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How to design ebook covers?

Are you paying a lot for your ebook covers? Have you been searching for a cheaper way to achive your goal?

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Ebook covers and software box covers are the first thing visitors see on your website. If you create a beautiful cover design, your possibilities of attracting more users are a lot higher than the case you have a poor cover for your product.

The scenario of creating/getting a beautiful design is a lot better than jumping to a bad design in haste, which might cost you all your hard work and serious efforts in promoting your product. A bad design might not succeed in attracting potential customers to give your product a change. They will move on with their search.

Creating a cover design for your products can be a really painful job, especially when you are not sure what layout is the best for you. I looked around for a cheaper solution and I found cover creator software. It can be used to make your own funky design in minutes without any hard work at all.

This type of software is far better than spending hundreds of dollars on a professional design, and at the end of the day you are still not happy with it.

With a cover creator software you can now design a wide variety of covers, like ebook cover, cd covers, dvd covers, software boxes and even covers for magazines.

Using this type of software is pretty easy. The application interface shows you a cool 3D look with great camera focus, where you can rotate and watch the object movement in any direction by a click and move of the mouse. The camera position can be further adjusted using the X, Y, Z axes and the light color effects. Pictures like BMP, GIF, JPEG and even PSD files can be imported and used to enhance the overall look.

I checked a lot of products, and all of them have a smooth GUI, and I learned very fast how to work with them. Some of them have resizing options, which allows a user to specify length, width, height of the cover he/she intends to design. This way user can create custom boxes, from pizza box cover to drinks box covers. The shadow effect is very good feature and it gave a professional look to my cover design. Almost all products offer demos of their abilities, and even samples and templates available free of charge on the product website. All of them can be downloaded and installed very easy.

Multi language support is available for languages like English, German and French giving an extra amount of boost to the internet users around the globe.

I found that ebook cover software are a cheap way to give my products a professional look. Easy to use, I can build nice looking covers for software boxes, ebooks, CDs or DVDs, without paying for each of them.


7 Step: How To Create And Publish Your Own E-Book

Show you step-by-step how to create and publish your own e-book.

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In this simple article, I will show you step-by-step how to create your own e-book.

Step 1:
Open your HTML editor (Dreamweaver, FrontPage or etc); if you do not have one, go to search engine and type, "free online editor WYSIWYG".

Step 2:
Type your message or idea into your HTML editor or copy and paste it from your text editor. Design your page and make it simple. After you, finish your work, save your file into specific folder. When designing your page, consider creating your file in single page or multiple pages that link to each other like website. If you new to website design, better you design it in single page.

Step 3:
Compile your file into ebook using ebook compiler. Go to ( and download ebook compiler. This is directory of ebook compiler and there are free ebook compilers too. Download and install ebook compiler into your computer. On the other hand, go to search engine and type, “free ebook compiler.”

Step 4:
Open your ebook compiler and browse your file (html file you create in step 2) and follow the instruction in your ebook compiler until finish.

Step 5:
Go to, download WinZip, and install it. Open WinZip application and create a new Zip file. Add your ebook file and zip it.

Step 6:
FTP or Upload your zip file (example - into your web server. You can also sign up for free web hosting. Go to search engine and type, “free website hosting.”

Step 7:
Publish your ebook on the internet. Submit it to the ebook directory or freebie directory (if your ebook is free). Go to search engine and type, “free ebook directory" or submit it to Submit first your e-book to because their website received high traffic every week. Allow your website visitors to download your e-book free.

Now you have successfully created your own e-book, publish it on the net but your e-book only can be view by Windows user. So, how your e-book can be view both Windows and Mac users. It is very simple just type your message or idea in word processor and save it in text format. Go to and follow the instruction on how to compile your text into PDF file. After you successfully create your PDF file, follow step 5, 6, 7.

Good Luck.


Ebook Review: How to turn Auction Traffic into Cash!!!

An impartial review of Jim Cockrum's ebook, How to turn Auction Traffic into Cash. The review contains; A description of the Author, A description of the Ebook, A list of the Good Points, A list of the Bad Points, and A description of How I have gained from How to turn Auction Traffic into Cash.

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File Size: 1,071kb Zipped, 1,122b Unzipped.
Number of Pages: 45
Format: Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)
Subject: A guide to using eBay traffic to create a lifetime customer base for virtually any business.
Other Information: Can be bought with Jim Cockrum's other ebook "The Silent Sales Machine Hiding on eBay" as a discounted, package deal.

The author Jim Cockrum, is a self confessed eBay freak. He also runs "Creative Ebay Selling," the Internets largest eBay success newsletter with over 90,000 subscribers and growing by the day. Jim has helped launch multiple internet businesses and has used the internet as his sole source of income since 2002.

How to turn Auction Traffic into Cash is Jim Cockrum's followup to the hugely successful "Silent Sales Machine Hiding on eBay." Just like it's predecessor, How to turn Auction Traffic into Cash is a guide to gaining massively from eBay's huge amounts of traffic. This time instead of using this traffic to promote Silent Sales Machines, Jim shows you how to use this traffic to build up your mailing list. eBay gets 1.5 billion page views per month, there are over 100 million members, and 80,000 people sign up every day, so it is one of the best but also most underutilised sources of traffic available to any seller. The topics covered in How to turn Auction Traffic into Cash include:
• The real power of eBay!!
• The rules of the eBay game!!
• Tapping into the power step by step!!
• A step by step guide to setting up your newsletter and subscription forms on eBay whilst complying with eBay policy!!

Like with "The Silent Sales Machine Hiding on eBay" the main selling point of this ebook is that you can utilise the huge amounts of traffic on eBay to build up a mailing list. This amount of traffic would take a huge amount of time, effort, and money to gain using other means. If you are not currently building up a subscriber list then you are missing out on lots of benefits including repeat sales, increased trust in you as a seller, and a highly targeted source of traffic. However, like with Jim's last ebook, to implement the ideas in How to turn Auction Traffic into Cash means you will have to invest quite a lot of time and effort initially. It will also create additional expense for your business (in paying the autoresponder fees). Like I said in my review of "The Silent Sales Machine Hiding on eBay" if you are willing to put the time and effort in, then you will find this ebook useful. If you are not willing or ready to expand your eBay business in a creative and new dimension then this ebook is not for you.

• If you are currently only selling on eBay and not following up on auction visitors, How to turn Auction Traffic into Cash lays wide open the huge opportunities you are missing out on.
• How to turn Auction Traffic into Cash tells you utilise eBay's huge levels of traffic, and build up a mailing list, (which in turn provides you with many benefits), whilst sticking to eBay policy.
• The ebook provides a step-by-step guide to setting up a newsletter system in your eBay auctions complete with screen shots. Even if you are completely unfamiliar with webforms you will find this guide easy to follow.
• Building up a mailing list of subscribers provides you with many benefits including customer loyalty, customer trust, a highly targeted source of traffic, and the ability to sell products outside of eBay (meaning no eBay fees).
• Once the webforms and followup messages are in place, building your mailing list is virtually automated. All you have to do is write the broadcast messages when you want to do a mass-mailing to your list.

• To build a mailing list requires additional monthly expenditure on an autoresponder service.
• If you are running lots of auctions they will all need to be edited to implement these ideas, which can be very time consuming.
• The growth rate of your mailing list when using these methods is slightly exaggerated in this ebook.

How to turn Auction Traffic into Cash is the ebook that ked to me setting up my own mailing list. Prior to this I had been using eBay's basic Shop Newsletter tool which really cannot compete with a proper autoresponder service. Since I now run multiple websites as well as an eBay store, a newsletter is really the best way to communicate to all my visitors. Using the ideas in How to turn Auction Traffic into Cash I have been able to place web sign up forms on all my eBay pages as well as all my website pages, which has allowed me to maximise my subscription rate.


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