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How To Pick The Right Recruiting Service

In todays fast changing world, the importance of recruiting services has never been so clear. Many businesses still believe that they can hire their own employees without having to resort to such matters.

It is possible, indeed. Yet, with the growing demands of the industry, many corporations find it hard to recruit their own employees without any help from the different recruiting services. It is time for them to realize that they can no longer carry on the tasks of choos...

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In todays fast changing world, the importance of recruiting services has never been so clear. Many businesses still believe that they can hire their own employees without having to resort to such matters.

It is possible, indeed. Yet, with the growing demands of the industry, many corporations find it hard to recruit their own employees without any help from the different recruiting services. It is time for them to realize that they can no longer carry on the tasks of choosing their own staff.

In essence, recruiting services allow you to find some potential applicants for a particular position or job in your company. Recruiting services facilitate the recruitment process, thereby, accelerating the hiring of competent employees.

Recruiting services can be classified according to the type of services that the recruiter can provide. There are those that work for a particular corporation or company, while the others work for numerous clients known as the headhunters.

In some organizations, some companies can provide recruiting services on their own. They have a certain group of recruiters working solely for the benefit of the company. Most of the recruiters are assigned at the human resources department.

Conversely, some recruiting services are rendered by recruitment agencies working for various companies. They act as mediators between the applicants and the client corporations that they work for.

Recruiting Services

Recruiting services may vary depending on the type of recruitment and on the details of the recruitment process in conformity to the needs of the company.

One of the most common recruiting services is the executive recruiting. This particular type of service is perfect for companies that wish for a wide-ranging and complete hunt but still longs to be dynamically concerned in the recruitment process. This means that the company will still take part in the drafting of the job description, interviewing, scaling the position, etc.

There are still many types of recruiting services, with every kind focused on rendering quality services to clients seeking help in the recruiting process.

The Best among the Rest

With so many recruiting services available in the market today, choosing the best can be very tricky. Everything may seem applicable and appropriate.

Of course, not all recruiting services will work for all types of companies. Obtaining a particular service that does not match the needs of the company may only bring more harm than good.

To help you out, here are some tips in picking the right recruiting service for your organization.

1. Conduct some extensive research about recruiting services

Before you start looking for a particular recruiting service, it is very important that you conduct necessary research on the different recruiting services first. In this way, you will be able to identify the basics of recruitment as well as the different kinds of recruiting services.

Once you know their classifications, you can easily detect that ones can positively help you hire the best and the most competent job applicants in town.

2. Does the recruiting agency know your business?

To get the right recruiting service, it is important that the recruitment agency know exactly what your business does. In that way, they can easily identify the needs of your company and would simply provide you the necessary services.

The working relationship between the client company and the recruitment agency should be two-way, give and take relationship. It is not right that you just obtain certain recruitment services and wait for the results. It is the duty of the company to express its business profile as well as the companys needs.

3. Shop and compare

Not all recruiting services charge the same rate. These services may vary depending on the classification of the services and their functionality.

Hence, to get the right recruiting service, it is important that you try to compare different services from different agencies and choose the best in terms of function, details of the job, and the rates.

4. Investigate on their efficiencies

If a certain recruiting service sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Keep in mind that the quality of a recruiting service should not be based on how enticing it may sound but should be on its established reputation.

You can ask your friends about it and obtain quality referrals. Getting a recruiting service that has been tried and tested will definitely render good results.

All of these things will help you find the right recruiting service. Of course, the success of the recruitment process will still depend on the company, hence, it is best not to depend solely on the recruiting services.


The Detrimental Effects of Verbal Abuse and How to Stop the Cycle

"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me."

That's just not true. Name-calling hurts -- especially when the person doing it is a parent, a teacher, or a coach. Yelling and screaming might have been the way you were brought up and you might think it worked for you, so why wouldn't it work for your kids? But did it? Remember how it made you feel. You probably felt belittled, devalued, and insignificant. You certainly don't want your own children to feel that way. It may cause emotional trauma that can result in long-term hurt. Among other things, verbal abuse can undermine your child's self-esteem, damage his ability to trust and form relationships, and chip away at his academic and social skills. Name-calling, swearing, insulting, threatening bodily harm, blaming or using sarcasm are all forms of verbal abuse.

What are the signs that a child is suffering from verbal abuse? They may have a very negative self-image. They may commit acts that are self-destructive, such as cutting, hitting or scratching themselves, as well as other reckless and dangerous activities. They may exhibit physical aggression, be delinquent in school, or display interpersonal problems. They may hit other children, frequently fight with classmates at school, or be cruel to animals. They may also exhibit delays in their social, physical, academic or emotional development.

Recent research suggests that children who suffer from verbal abuse are highly likely to become victims of abuse later in life, become abusive themselves, or become depressed and self-destructive later in life

It's normal for most parents at one time or another to feel frustrated and angry with their children. They may lash out verbally in these instances and say things they later regret. It's when these instances become more and more frequent that there is cause for concern. If this describes you, it's imperative that you seek professional help to learn more positive, meaningful and constructive forms of discipline, and for help in learning methods to control your anger. Remember to give yourself a time out if you feel an outburst coming on. Try to refrain from saying mean, sarcastic or belittling things to your child. Remember, your child learns what he lives. Don't be a bad example and teach him bad behavior early on.

Remember that your child is a precious gift and should be treated with love, kindness, respect and tenderness. If you exhibit these to your child on a daily basis, they will learn what they live and grow to do the same as adults.


Well Loved: How To Get Rid Of What You Don't Want

Accept yourself. Recycled advice? Yes. When you’re dissatisfied and stuck it can sound pretty useless. “Get me out of here!” You’d rather be any place else. But here and now is all there is. Loving and forgiving what is has got to be the first step. Here's how to do it:

Acceptance, forgiveness, life change, recycle

I’m appreciating used things. I got a great gas barbecue on Freecycle; a practically new John Deere lawnmower for $50; a beautiful Le Creuset cast iron shelf from a friend’s basement, a lovely leather purse from the thrift shop. They feel like blessings. I get all the joy of something new plus an extra kick of getting it for nothing or practically so.

I’m typing this on a computer I bought used that’s sitting on a desk I got at a yard sale. Come to think of it, I also inherited this chair from some previous office and I’m drinking from a water bottle I’ve refilled a bunch of times.

Brand new, pristine, still in the wrapper has its appeal too of course. But throwing away perfectly good stuff bugs me. I wish it were easier to get something to a good home during that whirlwind of purging that comes upon us. I use all my energy cleaning out the junk room and have nothing left for separating the things for Goodwill from the load for the dump. At that point I want the detritus gone. Now.

I see that desire to be rid of the unwanted in my clients, and in myself. We want to be different, better, changed. And we want it now. A new job, a new body, a new relationship, a new way of living. I want what I don’t have, and what I have I don’t want.

There is no shortage of experts to tell us how to change. As a coach I probably fall into that category. But I don’t have a whizbang new approach—the Seven Steps to a whole new you. I believe you’re pretty darned fabulous exactly as you are and that all meaningful transformation starts with acceptance.

Accept yourself. Recycled advice? Yes. When you’re dissatisfied and stuck it can sound pretty useless. “Get me out of here!” You’d rather be any place else. But here and now is all there is. Loving and forgiving what is has got to be the first step.

Take a deep breath and bear with me for a moment here. You’re changing a state of mind.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Describe your current reality.

What’s really true? What’s not working? What is? What part do you want to make sure you keep in the future? What assumptions have you made that aren’t checked out? Whose definition of valuable are you using? What are the immediate challenges and which are more long term?

2. How is this working on your behalf?

Suspend disbelief for a moment and pretend that the aspect you want to change is actually serving you in some twisted way. For example, the asshole boss is creating the impetus for you to leave a job you should have left years ago; the health emergency is a wake up call; the break up is a clear decision when you were ambivalent. Put aside the unpleasant feelings for a moment and imagine a new way of looking at the same set of circumstances—a way in which you benefit instead of being a victim.

3. Forgive.
This can be a tough one, but it’s the most powerful. I’ve found that if I start where I am (unpleasant state—hurt, angry, etc) I can take baby steps that get me to real acceptance. Here’s a possible progression:
I forgive you for being a stupid jerk.
I forgive you for saying such an insensitive thing.
I forgive you for hurting my feelings.
I forgive you for not realizing that I was expecting you.
I forgive you for not reading my mind.
I forgive myself for expecting you to.
I forgive myself for overreacting.
I forgive myself for not saying what I want.
I forgive myself for not seeing my responsibility here.

It’s the acceptance, the ownership that gives you permission to let it go—whether we’re talking about anger or extra weight or a snakeskin vinyl raincoat. It’s not a question of judgment—keep the good and get rid of the bad. We’re a spectrum—a combination of choices that sometimes looks like a masterpiece and sometimes like mud. It’s not that red has no value. It just may not belong in your picture right now.

Maybe someone else can use it. That’s why we have consignment stores and Ebay.


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