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How To Set And Achieve Your Goals

Goals – we have a love-hate relationship with goals. We love them because they are such a great idea and are a superb way to motivate us to achieve and then to evaluate our progress; but we hate them, because for much of the time, they go unattained and simply frustrate us. This isn’t what goals should do!

Having been a Life Coach for many years now I would like to suggest some straightforward and practical techniques on how you can set goals you can achieve! After all, wh...

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Goals – we have a love-hate relationship with goals. We love them because they are such a great idea and are a superb way to motivate us to achieve and then to evaluate our progress; but we hate them, because for much of the time, they go unattained and simply frustrate us. This isn’t what goals should do!

Having been a Life Coach for many years now I would like to suggest some straightforward and practical techniques on how you can set goals you can achieve! After all, what good is a goal if it isn’t something you can achieve?

• Life Coach tip no 1 - You have to want it!

Firstly - do not bother to set goals for things you don’t really want. For example: if your partner says they want you to quit smoking or lose weight but you do not want to, why even bother setting this as a goal. If your goal(s) are not something you personally want to accomplish, and they are not relevant to you, you are unlikely to succeed – because deep down you don’t really want to.

State your goals in a positive way – a goal should always be something you want to have, or change. Not things you or someone else think you should.

Always ask yourself on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being totally committed and 1 being zero commitment. How committed are you to reaching your goal? If it is less than 8, you might want to reconsider the goal.

• Life Coach tip no 2 - Focus

Start small. Pick two or three areas that you want to work on. Too many people say to themselves, “I want to do this, and this, and this, and this……” and they end up achieving nothing! Most of what you do throughout your day can be done without a lot of mental effort, but change isn’t one of them. So try to keep your focus down to a couple of things. This way you can get success in your identified areas. Here are some aspects of your life you might like to think about: Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Spiritual, Financial, and Relationships. Now, which is the first thing on your list? The others can follow later, but for now, you should focus on two or three, no more.

• Life Coach tip no 3 - Goals - the long and the short

So you want to lose 50 pounds? Good. Long-term you will. But for now, think short-term. Don’t think about losing 50 pounds by February. Think about losing 10 pounds by October 1st.

This does two things. First, it makes it pressing and urgent. Instead of saying, “I still have 6 months to lose the 50 pounds” (6 months quickly disappears into 2 months, into one month – with the 50 pounds still securely in place!) your first goal is only a few weeks away, so you have to get started. This is far more successful in terms of reaching your goal. Secondly, as you reach these smaller goals (your mini-milestones!), you achieve a success, which gives you regular motivation and encouragement to keep going.

• Life Coach tip no 4 - Make it manageable

Instead of saying, "I am going to quit my 20 smoking a day habit straight off" change this to: "I am going to smoke no more than 15 a day for a week, then 10 the next week and so on." Give yourself small victories a little at a time. It is far easier to accomplish many smaller goals that make up a large goal – rather than trying for the large goal straight off!

• Life Coach tip no 5 - Reward yourself along the way

When you lose the 10 pounds by October 1st, go and order yourself large mocha with cream from Costa’s (just the one though!), then get back to your goal for November 1st. This puts a little fun back into the process of self-control and self-discipline. You will look forward to and enjoy the reward and when the going gets tough, you will say things like, “two weeks to go, and only two more pounds to lose” etc – I can do it, then I can enjoy my mocha guilt free!

• Life Coach tip no 6 - Be specific with your timeline

Don't just say, "I am going to lose 10 pounds." Say, "I am going to lose 10 pounds by December 1st." This way, when you start being tempted into Thornton’s Chocolates in the middle of November - under the guise of buying early Christmas presents for other people, you can say, "No way, only 5 more pounds to go in three weeks and I am not going to blow it now."

• Life Coach tip no 7 - Post it where you can see it

Keep your goal in the front of your mind at all times. Instead of allowing yourself to ‘forget’ that you are trying to lose weight by ordering a big slice of cheesecake, your visual reminder will help you to choose something a little on the lighter side but at the same time keeping on track – having your cake and eating it! This will help you beat your desire and stay focused.

Post your goal anywhere you will see it regularly, like maybe the fridge or a mirror, on your wardrobe door – you know where is best, you must be able to see it regularly throughout the day.

• Life Coach tip no 8 - Encourage, respect, and accountability

Explain to a friend or family member what your goal is, including the timeframe, so they can help you with it.

This person should regularly ask you, how you are doing etc? They should hold you accountable, but at the same time keep you motivated and encouraged. Obviously they must be the encouraging type! (If not, ask someone else who is) If you are blowing it, they can tell you so, but at the same time gee you up and say things like “Well, that's okay, it’s done now, don’t sweat it, just get back to it tomorrow." If you are doing well, they can say, "excellent, well done etc” and make you feel great.

• Life Coach tip no 9 - Write (and then reap) the benefits

If you are trying to lose weight your benefits might look something like this: Feel better, better self-esteem, longer life, clothes are more comfortable, a bigger choice of clothes shops to shop it, your husband says you look 25 again and so on. For quitting smoking, it may look like this: Fresher breath, no more brown fingers, less wrinkles on my face, no more red eyes, no more smelly clothes, longer life, and the wife won’t make me spend two hours a day on the back porch in the pouring rain anymore! By making a list you will be able to you see what you will benefit from accomplishing your goal.

Again it is a good idea once you have thought of these benefits to write them down with your goal (On the fridge, mirror etc) so that when you review your goal everyday, you’ll also see the benefits to achieving it.

• Life Coach tip no 10 - You have succeeded – reward yourself!

This can be anything – large or small. If you dropped the fifty pounds, really treat yourself, plan to go out and buy yourself that size 12 dress you have always longed for – and then wear it with pride.

Make a deal with a partner or friend that if you reach your goal they will take you out for a meal or and spoil you.

Whatever it is you plan, make it personal, enjoyable and desirable to you, so you will look forward to it.

Do not miss this part out – it is one of the most important bits. It will help to keep you motivated when you’re struggling and give you something enjoyable to aim for.

Make sure you reward yourself for all your hard work!

Remember folks – goals aren’t just for footballers! They are for us real people too!


How to Set and Achieve Your Goals in Real Estate

I want to ask you two questions. One, do you have a Will? And two, do you have written goals for the next one, three, five and ten years?

Real Estate, Real Estate Investment

I want to ask you two questions. One, do you have a Will? And two, do you have written goals for the next one, three, five and ten years? If you answered yes to the first question but no to the second, you are planning more for your death than you are while you are here. Think about it. I want to challenge you to start setting some goals, but remember if a goal is not in writing, it is simply a conversation. It must be in writing and it must have a deadline. Here are a few guidelines for setting goals. Oh, by the way... you need a will also.

Goals Must be Specific

I want you to be specific and include details but start rough. When you start rough for example, you want a Mercedes. You do not have to get into the details about what color, what options, that sort of thing, just write it down. Make your list huge, what kind of home do you want, what you want for your family, college education, spend more time, travel, anything you can think of. You can come back later and prioritize them and set them up as to what you want in one month, three months, six months, twelve months, then three, five, ten, twenty, thirty year goals. The more goals you have, the happier you will be, the longer you will live, and the more prosperous you will be.

Goals Must be Believable

Remember this, your goals must be believable, by you, or you will not pay the price. They must be believable, they must be just out of your reach, but you must know you can reach them, if you really strive to do it.

Goals Must be Measurable

You cannot set a goal to be financially independent. There is no way you can measure that. You need to set a goal for the amount of income you want per month, per year, the amount of equity that you want in properties – one, three, five, ten and twenty years. It must be measurable. That way you can break it down to what I call “reduce it to the ridiculous”. If you know you want to earn $100,000 a year, you know that is $8,333 per month. That’s just one deal a month where I live. One of the things I have learned is, successful people set their goals quickly and they make adjustments as they go along. Just like successful people make decisions quickly, they do not vacillate in indecision or what I call sometimes; get mixed up in a funk of negativity.

Goals Must be Congruent

Your goals must also be congruent with your actions. You cannot set a goal to work harder, longer hours AND a goal to spend more time with your family. Those are not congruent. They must be congruent with your actions.

Visualize What You Want

Another good thing that will help you with your goals is to visualize what you want. If you see yourself as already having achieved the goal, you will fake out your mind and your mind sees the goal as already having been achieved. It’s called “fake it till you make it”. I used to do this all of the time. Just take a minute or two each day and think about life as it is with your goals already accomplished. It’s really easy when you get used to it.

Work Your Goals

The next thing you want to do is work your goals, work on the priority that moves you closer to your goals every day.

Number Your Goals

Number your goals in the order of importance. Not only is the goal important but so is the reason. Sure your want a car, but why do you want the car? Sure your want more money, but why do you want money? You want to be able to spend more time with your family, you want to be able to travel, you want to buy a Hummer, and you want to have an ocean front condo or send your children to the best college. Whatever it is, the reason must be there. The reason is more important than the goal itself.

Review, Monitor and Make Adjustments

Another thing you need to do is review, monitor and make adjustments on your goals. You have to be flexible. Some things are not going to happen, you have to face that; but you need to continuously strive to get better every day. If you will work harder on yourself than you do on your job then you will always be growing. Remember that last sentence and write it down as it is worth repeating.

The Goals Must Have a Deadline

As I mentioned first, your goals must have a deadline. A goal without a deadline is just a conversation. When beginning to set your goals, I want you to set your goals in four basic areas:


You will set goals based on income, equity or net worth and cash flow. All of these are financial goals.


This is your health. If you don’t feel good, chances are that you are not working at your maximum capacity. So, I want you to set some fitness goals to stay healthy. Remember “an apple a day”? What if this is right and you are not doing it? Start small though, you don’t try to tackle all of these at once; but you need to be healthy not only for you but for your family as well.


Set family goals. What is an example of a family goal? Maybe you want to take four vacations a year. Maybe you want to visit a new state, three times a year or five times a year. Maybe you want to go see the Grandparents two or three times a year; but maybe not. Anyway, you get the point.


You need to set some spiritual goals, some faith goals. I am not going to get into a lot of detail about that but that will help you along your way. Remember, if you slip in one area of your goals, you are probably slipping in some other areas. Another thing I want you to think about is the people you associate with. Take a minute and think about this. If you think about your ten closes friends annual salary and divide it by ten, then that is pretty close to what you make. I’m not telling you to get rid of your friends, all I’m saying is whom you associate with, is who you are like, so please keep that in mind. Don’t get rid of your friends, just get some more that are where YOU want to be financially. Most of the people I hang out with now, we all make over $500,000.00 a year. That just blows me away. I never imagined I could make that kind of money…. Well I guess I could, as we are talking about goal setting and visualization aren’t we?

I hope you have enjoyed this article taken from my course called the Ultimate Buying and Selling Machine! that teaches how we buy and sell 5-10 properties a month, never look at them and have them sold in less than 2 hours. For many more articles and a 10 part ecourse on how to create your own Ultimate Buying and Selling Machine! as well as over 50 training audio recordings you can listen to online, download and collect, simply go to where you will gain instant access to all of this and 51 Exclusive Editable real estate investing Forms and Documents all FREE! You will also get two FREE real estate investing eBooks, A free Personal Coaching Profile to help you jump start your real estate Investing, FREE Nationwide Wholesale Property Listing Notification, FREE Weekly Training Teleconferences with Different Topic Each Week, FREE subscription to Larry Goins “Almost” Weekly Investing Newsletter, FREE Admission for Two to Investor Palooza 3 Day Training Event, FREE Admission for Two to Larry Goins 3 Day Boot Camp, Plus over 31 Exclusive Articles on real estate Investing and Much More! Just go to

Thanks and I look forward to working with you,
Larry Goins


How to Stay Motivated and Stick to Your Goals

Here's everything you wanted to know about motivation but didn't know who to ask: the basics of motivating yourself, how to draw on your own natural sources of motivational energy, and practical techniques for jump-starting your energy and enthusiasm—to stay on course with your goals!

muscle building, fat burning, fitness and weight training

Dear Friend,

I would like to start by sharing a small excerpt from an incredibly riveting book, which reveals how powerful the human spirit is, even when opposed by extreme elements. This quote, which illustrates how intense desire can help us forge through unbelievable obstacles, comes from Into Thin Air...

When Jon Krakauer reached the summit of Mt. Everest in the early afternoon of May 10, 1996, he hadn't slept in fifty-seven hours and was reeling from the brain-altering effects of oxygen depletion. As he turned to begin his long, dangerous descent from 29,028 feet, twenty other climbers were still pushing doggedly toward the top. No one had noticed that the sky had begun to fill with clouds. Six hours later and 3,000 feet lower, in 70-knot winds and blinding snow, Krakauer collapsed in his tent, freezing, hallucinating from exhaustion and hypoxia, but safe. The following morning, he learned that six of his fellow climbers hadn't made it back to their camp and were desperately struggling for their lives. When the storm finally passed, five of them would be dead, and the sixth so horribly frostbitten that his right hand would have to be amputated.

I've often wondered what must go through a person's head during such a challenging event. In fact, I even wonder whether a person in this type of tragic circumstance feels like giving up altogether. Or, is this even a choice, given their internal desire?

What's inside people like this that drives them to continue on? What propels them to dig so deep into their souls they simply cannot (or will not) see failure as an option?What's inside people like this that drives them to continue on? What propels them to dig so deep into their souls they simply cannot (or will not) see failure as an option? What is the internal driving force that motivates them to reach their ultimate goals?

Over the years, I've come to realize my strengths and weaknesses. Thankfully, one of my primary strengths is the drive, determination, and perseverance I have to continuously outdo myself. To become a better, smarter person. A better Father. Brother. Son. Husband. And on the top of my list is my desire for improved health and physical appearance. For some reason, I adopted this mindset from a very early age—right after my parents divorced.

Was it vanity? I don't think so. Pride is more like it.

As I've continued to try to better myself as a person, I've always striven to learn more and more about the mental aspects of motivation. Motivation is, in some ways, like the match to a fire. It's akin to the spark in a car engine cylinder. I've studied its uses and drawbacks in both ordinary and extraordinarily successful people for years. So by now, I'd like to think I know a great deal about human mental performance. But like all things in life, we remain students for as long as we are open to learning.

If there's one thing I've learned for sure, though: motivation almost never lasts, whereas inspiration can serve as a long-term guide to your ultimate goal.

Nonetheless, I've also become aware of the fact that without motivation, there would be no action or the slightest movement in the direction toward any particular set of goals. So, as you can plainly see, motivation is as important as inspiration. We just need to understand how to use it more thoughtfully.

But what happens when, after starting a new diet, workout program, or transformation quest, our motivation wanes? ...what happens when, for some unknown reason, we're not noticing the type of progress we were expecting? Or worse, we stop seeing any progress at all? How do we reignite the fire?

These are all excellent questions. Ones I've worked hard to answer.

So please allow me to share with you the most powerful strategies I've used to keep myself (and others) on the right path... regardless of the situations encountered along the way—to help you reach your goals of a new, healthier, stronger, more muscular body.

Increase Your Confidence
Sometimes the accomplishment of our goals might seem so overwhelming, the immediate temptation is to give up before we even start—which diminishes our self-confidence even further.

Success Strategy #1: MEASURE YOUR PROGRESS. This way, you will never, at any time, lack a sense of accomplishment, and more powerfully, you will be building your confidence with each and every step.You see, we can't gain confidence until we begin to take action, which in effect builds our confidence. Yet, we don't want to take action until our confidence levels are raised sufficiently, and we feel certain about our new endeavor. See the dilemma here?

I know this sounds crazy…but, what if I told you that you can gain your confidence, little-by-little, by taking action on your transformation goals and measuring your progress, one step at a time.

You see, ultimately, our level of confidence is increased only when we do something tangible that can be measured for progress. Take, for example, the intimidating obstacle of viewing your entire transformation goal as needing to be achieved in a giant, single step. That's paralyzing, isn't it?

That's why, to gain your confidence, you must break your transformation goal down into measurable increments or steps. Something on a weekly basis works great. For example, if you wanted to lose 12% bodyfat within 12 weeks, then you could realistically set your increments for 1% of bodyfat reduction per week. This way, you don't have to focus on the whole transformation goal at any given time, nor do you notice all that you have not yet accomplished to date. Instead you can focus on the smaller, manageable steps ahead, and celebrate each accomplishment along the way. This gives you a tremendous sense of control, forward motion, and achievement. And builds your confidence, each step of the way.

I promise, by the time you are nearing the end of your first couple of weeks of your transformation program, despite the ups and downs in progress, you will begin to feel more confident. You will stretch your "comfort zone" and do something more than you originally thought you were capable of doing. You will be utterly determined to advance one more step, and another, and so on, and make the effort to complete your transformation program and build your very best body.

Suddenly, as the fear dissipates, you will discover your newfound confidence. And best of all, you will have achieved what you once thought was impossible—one step at a time.

As the late Eleanor Roosevelt said, "You must do the thing you think you cannot do." When you do, notice how your confidence soars, every time!

Success Strategy #1: MEASURE YOUR PROGRESS. The path to the transformation success you desire, which appears to be out of reach, is accomplished only through measuring your progress, one step at a time. This way, you will never, at any time, lack a sense of accomplishment, and more powerfully, you will be building your confidence with each and every step.

Set SMART Goals
Goals come from having a clear vision of what you want. Knowing that you want to build your very best body is a great start, but you need something more than that—a statement so compelling it literally pulls you, like a magnet, in the direction of its achievement.

So you say you're not certain how to set effective goals? Well, don't worry, everyone starts off this way...merely stating they want to get into better shape or have a slimmer waist. And these statements might be as good as it gets for them.

But to really set effective transformation goals and ensure you'll reach them, you're going to have to learn what I call the SMART technique in goal setting to pave your way to sure success.

Using the S.M.A.R.T. technique will ensure you've set an effective and commanding goal and compel you to achieve it.Not only will this technique enable you to set the most effective commanding goals, it will help focus your efforts on exactly what you want to achieve.

S.M.A.R.T. stands for:

(S)pecific—you must be specific about what you want to achieve, creating your goal in the present tense…that means using "I am (in the process of…)" to start your goal statement.

(M)easurable—how do you measure "better shape" or a "slimmer waist?" You can't. Therefore, you must ensure your progress can be measured by scaling your goal to a specific number (e.g., 10% bodyfat, a 33-inch waist, or a size 6).

(A)ction-oriented—you must be able to create an action list of things you must do to achieve success (this is similar to a to-do list, only it pertains directly to the achievement of your goal).

(R)ealistic—make certain your goal is realistic, that it stretches you but is something you can achieve, given your expectations and timeframe.

(T)ime-conscience—this is where we harness the power of a deadline. Nothing becomes important to us unless we set a deadline on it. A date forces us to give it priority and set positive pressure on us to achieve it.

Success Strategy #2: TRANSFORM YOUR FITNESS GOALS. Using the S.M.A.R.T. technique will ensure you've set an effective and commanding goal—and will not only clarify your path to success but will compel you to achieve it.

Find Your Source of Motivation (through Inspiration!)
So you need a little source of motivation in your life—something to get you out of bed in the morning and carry you through the day—something to feverishly motivate you through to the end to meet your transformation goals? Well, what if I told you there is a direct relationship between motivation and inspiration, and sources of each of these are all around you, all of the time.

Success Strategy #3: FIND AN INSPIRATION
Discover your source for inspiration, someone who has turned their body and life from ordinary to extraordinary.You see, motivation is something we feel, deep inside, that compels us to move toward our goals—it's usually a quick burst, in the moment so to speak, and can fade in an instant as well.

On the other hand, inspiration is more enduring. Inspiration is derived from sources all around us—personal heroes who energize and inspire you because of the level of success they have achieved, for example. These sources of inspiration can be used to motivate us daily and keep us on track because they too had to break through the same barriers, persevere through similar shortcomings, and overcome equal challenges.

One way to continually "see" what you want to become is to find a picture of someone's physique you would most like to emulate (probably in your favorite fitness magazine), cut it out, and hang it someplace where you're likely to see it over and over again throughout the day. You might even jot down your reasons for wanting to achieve this goal.

This process allows you to physically see the body you want to achieve—pointing your subconscious toward the realization of your future body. This constant source of inspiration is a reminder of who you want to become and where you are going. They can lift you to a higher place by allowing you to reveal an inner strength that goes beyond results and goals.

Success Strategy #3: FIND AN INSPIRATION. Discover your source for inspiration, someone who has turned their body and life from ordinary to extraordinary. The personal trials our heroes, friends, and other individuals have endured to reach their transformation success can provide us with a powerful source of inspiration and lessons for our own quest for improvement.

Some Final Thoughts...
Remember, no path to building a better body is a straight line. Life doesn't work that way. But I've often noted that we move in the direction of our most dominant thoughts, and we can overcome those barriers if we decide to face them head-on and transform their power. If this is true, then only by committing to turning these obstacles into powerful success strategies will you begin to create lasting results in your body and achieve your transformation goals.

So the next time you're trekking up Mount Everest, or more likely, you're working out to achieve a new, better body... tap into your source of inspiration using these simple guidelines and strategies. I guarantee you can't go wrong following this approach—I've seen it work for many, many others in their quest to build better bodies and improve their lives.


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