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How to Use Psychology to Increase Sales

Learn how to use psychology to increase sales. Learn the tricks of the trade that reel in customers and convert leads to sales.

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Have you written a great book, but have trouble finding leads? The goal is to find customers interested in your book and prompt them to purchase your book. This is a task that is no easy feat, unless you understand psychology. You can persuade potential customers through various psychological techniques.

What types of psychology techniques should you use? Following are honest psychological techniques and not the work of a slick salesman. Therefore, anyone can try their hand at these techniques and maximize their leads and profits.

The three techniques include: giving a gift, determining exactly what your customers want, and to present bounce back offers. Let’s take a look at each technique in more detail.

Psychological Tip #1: Give a potential customer a gift. Giving a gift before you encourage a customer to buy your product is highly effective. This method actually prompts your customer to buy more of your product at their own initiation. Customers respond beneficially when they feel you are giving a gift. Make sure that you are truly giving a gift such as a free report.

Giving gifts can also help you build your email list. You can give away bonus reports and other free items in exchange for contact information. Giving a gift is a form of pre-selling. It allows the customer to check you and see if you are legitimate. Plus, once a customer trusts you they are likely to buy more of your products. Being available and attentive to your potential customers and regular customers will increase your sales dramatically.

Psychological Tip #2: Determine what your customers want and present it to them. As an author, you should not expect to write your book and then just place it out in the market for others to find. Your book should be geared towards your customer. Therefore, you need to find customers that are interested in the niche area that matches your book topic.

Psychological Tip #3: Bounce back offers are items or services that you will provide for free, or at a discount, once a customer has purchased your product. For example, you can tempt customers by giving them a 25% coupon on their next purchase. The purpose of bounce back offers is not only to prompt your customer to buy in the first place, but to continue to buy your products and services well into the future.

These three techniques are just a sampling of the many ways you reach a customer and convert a lead to a sale. Successful authors and promoters incorporate these techniques in their marketing and promotion.


How to use dynamic prices to increase sales

Dynamic Pricing Generator is a way to increase your sales effectively.

Using dynamic prices will surely boost and enhance your marketing sales and profits. Plus, there are new features that were added and included in the PRO version. In time, more and more features will continually be added to further satisfy your marketing needs and essentials. New features in the Pro version include the use of a PHP script which supports MySQL. The price you have to pay is not rounded to the nearest dollar. Instead, two decimal points are included.

marketing, dynamic, pricing

You can edit, create or even delete unlimited dynamic process and run them through any server. You can also get orders through or through Plus, the product will be delivered instantly right to your customer's "doorstep" because immediately after the payment, they will be able to get the product.

After purchasing the product, a confirmation email is sent to the client or customer. You will also have the option to display or show the URL of the ?Thank You? page online. In addition, a built-in referral system is automated. You can deactivate or activate it in each and every dynamic price you assign.

In addition, your customers can refer and recommend it to their associates and friends. A two-tier program is also offered. What?s more is that your associates and affiliates can either use a link to promote and advertise your site or can group and set your dynamic prices into their pages.

You can also edit the information anytime you like. You can activate or deactivate your affiliates as well as edit or modify their records and documents. However, one must pay their affiliates manually and individually.

With Dynamic Pricing Generator, you can browse and search for the records of all of your sales as well as the commissions of your associates and partners.

Autoresponders can be included or added to input your customers and affiliates. With this, you can fully edit or change any page you want. In other words, it is completely template driven. And you can change the language of the script by just editing a file.

As a guarantee, you will be given 30 days to test and assess the script yourself. However, if you are not satisfied with the Dynamic Pricing Generator, a refund ticket can instantly get your money back, no more and no less. See how simple yet effective that is?

If you want your sales to increase, you should find ways and strategies to improve your market and manage your sales wisely. Special Offer Manager will run and manage the records and documents for you. And not only that, it will also supervise their expiration dates and do the work for you without more ado. What could be more amazing than that? Its use will instantly have a good effect.

Moreover, it adds your clients and customers to your newssheet or to the autoresponder programs you have defined. Special Offer Manager is the product that is suited for people who want to work hands free and with little effort.

If you are saving your time and effort for yourself, this is the best solution for you. And if you are irritated by your hectic and busy schedule, this is the ideal thing you should have as your accomplice.

Others who have tried it say that it is a grand product that makes things simple, yet so effective. It is the product that makes real special offers that definitely comply with those immediate deadlines and elicits satisfactory responses from your customers.

This will absolutely boost your sales and you will be surprised of the immediate responses you will get from your clients and affiliates. Today, people are sometimes so tired and preoccupied with so many things that they do not want to go to the store or mall to shop. They prefer going online and adding products and goods to their carts.

So, having this product is a great opportunity for attracting and drawing customers. One should have this tool that will magnetize and invite visitors to your web page and purchase the product right away. And it is good that the Dynamic Pricing Generator exists to aid you in your marketing and business needs.


How to Use Trial Offers to Increase Your Sales

Learn how trial offers can dramatically increase your online sales.

online marketing, email list, mailing list, small business marketing, internet marketing, coaches and consultants, entrepreneurs, ezine marketing, online business

Copyright 2006 Alicia M Forest and

Do you ever find yourself tempted to purchase something online, and even with a money-back guarantee, you're still not quite sure about handing over your cash?

Well, some of your prospects will feel the same way as they read your sales page for your product or service. Your offer sounds great, the right guarantee eliminates their risk, but they still wonder if whatever it is they are considering purchasing is right for them.

If you want to increase the likelihood that they will take out their wallet, simply offer them a free or paid trial! Haven't you loved it when you've been given the option to try something out for free or very little cost to make sure it's what you want?

By offering a trial to your prospects, you're doing two things of value for your business-building. One is that you are showing that you are confident in the value of your product to offer a trial, and the other is that you are essentially eliminating the last lingering question in your prospect's mind: "What if I don't like it?"

Allowing your prospects to decide for themselves whether or not your product or service is for them answers that question for them.

So, what kinds of products and services are best for free trials?

1. Downloadable products

If you're offering information products, like ebooks or how-to guides, you can offer a sample chapter as a free trial. If you're offering an e-course, you can offer one lesson as a free trial. If you're offering an audio program, you could offer a 15-minute clip as a free trial. You could also create an introductory component to any of these that gives solid information, but that also leaves your reader or listener wanting more.

2. Membership sites

It's common practice to offer a free, $1 or $4.95 trial for a membership site. And it's common practice because it's a very effective way to convert your trial member to a paid member. Just like your local fitness club's trial period - it's much easier to sign up for a month for a couple of bucks than to pay the entire gym membership in one lump sum or to be bound to a contract for a certain length of time before you even know if the membership is for you.

3. Physical products

Offer to send your product to your customer for a small processing fee plus shipping and tell them they have 30 days to test it out. If they don't return it within those 30 days, bill them the full price for the product (minus the processing fee, if you'd like).

4. One-on-one services

I want to make it very clear that I am not in favor of complimentary 1:1 session for any service professional. However, if you'd like to give a free 15-minute consultation to see if there's a good match between you and your prospect, that can increase your client base.

A better option is to offer a free or low-cost group session. Give an introductory talk about your services and answer questions, perhaps even offer a discount to those who sign up with you right then. This way, you're truly leveraging your time and talent by allowing your prospects to self-select themselves out without your having to go through that process individually.

Just make sure that along the way and at the end of the trail period, you convey the benefits of the paid version in all these cases. Having a quality product or service and following up effectively to convert your trial customer to a paid-in-full customer will increase your overall sales.

So, which of your offerings can you give a trial on? Choose one, create the trial, and see what happens to your bottom line.


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