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How To Give Valentines Day Gifts That Are Appreciated

During the cold days of winter, many of us find comfort in the little break that Valentine's Day gives. In order to celebrate it to the best level, many individuals will purchase gifts for their loved ones.

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During the cold days of winter, many of us find comfort in the little break that Valentine’s Day gives. In order to celebrate it to the best level, many individuals will purchase gifts for their loved ones. Children are no different with being given small gifts, candy and even money. And, they too want to give a gift and often give gifts such as cards that are handmade to their loved ones. Finding a special, meaningful gift is important though.

When giving a gift for Valentine’s Day, it is often important for you to think of a way to give them as clutter free a gift as possible. Think about it. As a child, for each Valentine’s Day you got a stuffed animal. How much room do you have to receive yet another stuffed animal? Not to mention, getting the same type of gift year after year leaves individuals really not appreciating it either. Instead, there are other solutions of gifts to give. Think, clutter free gifts instead.

* Gift luxury. Great gifts to give a loved one for Valentine’s Day are lotions, perfumes and bath gels. As long as they are in the smell and type that the individual likes, they will get used and will not be cluttering up the home. Make sure that what you give is enjoyed by the individual through. Know what they like before buying it.

* A Box Of Chocolates? Another non clutter type of gift for Valentine’s Day is giving something that can be eaten. For example, chocolate or even a great fruit basket will work well. Think about what they enjoy, being conscious of diets and eating plans when giving these gifts though.

* Give the gift of time. Or, a coupon. For example, if you know your loved one would enjoy a meal for two and a nice movie, give the gift of a coupon made out just for that. Or, how about a back rub, a day off from the kids, or just some help around the house. These are useful and much appreciated gifts.

* Give the gift of writing. Those individuals that like writing notes to people or would enjoy a beautiful stationary set would love to have these given as gifts. You’ll find them available in sets that contain beautiful ways to decorate it. If they enjoy scrapbooking, give them these things too.

* Think about the kids too. Don’t leave kids out of the picture. What consumable things can you purchase for kids? Think about what they love. Cook pencils, great looking stationary, maybe even some new art supplies would be appreciated. Or, plan a trip to the zoo, a game of cards or other things to involve you spending time with them. Use the coupon theory here too.

When you do these types of things for your Valentines Day gifts, kids and adults alike are more likely to appreciate them, use them and keep their homes clutter free. It takes only a few minutes of thought to come up with the best clutter free ideas for your loved ones. These are Valentine’s Day gifts that they will love.


How To Spice Up Valentines Day By Changing The Direction Of Your Love.

Where do you focus all your love each year? How about changing the way you love for Valentines day and making it easier to attract love for your self this year? Read on to find out how...

Love, Valentines Day,

Another Valentines day is upon us and as we spread the love this month, how about starting right at home with your self? I want to talk about loving your self.

I am sure that you have encountered loads of people who both professionally and personally tend to put the needs of others before themselves. For many people it is an integral aspect of their work whereas some people learn that way of being during their younger years.

The variety of carers in our society learn how to minimise taking notice of their own feelings in order to take care of their clients and patients. People that tend to drive themselves into fatigue, depression or even illness include individuals such as hospital doctors working ridiculously long hours, high ranking city executives responding to their bosses, mothers to their young children, teachers within schools and colleges, managers of large companies with lots of employees.

With these kinds of people, because of their beliefs about what their role entails, they have a habit of putting the needs of the company or the client first. There can then come a point where these kind of people do not even notice their own feelings.

Where is the love? It is being expended everywhere else. I would go as far as to say that this is potentially dangerous.

This kind of attitude to oneself produces conscious and unconscious attempts to take care of the self in short term ways or ways that are detrimental to our own well-being, including smoking or drinking alcohol or eating too much or the wrong things. These things then replace the good, direct and long-term ways of taking care of ourselves. People often try to give themselves quick treats, but in a way that can erode your self-esteem or your ability to attract love as you find that you cannot go without it, and also these things do not create natural good feelings most of the time.

So then what happens is that the teacher leaves the profession, the executive gets burnt out early, the nurse goes sick with constant illness, the doctor chooses to work in a private clinic with regular hours and pleasant surroundings. All of these may well be valid, but if they are not the individual’s choice and they are forced decisions, it really does nothing for your sense of self. Without a good sense of self, it is hard to attract love.

So we want to spread some love.

Putting oneself first actually means that we are then of course in a far better position to look after others. If we are fit and well and happy, we have plenty spare for others. We can give generously without minding. Putting time and energy into loving your self is one of the most wonderful investments that you can make. So, we want to start getting you to notice you.

What do you like about you? What is there to love about you?

Is there someone in your life that you truly admire or think a lot of? How about someone that you really love? What is it about them that you like or love so much? Stop and have a think about them for a moment. Really think about the reason you like them so much.

I am sure that some of you may have responded with that old chestnut “I just do.” Now whether you are consciously aware of it or not, there are more reasons than that. I am positive that you could come up with lists and lists of amazing qualities that you find likeable in others. Liking someone involves identifying and enjoying certain qualities that you appreciate and think highly of.

This is why we end up liking people that we are unlikely to actually meet but are in the public eye. You can of course respect someone without liking them; liking them is to enjoy them.

This is very similar to the process of liking and loving oneself. Liking and loving comes from having a true sense of self-acceptance; we do not have to be perfect model citizens. Your liking for yourself will increase once you know more about how you function and learning to accept yourself as you are, even if you do have issues or foibles every now and then.

Now have a think about popular public figures. Very often one of the things that continues to draw people to them is not their accomplishments but the fact that they have frailties and foibles. This is what so many of the popular glossy magazines focus on, showing the regular lives and problems of the famous and one of the reasons that people seem to be so drawn to reality television programmes such as “Big Brother.” It is as if the message is “look, they are just like us.” We see how human other people really are.

Therefore, it is as if this process of being drawn to what makes us human and real shows us to be fallible at times. If this works between us and other people, surely it can also work inside of ourselves. Actually, it can be a relief to allow ourselves to accept any limitations that we may think we have and even become fond of them, even proud, as long as they are not interfering too much with our lives.

Enjoying being your self this Valentines day:

That’s right, as of this very Valentines day, you are starting to enjoy being your self, this is where the love is. What are the things that you do enjoy about the way you are? At the end of the day, when taking stock of your day, you can also take some time to ask your self what you most loved most about you today.

Do include everything, even if it was a small, supposedly non-important thing. Perhaps you wore a certain handkerchief (you must have been bought one that is in a drawer somewhere that your great auntie bought you several Christmas’s ago!) because it matched a new shirt. Perhaps it was something that you did, an enjoyable or beneficial interaction you had, or perhaps it was even something that you chose not to do or something that you thought. There are so many things to love about the way you have been today.

To really get your love for your self flowing this Valentines day, go ahead and make an official list on a piece of paper that has the heading ‘I love myself because…’ Then make another list that begins ‘I love … about myself.’ Of course, you then have to add to those lists. Make a long loving list of things that can show you all the wonderful things you love about your self.

So think of the people you like and love the most, and the people who like and love you the most. If they like you or love you, dare to trust that you are actually well worth liking and well worth loving and of course you are worth giving some love to, and then dare to like and love your self as they do. Go on, I dare you! By the way, you do not have to only allow that love on your self on Valentines day, do it all the time and notice what an amazingly loving Valentines day you have next year.


Proposing On Valentine's Day - How To Make Sure She Says Yes

Here are some helpful ideas about how to have a Valentines Day you will remember for the rest of your lives together.

st valentines day, valentines day, st valentines, romance, love, dating, relationships, valentine, marriage

What a way to make sure that she remembers Valentine’s Day this year! Go ahead and plan a great way for you to propose to her. But, since this is such a wonderfully romantic day, you’ll need to find a way to do it in an extra special way to make it that much more enjoyable for you both.

Here are some helpful ideas about how to have a Valentines Day you will remember for the rest of your lives together.

At The Restaurant

One way that you can do this is to let the manager of the location in on what you are doing. If you do, they are sure to make sure that the evening goes well for you. They may be able to provide you with some extra ideas or to make the most of this. Some will even provide you with a cake to go with your special day. In fact, you may be able to take that cake and have the words, “Marry Me” added to it.


You can use candies to propose in a number of ways. For example, replace one of the candies in a heart shaped box of them with an engagement ring wrapped in red tissue paper. Or, take all of the “Marry Me” candies out of the big bag of candy hearts and present a box full of them to her. Make sure to present her ring and get down on one knee after you give them to her.

On The Air

If she has a special radio station that she always listens to, call in and ask the announcer if you can propose on the air. You may need to actually purchase some air time to do so; you’ll need to make sure you have plenty of time to do this.

A Surprise

Not the romantic type? If you aren’t, she is sure to catch on when you want to have an especially romantic dinner. Instead, make sure you find a unique way to present the question to her. If you can get the waiter alone, ask them to include the ring in that is tied to a ribbon in her menu. Or, slop it around her drink. There are many ways in which you can make it a surprise. Once she sees the ring, make sure to pop the question!

Another way to go about surprising her is through anything but a romantic dinner. For example, if she reads novels, grab one of the ones that she has read, glue the pages together except for the center and then cut a small hole into the book, just big enough for the ring. Leave it on the nightstand or on her pillow.


Do you both love to visit the theater? If so, this can be the perfect place to propose. See if the theater will allow you to propose on stage. In fact, you may be able to get the actors and the manager in on it too. Ask them if there is a way that they can help you with the task at hand. Or, perhaps purchase some ad space in the program for that evening. Include your first name, her first name and a “Marry Me” question. Make sure to point it out if she doesn’t see it.


Visit your florist and ask them to tie the ring inside the bouquet, or do it yourself. Then, when you present them, make sure to tell her to look for the ring inside.

These are some special ways that you can make proposals just perfect for your special love. Valentine’s Day makes them that much more special!


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