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How To Manage The Problem Manager

There are too many managers who do not understand what management is about. Despite what many may imagine, management is not about working hard; it is about working easy

management, team

It is not a rare occurrence to find people in the wrong job or profession. One reason could be that they just love the social attributes of the job. Some are in the job because they have not been able to get anything better. Others may be on a job because it is the "family business", and they feel compelled to follow it. Many others begin a work history with the first job they can get and just stay in that industry forever. Your problem manager is defined as a product of one or a combination of the foregoing motives.

Left to his devices, the problem manager can significantly decrease production and staff morale, and contribute greatly to cost increase - quite the opposite of what most company objectives are about. The problem manager can make a large company an unpleasant place to work, and will almost certainly destroy a small company. He may not be quite so difficult to spot. The classical example is the individual, who has the general impression that the entire world rests on his shoulder, and will come crashing down to pieces, if he is not more efficient than he presently is. In the budding stages, he may appear as the supervisor who constantly berates and intimidates his subordinates; the team leader who constantly creates division within his team instead of harmony; the manager who condescends to talk to the individuals in his group but never listens to their inputs; the manager who considers self as better than everyone else, and makes sure that everyone else knows this; the manager, who would "get the job done even if has to do it by himself." And in their drive to achieve their very personal goals, they ignore or overlook other people in the organisation.

There are too many managers who do not understand what management is about. Despite what many may imagine, management is not about working hard; it is about working easy. An Unofficial Handbook of Management gives the following as the chief attributes of a true manager:
* Likes not doing anything
* Has no trouble telling others what to do
* Fascinated by work - likes to sit and watch work for hours
* Likes sweating the small stuff
* Always been something of a loner
* Enjoy having people despise him just for doing his job
This perhaps looks like an extract from the CV of a loafer, but the fact, which it seeks to express, is that management is not about working hard, but assisting a team to use their individual strengths more effectively.

It may not be quite easy to use a rule of thumb to identify a problem manager without creating the impression of a corporate witch hunting exercise. But there are several ways to make a tidy investigation, which will leave no one in doubt of the objectives. Quite often all that a senior manager may need to do is talk to the junior staff. Many employees will often seek a sympathetic ear to their complaints. If they are not talking, there may exist a larger problem of their distrust of senior management - or just their fear of their supervisors. Talking to the clients of the company could reveal a lot about the strengths and weakness of the managers in a company. Still a lot more can be revealed by looking at the overhead costs of the company. Overheard increase, which is not linked, to increase in productivity in a department should alert to a problem. For the same reason, staff turnover - when one group has more people quitting (or retiring) than others; when there have been instances where several individuals from the same unit have left the company in a short period of time; when one department has higher overtime costs than the others; when the employees in a particular section have been using up all their vacation and more of their sick days than the average - there is usually a problem manager in charge.

Yet it may be a lot easier to find the problem manager than to correct him. Except the individual has suddenly inherited the family business, they are unlikely to have got where they are without being good at something. If they weren't good at some particular facet of the company, they would quite certainly have been fired long ago. It is important therefore to be able to assess the value of the manager in question to the company and weigh it against their cost to the company. If the manager has increased productivity, by fifteen percent over the past year, stakeholders in the company may wish to overlook the fact that the turnover rate in that department is higher than average. However, if the books show that the cost of sale has increased by ten percent during the same period, because of increased training costs, payment to employment agencies, sick leave costs, and increased overtime, stakeholders will be very much concerned. It is important to quantify the impact of every manager's performance in monetary terms - or in terms directly related to the objectives of the organisation.

The action of top management with respect to a problem manager will depend on the circumstances. Coaching or advanced training can be recommended. The individual might be transferred to a position with less responsibility for people. Again, it must be observed that many problem managers are a result of company policy. Perhaps the goals set for the individual are unreachable, which has caused their management style; and should be adjusted. Lack of motivation is one other fault in company policy, which may produce a problem manager. If management is not sensitive to the skills of employees, resulting in people being placed in positions in which their ability to perform is not stimulated, one can correctly guess the result. A dreamer should for instance be put in charge of creative tasks rather than the accounting. The detail-oriented person should be put in charge of tasks with more structure rather in strategic planning. And, an introverted loner is not likely to go very far in customer service.

Whatever the action taken, it is important to document and quantify the measurements that are used to determine how the problem manager is hurting the company. Intangible faults should not be addressed. True bottom line impacts should be demonstrated by the use of overhead expenses as well as direct costs. The same measurements should be used to quantify the benefit to the company when the action taken, resolves the problem. An honestly implemented manager reorientation policy has the ability to produce more productive satisfied managers. And when this is achieved, the big picture - achieving greater profitability, becomes much clearer.


How To Turn Little Problems Into Massive Opportunities And Profits

In order to make big money online and create killer products which will be lapped up by potential customers you need to realize that it's not just your passions, hobbies, and interests you should be taking note of. Also take a closer look at your biggest problems and challenges.

You see, life has an interesting way of trying to put us onto the right path...if we would only stop and pay attention. Often times, the major problems and challenges in our lives arise only to di...

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In order to make big money online and create killer products which will be lapped up by potential customers you need to realize that it's not just your passions, hobbies, and interests you should be taking note of. Also take a closer look at your biggest problems and challenges.

You see, life has an interesting way of trying to put us onto the right path...if we would only stop and pay attention. Often times, the major problems and challenges in our lives arise only to direct us, to nudge us towards the right path, the path that we're supposed to be traveling on. Yet many of us get so wrapped up in the problem itself that we're constantly fighting and pushing away while never being able to see what it's trying to tell us.

Many of your greatest pains and challenges are simply opportunities in disguise.

Some of our greatest inventions came out of problems and challenges the inventors were having in their lives. They decided to focus on the solution instead of giving all their energy and thought to the problem.

During the great depression, while most people were suffering and going through tough times, others found ways to "solve problems" and then helped others cope with those problems. They became very rich in the process.

You can do the same today.

Start looking for the answers and solutions to those major problems/challenges in your life. If no one else has yet provided an effective solution to the problem, you may just be the person to do it.

Problems are everywhere you look, on every corner you turn. Just look around you. People are miserable, they're irritable, they're mad!

Often times, one of the problems you're having in your life is also something that many others are having as well. Find the solution to it and become the expert that everyone else will look to for answers.

The best way to become rich is to create value in others' lives. Start with your own problems and find ways to make others' lives easier.

Open their eyes to what's really going on around them, offer solutions to their problems. In return, they will reward you with money!


kids who have problems with their reading skills,

When their child has trouble learning how to read, many parents go into a panic. They worry that if their child does not learn how to read as fast or faster than his or her classmates, he or she will never succeed, but will be doomed to become a failure. They will fall for any trick that anyone wants to sell them. There are all kinds of reading systems out there that really amount to nothing but sheer quackery. I know. I spent years working as a tutor. We would get parents all the time who were in a state of panic because their child could not learn how to read without extra help. We would get them for a while until their parents would stumble across some learn to read overnight program that promised something outrageous, such as to improve their reading by three years in three weeks. Of course, these learn to read programs would charge the parents a lot of money, without helping their children at all. They would then come back to us, even more discouraged, and with kids who thought they were stupid, to finally start to learn how to read.

There is no one way how to learn to read. Anyone who tells you that they have a cure all learn how to read system is lying to you. With kids who have problems with their reading skills, there is just simply no one solution. The only way to help these kids learn how to read is to custom tailor a reading program to their own needs. There are all kinds of fancy diagnoses of learning disabilities, but it all comes down to one thing: find what works, and stick with it. That is really the only solution. Everyone learns how to read differently.

In our clinic, when we get a new student who needs to learn how to read, we usually start with a reading test. There are all kinds of reading problems that kids can have. Some cannot even learn how to read the alphabet. Others can decode the letters in the words fine, but have no idea of the meaning of what they just read. Still others have little trouble with the bigger words, but stumble over all of the smaller ones. Each of these problems, and every single one of the students who has them, demands a different approach. Now some of the big moneymaking learn how to read programs say that they can cure all of these problems, but everyone I've ever talked to whose child has used one of these programs has been disappointed.


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