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How To Shop In Thailand

When do you pay a set price and when do you bargain?

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If you haven’t booked transportation ahead of time, your first financial may be with a taxi driver at Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

Some cabbies will use their meter; others will want a flat rate without using the meter. This will be the first time you will get to use your bargaining skills.

The taxi driver may ask for 500 baht. You counter with 300. He comes back with 400 Baht. You agree providing he pays the tolls and the 50 baht surcharge. If you don’t want to go through this, insist he use the meter. I prefer to bargain as it gets me in the mood for the rest of the trip.

Some things can be bargained and others cannot. You will just have to feel your way around. I will try to offer some pointers.

You may be able to bargain a bit for your hotel room if you are planning on an extended stay. A meal in a restaurant cannot be argued.

If you plan to buy some goodies for yourself and your friends the best thing to do is spend a day or two walking around and making mental notes of prices on the streets.

Knowing ballpark prices is the only way to negotiate prices. You have to know the approximate prices on the streets. Otherwise you will be ripped of.

What you want to do is select an item, get the best price possible, and then go in for the kill. Tell the vendor to lower the price and you will buy 10 of them. The price should drop.

Another tactic is the "walk away". You can argue and argue, go back and forth, and when you don’t get you price, just walk away. The price should drop or the vendor will hurl some cuss words at you. Either way, no big deal. There are many vendors with the same items.

Being the first customer is always a good deal. The Thai's believe that making a sale to the first customer of the day is good luck. Not making a sale is a disaster. So, hit the vendors when they open and you should get some really good prices.

One other way to get a good deal is to have a Thai girlfriend that you trust. Take her out with you when you are shopping for yourself. Identify items that you want and then send her out a day or two later to buy them. She will get the Thai price as opposed to the foreigner, or farang, price.

Speaking the language helps lower the prices. You don’t have to go through all of the back and forth bartering. If you are a foreigner and can speak Thai, you will knock time and prices down quickly.

Last tip is to go to the Thai markets. There are markets in every city in Thailand. Some are weekend markets, some are night markets, and some are daily. These are mainly geared toward the local Thai's but we foreigners can get great deals there too.

Have fun, smile a lot, and shop until you drop.


How To Find Honeymoon Phuket Island Thailand

How To Find Honeymoon Phuket Island Thailand - Guaranteed! Quickly and Easily!

phuket thailand

The best course of action to take sometimes isn't clear until you've listed and considered your alternatives. The following paragraphs should help clue you in to what the experts think is significant.

I have long dreamt of visiting the Phi Phi Islands . I first read about these beautiful remote islands off the coast of Phuket about 10 years ago and then, like everybody else, I was spellbound with the stunning scenery shown in the movie, The Beach, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. After seeing the film for a second time, I decided that Phi Phi would be my honeymoon destination one day.

You can imagine my sense of anticipation when I finally arrived there with my bride a few weeks ago. Most tourists arrive by sea from Phuket or Krabi, but we decided to fly there from Phuket Airport using a new seaplane service, Blue Water Air. As we came down to land, I looked out at the splendid sight below - soaring cliffs and dense forests bordering golden stretches of sand. We boarded a speedboat and a few minutes later we arrived at the delightful little village at Ton Sai Bay.

Although it is commonly referred to as Phi Phi “island”, pronounced Pee-Pee, there are actually two islands. The bigger of the two, Phi Phi Don, is where everybody stays, as the smaller Phi Phi Lei is uninhabited. The big attraction on Phi Phi Lei is Maya Bay and its beautiful beach, where the movie was shot. On Phi Phi Don there are some superb resorts dotted around the coastline, but most accommodation is in Ton Sai village. The settlement is perched on a stretch of sand between two steep hills, with the sea bordering either side.

My first surprise on arriving was to find that there are no motorcars on the island. Porters use hand-carts to transport luggage from the pier to your hotel room and the speediest form of transport is the bicycle. Small, winding lanes run between the hotels and bungalows, packed with little stores offering everything from 24-hour Internet services and diving packages to pizzas and pancakes.

After booking into our hotel, the Phi Phi Island Cabana, we set off for a swim in Loh Dalum Bay, only a few metres away. It was surprisingly shallow and we waded out with the occasional sea kayak or Thai fisherman for company. As the sun set we lay back in the water and looked at the lights of the waterfront cafes and bars twinkling under the palm trees. We were in heaven!

Later that night we celebrated our first night on Phi Phi with cocktails at the Jungle Bar, a fabulous beachside bar lit by flame torches. We met some young Scandinavian backpackers and they advised us to head down the beach to an Italian restaurant, Ciao Bella, for “the best pizza in Thailand ”. My wife opted for prawns from the fresh seafood on display, but I ordered a pizza, which lived up to its reputation. Later I chatted with the Italian owner, who told me that he has lived on Phi Phi for more than 10 years. His family live in Phuket during the week, but he prefers the simple life in his beachfront bungalow.

Early the next morning we hired a speedboat and set off to see Maya Bay, the cove where most of the film was made. Surprisingly, it has remained unspoilt despite the crowds which visit every day. Get there early – or just before sunset – and you should have at least part of the beach to yourself. When the first ferryload of daytrippers arrived, we went snorkelling on the other side of the island. I have snorkelled before, but this was really special. It felt like I was drifting above a marine wonderworld, with brightly-coloured fish swarming around me. My wife was nervous at first, but later we struggled to get her out of the water! We then did a trip around the island, stopping off in quiet little bays for a swim.

Sometimes the most important aspects of a subject are not immediately obvious. Keep reading to get the complete picture.

When we finally returned to the pier, I was ready to head for a late afternoon nap, but my wife had a different idea. “What about a Thai massage?” she asked. We headed off to one of the little massage shops and, for the next 90 minutes, I drifted off into a blissful half-sleep.

That night I was all set for another night of drinking and dining with my toes in the sand, but my wife decided she wanted to go somewhere “elegant”. “Darling, we're on an island, miles from anywhere,” I pleaded. “Don't be silly, we'll find somewhere special here”, was her retort. And we did. That night we dined at an excellent little French restaurant, named Le Grand Bleu, situated in an alley close to the jetty.

Fortified by a bottle of wine, we then headed for the stretch of lively bars that are mostly frequented by backpackers. Those we liked best were Apache, a loud, massive bar consisting of a series of terraces clinging to a steep hillside, and Carlitos, a small bar which featured an amazing “fire show”, where dancers twirled and juggled flaming batons. The star of the show told us he had set up classes to teach his skills to locals, so get ready for a host of fire-dancing stars emanating from Phi Phi!

The next day we chartered a longtail boat and spent the day on Bamboo Island about 30 minutes away. We relaxed in the shade of the casuarinas and palms fringing the beach and read novels bought from a second-hand book store before we left the village. We intended to take a scuba diving course, but the urge to do as little as possible increased the longer we stayed on the island. There was always something new to discover in the village, my favourites being a reggae bar tucked away up the hill and a bakery where the TV seemed to show movies all day to an appreciative backpacker audience.

Most of the time I was happy to prop myself up at one of the little bars along the seafront chatting to whoever dropped in, while my wife was content to lie and suntan in a deckchair on the beach only metres away. One afternoon we managed to rouse ourselves enough to undertake the rather strenuous walk up the nearby mountain to the “viewpoint” – a spot where you can take in the full splendour of the bays below. It was magnificent and worth the tiring hike.

Our five-day holiday on Phi Phi seemed far too short. As we prepared to board the boat to the seaplane's floating jetty, I insisted we take off our shoes and wade out into the bay for one last time. With my dream of visiting the island fulfilled, I am now looking forward to heading back for a second honeymoon. It can't come soon enough.

Those who only know one or two facts about phuket can be confused by misleading information. The best way to help those who are misled is to gently correct them with the truths you're learning here.


How To Turn Your Own African Dream Safaris Into Reality

You are soon to be married, and this is one of the most exciting times in your life. However, you and your fiancé have yet to decide where you would like to go on your honeymoon. You two have already taken the standard vacations to tropical places, and would like to make your honeymoon different. Thus, one idea that you could try is an African dream safari.

About African Dream Safaris

African dream safaris are different for each person, because everyone has their own de...

african dream safaris,african animal safari,african hunting safaris,african safari club,

You are soon to be married, and this is one of the most exciting times in your life. However, you and your fiancé have yet to decide where you would like to go on your honeymoon. You two have already taken the standard vacations to tropical places, and would like to make your honeymoon different. Thus, one idea that you could try is an African dream safari.

About African Dream Safaris

African dream safaris are different for each person, because everyone has their own definition of what an African dream safari is. For some people, an African dream safari is a safari that involves a lot of adventure, and lots of action in terms of travel and seeing animals that they have never seen before.

Other people think of an African dream safari as being more of a luxurious vacation, with air conditioned vehicles that leisurely drive through safe roads. After which, the passengers get to go back to their hotels for a massage.

Since this is your honeymoon, it is a better idea to go the luxurious route. After all, African safaris in general would be very tiring, and no couple wants to be exhausted throughout much of their honeymoon!

Thus, for your African dream safari, begin by picking a safari that includes comfortable transportation, and only lasts for part of the say. The more serious safaris begin early in the morning, and last the better part of a day.

There are some hotels in African that offer special excursions that allow you to see some of the exotic animals of Africa, while at the same time being completely safe. Thus, the next step is for you to fins a romantic hotel to stay in.

When it comes to finding the right hotel, it is important to note that upper-lass hotels mean paying upper-class prices. However, many of these hotels have the most unique views of Africa that you ever hope to find.

So if you want to stay in a luxurious African hotel, be sure that you book the honeymoon suite a considerable amount of time in advance. This way, not only are you guaranteed the suite, but you also have time to save the money!

If you would like more information on an African dream safari, consult your local travel agent. You can also search various travel sites on the internet. You are sure to find the right African dream safari for your honeymoon with the proper research.


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