whether you might be a fit for her.

These usually accurate judgments she is making off of the smallest details about you will help protect her or open you up to having a chance with her.

In the future I will get deeply into getting yourself to the point where you are communicating that you are everything she could want even if you don't have the best looks or money, age, etc.

But for now, this data that she is judging off of you is either working for you or against you. You may have had
women blow you off or flat out reject you after you approached and started talking or they never even gave you a
chance before you approached.

Is this something you should take personally?

I don't want to give you a shallow answer, I want to give you the MEANING behind it; the schematics and reasoning so bear with me and it will be worth it.

Does a woman even know you when they she first sees you?

Then how can you possibly accept any kind of rejection?

Just because you approached her and she rejected you does not mean that you have a low character or are undesirable.

Does it?

Here's the bad news; some of the readers out there may actually have a low character and the women ARE judging accurately (albeit without knowing more b/c they feel they don't need or want to find out more).

This can all be changed so that any man can not only more accurately portray more of what she is attracted to but actually BE that man in congruity.

The primary key is for him to get in touch with his own natural/ universal character and stop relying so much on
his limited independent or social character.

The rest of the guys probably do have a higher independent or social character but just aren't being themselves when they approach a woman. They're using a pick-up persona or player front or they're just being a nice guy (overly nice and not their true self).

Otherwise they're just not in touch with their natural/universal character in order to spark attraction anyways.

Too many guys these days (and it's being taught) are focusing on the social and even independent (I'm a nice guy) parts of their character when it comes to attracting women. They do what society says and when women don't respond, they get flustered.

This sets a man up for rejection because these two areas are the least important and are what women respond to the least when it comes to attraction and her wanting you; it's just really hard to see through it when women have become the rulers of the social 'matrix'. Natural order is flipped around so you just have to see through all of the social influence and deal with her biology.

So if you are focusing on your social 'pick up game' you're going to have to get real good at it and then because of your high character, the charts work in reverse so that eventually she may feel a spark of attraction. In other

You have to talk her into it and let her realize that you are a man of high character.

This takes longer because you started on the wrong end of the character continuum in your communication and portrayal of yourself to her.

Like I said it also sets you up for failure because you have to get all of the words just right and her temperance is wavering.

Hopefully this will help you understand why men are rejected more and perhaps yourself in the past sometimes.
Understanding it is key to putting it in it's place and then changing to do the more effective things.

When you are a man of high natural/universal character and communicate this with your body language (often enough alone), the universal/natural part of the woman knows to respond to you and you don't have to use words.

She is prewired to know how to respond and be attracted to a man that has a strong connection to his universal/natural (which used to be almost all men but people were more localized then).

Today, very few men are in full touch with this and those that are, are the guys that are scoring the most with women. It's that simple.

When you can get in touch with the natural/universal power that is greater than you and (is your inheritance)
you can have that power to create attraction (naturally) and make it a part of your own character...add it to your game and it will make ALL the difference.

You won't even have to deal with rejection anymore because you'll be able to read and communicate with women on the nonverbal level (the unspoken), that which was formerly invisible.

So back to the rejection issue... when a woman sees you and you aren't effectively communicating that you are a man of high character (either incongruently or because you just aren't there yet), she most likely won't give you a chance.

The key is to understand where you are on the character continuum.

If you ARE a great (nice) guy, then remember that she is just judging her initial impression of you. You may have a high independent character and be a great guy so just separate that from the fact that you were currently LOW on the natural/ universal part of your character and that is the part she was disapproving of, not YOU.

So don't take it personally. When you do develop a high character across the charts not only will you never have to deal with rejection again but when you play it by certain rules (your rules) SHE will be the one who is rejected or disqualifying herself to you and you will have the power by far.

You will always have the last word.

All you really have to have even if you have a low independent and social character/status is a strong
connection to your natural ability (esp. if you aren't good looking, poor or are much older).

So if you've been focusing on the social character and using techniques and pick-up lines to develop your character to be able to pick a woman up...just consider working on your natural/ universal character instead; it's what matters so much that a woman will HELP you pick her up by giving the right signals when you do have a high character. You won't even need pick up lines then.

In fact it's not until recently that we actually had pick up lines or a need to study this. You just have to
differentiate the forced reality from the natural, timeless reality of attraction and female response and separate out all of what doesn't matter (such as her fickle independent/social character when it comes to attraction and don't deal with it).

Prevent rejection and isolate the possibility of it by understanding the model magnet system and charts. She isn't rejecting you, she's just placing a perception onto you and judging you initially to see if you meet her expectational response/ideal.

I like to say;

She can't sleep with a man of low (m.m.) character just as much as you can't sleep with an ugly, fat chick.

And if you've taken one for the home team, that's about as often as she slept with a man of low character (despite his looks).

So make sure that you not only communicate the right things but BE the man of the highest character that you can.

It's more important than your social character/status or your own inner game and personality, it's about your
connection to the universal power of masculinity and secure inner strength.

The feminine energy in her will rule over her fickle independent behavior and her body just may not be able to
resist. This can all happen within a few seconds of her seeing you.

At this point women will be approaching you like crazy and throwing out all kinds of signs because this kind of man who is in touch is so rare these days. The works already cut out for you.

What would it be worth for you to turn the tables, never get rejected and live that kind of lifestyle with women no
MATTER your looks, age, income or social status?

It's not a trick. It's real. And it's every man's inheritance but he has to embrace and accept it. I am the
messenger because this power is greater than the greatest of any man in history's own independent character.

You don't have to be a superstar pick up character, you just have to be a man of (natural) character and you'll be able to catch women's interest just by walking in the room.

And when you're already spurring attraction in her and she can trust you by your body language, there's less of a chance you'll get rejected anyways. And if you're living in a dominant reality where she is attracted to you and wants to be plus take the natural approach you can prevent rejection entirely.


How To Impress Women The Easy Way!

Most men have their own way on how they can attract women. It only requires some moves to impress her. There are some obvious acts in a man’s behavior that makes a man to impress a woman. Look on how a man behaves in front of woman. There are certain approaches that may be observed in some instances. Men know what they want and they do know how to hide those real motives for that girl.

The intention when a man wants to impress a woman can be associated to the feeling that ...

Most men have their own way on how they can attract women. It only requires some moves to impress her. There are some obvious acts in a man’s behavior that makes a man to impress a woman. Look on how a man behaves in front of woman. There are certain approaches that may be observed in some instances. Men know what they want and they do know how to hide those real motives for that girl.

The intention when a man wants to impress a woman can be associated to the feeling that he wants to look good in front of the girl he really likes. The impression that a person wants to build up on himself is always good traits on his personality. The best behavior of a man can be seen in these situations where his bad side is set aside to establish himself as the perfect choice for that girl.

When a person is trying to impress a target woman, he tends to be the best that he can be. He may tell only “cool” things that can capture the heart of a woman. Sometimes he may act a little nervous and anxious in moments when he is with the girl. Men are good in getting the interests of the woman, especially on the things they want to hear and have. These can be misleading sometimes. Women can get a little tricky on what they say and tell.

Others seem to back-pedal on some comments, where the girl do not believe or do not like what he said. Some changes their perspective even if they know that it is right and true. They tend to be a little careful on their statements especially when the topic is about them. It can be too risky if the person tries to make some teasing or making comments about the girl. These acts can be a little over the edge at times, because they are too obvious and many women see it like more of an old-fashioned style.

Here are some tips where a man can impress the girl of his dreams:

1. A man should ask questions about the girl. He may share his dreams and failures to get the attention of the girl. The man may realize that the girl is sharing her experiences as well. There could be some point that the girl is open to answer questions relating to the person’s own interests. This is an indication that she may fall into the person’s way of conversation.

2. A man should show some interest to the stories that the woman tells. Listening to her is very important to get her attention. This means that the man is willing to understand and sacrifice for the girl. This is good way to impress a woman. Avoid talking too much about adventures and achievements. Most women do not want themselves to sit all night listening.

3. A man should always be presentable. Most women are notorious when it comes to fashion and accessories. If a man wants to impress this woman, he must put some style and be attractive enough to get the attention of others. Know the fact that girls will treat a man like their own accessory. If a man knows how to be good-looking and how to smell good, the girl has just gotten what she wants on a man.

4. A man should always be a gentle man. He must behave well every time he is with the girl. A man should always practice chivalrous behavior. A man must be attentive on what must be the proper way to treat a woman. He should always take care of the girl and do not forget table manners when a man is dating a woman.

5. Do not forget to have eye contact with the girl. Adding a friendly smile can capture her attention. Be sure that there is no malice that will initiate a wrong impression in her part.

6. He should exhibit a strong personality by showing that there is confidence to the intentions he wants to express. Being jealous to other men can lessen the self-esteem.

A man can impress a woman by not being predictable, a man should always be true to himself and be honest to the girl he likes. It is always a plus for many women if a man they meet stand by his own principles in a very humble way.


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