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How To Choose Good Sewing Machines For Quilting

Quilting has long been an art with the earliest American women creating beautiful quilts to adorn their homes. However, there is much more to it now than there was then. Today’s quilters can take partake in the massive technological advances sine then to create he most beautiful pieces. Instead of using a needle and thread, most individuals that quilt have a good sewing machine for quilting at home. Manufacturers have catered for the demands of the modern seamstress and made ...

Quilting, Quilting Supplies, Scrap Quilting

Quilting has long been an art with the earliest American women creating beautiful quilts to adorn their homes. However, there is much more to it now than there was then. Today’s quilters can take partake in the massive technological advances sine then to create he most beautiful pieces. Instead of using a needle and thread, most individuals that quilt have a good sewing machine for quilting at home. Manufacturers have catered for the demands of the modern seamstress and made several good sewing machines for quilting. You just have to be able to choose the right one!

Good sewing machines for quilting will have a great feeding mechanism so that the head is easy to thread. The quicker you can thread it, the quicker you can complete even the most intricate of quilts. Of course, the choice of stitching options also makes a difference in this respect. The wider the choice of stitching on a good sewing machine for quilting, the more appealing it is. These are all factors that need to be taken into consideration.

The bar length of a machine will also determine which models are good sewing machines for quilting and which are not. The general rule is the more room between the motor and the needle, the more options you have as far as the size of the quilt you can produce is concerned. The motor is of course is one of the most important parts of a good sewing machine for quilting. Although most sewing machines are designed for continuous use over a longer period of time, the heavy going that a quilt can bring is notorious for making the motor overheat. A good sewing machine for quilting is resistant to this for the most part and will offer you good value for money.

The needles that fit in the good sewing machine for quilting will also be an extremely important point for consideration. High quality needles will make all the difference to your work. Number 14 needles are the best option for quilting, but not all sewing machines will hold them. As soon as the needle is blunted, you should replace it with a new one, so ease of changing needles should also be a priority that you look for. For more info see on Quilting.

Good sewing machines for quilting can really help you to enjoy your hobby rather than hindering it. A poor machine will leave you frustrated so it is well worth taking the time to research and choose from one of several good sewing machines for quilting. They may be a tad more expensive but they are worth every penny.


How to Find Cheap, Unusual, and Beautiful Fabrics for Quilting

Discover little known secret tactics and tips to finding cheap, unusual, and beautiful fabrics for you quilting projects.

quilting quilt fabric applique blocks craft hobby hobbies pattern print design

Quilter’s are always on the lookout for beautiful fabrics and supplies for their quilting projects. Sometimes the most unusual and pretty designs can be found in places one wouldn’t normally consider.

Some of the best places and tactics to find fabrics include the following.

Swap meets or flea markets are a fun place to shop. On occasion you will find sellers liquidating bolts of materials. Usually these materials are unused and were excess inventory or closeouts. Last Sunday I found a vendor with a selection of 30 different types of materials in bolts of 30 and 40 yards. He was selling each one at fifty cents a yard.

At garage sales, you will find quilters selling excess materials and tools. You may also increase your chances of finding quilters selling items by going to neighborhoods that have a larger population of retired folks. Retirees seem to have more time for quilting and seem to sell off their items regularly. Garage sales in mobile home parks seem to yield good finds.

Online auction sites can reap a great supply of fabrics without leaving your house. Watch out for shipping costs. I like to search for auctions that are in or adjacent states. After the auction, I email the seller requesting a reduction in shipping because of same shipping zone.

Storage auctions are a little bit more hit and miss than the others sources listed above. Check your local newspaper for storage auction dates and times or call the various storage unit facilities and ask about auction dates. The best part is that before the bidding begins, the door is opened and you are allowed to look inside.

Quilting shows are really competitive. Usually the last day, you will find blowout sales and bargains. The sellers don’t want to leave the show with excess inventory.

Estate sales can yield some surprising finds. Look in your paper for estate sales. Similar to garage sales, I’ve found the best luck in retired residences or mobile home estate sales.

International trips can be fun. I have found great bargains and really beautiful fabrics in faraway lands such as India, Thailand, and Africa. You can even pay for your trip by purchasing extra fabrics and selling it at a quilt show or local quilting guild.

Classified ads can be a way to have people calling you to sell their excess fabrics. You can place a classified ad in your newspaper of penny saver paper stating that you are buying fabric.

This list should help with getting your creative juices flowing. I am sure there are many other tactics to finding quilting fabric. Just keep your eyes, ears, and mind open to opportunities. Happy hunting!


How to Stitch Quilt Borders

We started the borders by adding blocks to complete the range of your borders on the sides of your material. We calculated the dimensions of slashing, as well as the size of your blocks. If you haven’t done so, use the example as followed to measure your blocks. Example: Three blocks appraising the 10-inch square, in addition to the four, terrazzo at one inch width, which adds to 34 inches?

How to create borders:
Once you finish your dimensions, insert ¼-inch seam and leave space to each side of your textile. The side borders should measure up to 10 x 34, i.e. width and length. The finishing measurement is factored into the ¼-inch seams you inserted. You will need to take up the spaces or seams left (later) to complete your borders. Once you insert ¼ inch you will have created 10 ½ x 34 1/2, which is the inches you will use to cut to fit the borders along the side. Use the same dimensions to cut at least two borders. The borders will cover each side of your fabric. Now measure the lower and upper borders. Add your blocks together to achieve your size. Follow the same method as outlined in the example above. Once you achieve your dimensions finish the width on one side of your borders. You should have counted 10 x 43, width and length unless you are quilting a larger or smaller quilt.

Next, insert another ¼ inch to your seams and leave space to each side. Refer to your measurements 10 x 43.

You will need to cut from the borders to achieve 10 ½ x 43 ½ inch to fit the edges at the top and bottom of your fabric.

You are creating a framed quilt so to speak. You may need to trim your borders to fit.

How to trim borders:
Starting at the crown of your quilt and working down to the middle, measure your quilt. You wan the length dimensions. If your dimensions are 30 ½ inches, thus round it off to the nearest tenth, i.e. 30 to complete your calculations: You will need to insert ¼ inch into the seams and make room for your sides. Next, use measuring tape, or a ruler to measure your quilt. Measure from the alongside and factor in the dimensions of your borders. Now insert the ¼-inch seams to the sides.

Once you finish your borders, you will need to start stitching after your prep the strips of your borders. Start by folding your strips. You will need to fold them in half and search for the middle, then press until your borders crease. You can pin to mark. Now find the middle of your sides by performing the same action as you did above. Mark again, and then start stitching your quilt. The center should be aligned. The right sides should come together, as well the crown should center. You will need craft pins to hold your ends in tact.

Along the length, start stitching your borders. You will need to work the fabric as you stitch to keep it in tact. If you are sewing on a machine, you can place the excess over your machine parts, which accept the input of your fabric (Feeder dog) to align. Hold back the shorter top layer and begin stitching slowly. The feeder will work the layers through.

You can pull the layers at the top through to slow the excess while allowing your feeder to pull the layer at the lower end through. Now connect your borders, by stitching it to your quilt. Insert the side of your fabric and allow your feeder to pull back the layers at the top. Press out your borders and leave a seam to work through the fabric border.


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