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How to Show Your Gratitude: Administrative Professionals Week

Administrative Professionals Week/Day is celebrated the last week of April. Let’s show our appreciation to their work efforts. Here are a few ways how.

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According to the Department of Labor there are 13 million administrative assistant related jobs in the U.S. Those dedicated individuals deserve to be celebrated for the support they offer companies all across the nation. Administrative Professional Week is celebrated the last week of April, with the day being observed on the Wednesday of the given week. The recognition of these behind the seen workers grows every year. They are one of the many unsung heroes of the labor force in America. Let’s show them our appreciation and make this year’s Administrative Professional Week and Day special for all the Administrative Assistants and Secretaries. Whether they are friends, employees or spouses help show your appreciation for all their hard work. Here are a few ways how.

Send flowers to them at the office. They can enjoy the scent and beauty for days reminding them of the recognition they have received for all their hard work.

Tuition Reimbursement for anyone who is furthering their education for their present career is a generous and appreciative gift.

Free Lunch or Dinner is always appreciated. Free lunches and dinner could include a group outing, an office party in the office cafeteria/lunch room or a gift certificate to a favorite restaurant.

Box of Chocolates – Need I say more? Who couldn’t resist a box of chocolate gourmet truffles? This is a good gift suggestion for those with many assistants and on a budget. You can inexpensive boxed chocolates in local grocery stores to gift basket websites.

Gift Baskets are among one the more popular gift choices and for good reasons. Gift baskets can be customized to fit an individual’s taste or can be given to a large group to share. Either way, gift baskets always make great gifts. For group baskets, try snack gift baskets, fruit baskets, cookie bouquets or candy bouquets. They look great and come with variety so that everyone is satisfied. Individual gift baskets can range from bath and body gifts, wine baskets, Thank You themed baskets or gourmet gift baskets.

Another stand out appreciation gift would be a plaque. A plaque is a nice personalized gift that is sure to make any assistant feel special and appreciated. This is also a gift that can be hung in the office and admired all year round.

Whether you choose any of these gift ideas or not, please remember to celebrate Administrative Professionals Week. The work force wouldn’t be the same without them. More importantly, your company, office, job, life wouldn’t be the same without them.


Professional Wrestling - How To Participate Or Watch From Afar

One of the most popular forms of sports entertainment, in the world, is that of wrestling. Attracting the attention of millions of fans, professional wrestling is a combination of successful merchandising and televised events.


One of the most popular forms of sports entertainment, in the world, is that of wrestling. Attracting the attention of millions of fans, professional wrestling is a combination of successful merchandising and televised events.

World Wrestling Entertainment, also known as WWE, is the major powerhouse in the world of professional wrestling. Athletes aim for stardom as the compete in the sport’s largest organization. A number of wrestling schools, throughout America, train athletes to perfect the art of the sport, the maneuvers and even may help to provide placement for their most talented performers.

Individuals interested in training for professional wrestling may decide to call the organization that they eventually hope to work for, such as WWE, and ask for a list of wrestling schools that they scout. If there is a school that the company endorses, athletes may benefit from attending the recommended wrestling school in order to improve their chances of stardom.

Wrestling training centers can be expensive depending upon the amount of time spent training and the skill level. An amateur wrestler would be likely to spend more on wrestling training than an intermediate or advanced athlete. A series of weight training, workout regimens, diet regimens and actual ring practice can be expected during wrestling training. The schedules are demanding and the tasks exhausting, but training centers offer the best look at what a wrestling lifestyle is all about.

For those who prefer to watch from afar, and not actually be a part of the action, the sidelines are the best seat in the house. Televised tapings are held throughout the country with visits to stadiums and venues in almost every state. In addition, autograph events are frequently held in order to allow fans to meet their favorite wrestling superstars up-close and personal.

Wrestling is a form of sports entertainment like no other. The fanfare, lights, music and outlandish characters make wrestling what it is today. A combination of gymnastic moves, extensive training and dedication are required of all wrestling superstars. At each event, the athletes strive to provide a quality performance and one that fans will enjoy until the last minute. To garner even more excitement, the annual superbowl of wrestling, known as Wrestlemania, is held as a live pay-per-view event each year. A treat for fans and a test of skill to wrestling superstars, Wrestlemania offers some of the wildest, most exciting events of the year.


How to Proofread Like a Professional

Most of us know how to read and write but do we write - right? Naturally, in this case 'right' means properly but in some contexts that might be hard to catch - especially if you've been writing all day. Proofreaders can be expensive but read on for some tips

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Copyright 2006 Jaya Schillinger

Even as I wrote the title for this article, I got confused. Is "proofread" one word or two? I thought it was two, and my spell checker didn't have a problem with that, but when I double-checked myself with a popular on- line dictionary, I was able to catch my mistake. Proofread is in fact one word, "proof•read v. tr. To read (copy or proof) in order to find errors and mark corrections."

I'm not a grammarian or editor by any stretch of the definition, but I do get some practice through proofreading my own writing as well as my clients. One of the value-added services I include in my business coaching packages is email support where I'll do a quick proofing of my clients' ad copy or important documents. So while I'm not a qualified copy editor/writer, I have noticed some common mistakes that slip past the typical business owner's own proofreading.

Here are a few things I've learned along the way:

1. People will skip over your copy if it's hard to read. The human brain will avoid things that are perceived as difficult. It's that simple. So the most compelling reason to proofread with a fine-tooth comb is this: If you want people to read your copy, you must make it easy.

2. Mistakes stand out more than the good copy that surrounds them. It's sort of like having a large food stain on your shirt. Most people will notice the stain, maybe even wonder what you had for lunch, and few will notice how lovely your shirt is otherwise.

3. Do it yourself, but also get a second opinion. Most small business owners are tight on cash, so hiring a professional editor (+$30/hour) isn't always feasible. Ask your coach, your partner, or a friend to read over your materials, particularly if they're going off to a paper & ink printer where mistakes can be costly.

4. Take a break from writing before you proofread. When you're writing, all the content and ideas are already in your head. If you go straight into proofreading, there's a natural bias toward reading your intended meaning into the copy, instead of scanning it for errors.

5. Get it off the computer screen and print it out. This step is essential for printed materials so you can check the actual size & layout for readability. It's also helpful for when you're tired of the glaring screen. Try printing your copy with double spaces and using a colored marker for notations.

6. Spell checking with your computer isn't enough. Many words sound similar but have different meanings, and spell check won't catch it. This is especially true if English is your 2nd language. An accent or slang can be charming when spoken, but can look incompetent when written.

7. Read your copy out loud. This is a great way to double check your sentence structure. If it feels awkward to speak, it's probably just as awkward to read.

8. Choose fonts that are easy to read. For paragraph text, use fonts of at least 10pts. Stick with basic fonts like Arial or Times New Roman that most computers or internet browsers can display properly. If you want to have fun with stylized fonts, save them for your headlines.

9. Keep your alignment tidy. Left alignment is always easy to read. Center alignment looks best for short bits of text, but looks terrible with bulleted lists or long paragraphs. If you want text in the center of the page, but that still looks neat, try using left alignment but then increase the line indent.

10. Use a consistent capitalization style. There are 3 basic capitalization styles: ALL CAPS; no caps; and First Letter Caps. Switching styles within copy looks jumbled and confusing. It's ok to have a different style in the headers vs. the text, but all headers should be the same, just as all text should be the same.

11. Hyphens that result from line breaks should be avoided. Adjust your text box size, move a graphic, try justifying the alignment, do whatever it takes to get rid of any hyphens that cut words in half because it disrupts flow and makes your copy hard to read.

12. Use bullets, lists, and blank rows for easier reading. Most people skim instead of actually reading every word. Break up your text into bite-size pieces for stronger impact. Another way to make reading easier is to limit your paragraph width to 65 characters/line (about the width of this article.)

13. Punctuation should support your ideas, not distract. Commas are a way to express your thoughts in sets, such as this idea, that idea, and that other idea. Without punctuation what you get is a run on and on and on some more sentence. (See what I mean?) Also, use exclamation points sparingly, if at all. Exclamation points can be tacky!!! Try italics instead.

Most people will forgive the occasional typo, especially with informal communications like email. But if you're trying to make a favorable impression as a way to build your business credibility, do whatever it takes to get your copy proofread first. Remember, it's not just what you say, but how you say it that counts, and that goes double for whatever you put into writing


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