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How to Find the Best Mortgage Protection

Once you have decided to protect your family's future by purchasing mortgage protection coverage, the next thing you will have to do is find the best mortgage protection insurance policy for your needs. There are many different mortgage protection choices, with widely varying premiums and benefits. Before you select a mortgage protection policy, be sure to thoroughly research each option available to you.

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Once you have decided to protect your family's future by purchasing mortgage protection coverage, the next thing you will have to do is find the best mortgage protection insurance policy for your needs. There are many different mortgage protection choices, with widely varying premiums and benefits. Before you select a mortgage protection policy, be sure to thoroughly research each option available to you.

<b>Mortgage Protection Available From Lender</b>

Many banks and other mortgage lenders offer home loan protection policies to their customers. When you are purchasing or refinancing your home, it is likely that the lender who handles your loan will provide you with information about policies available through his or her company.

Many times, homeowners decide to purchase policies available through their lender without researching other options. In some cases, they do not even realize that there are other mortgage protection choices available to them. It is a fact that many insurance companies offer various types of mortgage protection coverage. If you go with the fist policy that is presented to you, you may find yourself paying too much for what might not be the best available coverage.

Do not automatically eliminate the coverage that your lender offers from consideration. It is possible that the mortgage protection available through your lender really is the best choice for you. However, you have no way of making an educated decision without first researching various mortgage protection coverage options. Before choosing a policy, find out how much they cost, how funds are disbursed to beneficiaries, how stable the underwriter is, and any other relevant details.

<b>Mortgage Protection from Primary Insurance Company</b>

Before you can investigate additional mortgage protection options, you'll need to find out which companies offer these types of policies. You may want to start your research by asking the agent who is handling your homeowner's policy if his or her company provides mortgage protection coverage. If such coverage is available, you may be able to save a significant amount of money on both your mortgage insurance and homeowner's policies via multiple policy discounts.

Even if your primary insurance agency does not offer policies specifically designated as mortgage protection coverage, it is very likely that they do offer term life insurance coverage. Many people opt for a term life policy rather than one designated for mortgage expenses only. Those who choose term life coverage feel it is important to allow their families the ability to make choices about how the policies proceeds are utilized, based on their financial situation and needs following a loved one's death.

With a traditional term life insurance policy, the designated beneficiaries will receive a lump sum payment following a qualifying event, per the conditions specified in the coverage agreement. This money can be used to take care of the outstanding mortgage, as well as for other essential expenses. With an actual mortgage protection policy, the beneficiaries are not able to exercise discretion regarding how the money is utilized. With a true mortgage protection plan, the outstanding mortgage loan will paid in full following the death of the insured party, but funds are not available for any other expenses.

<b>Additional Resources for Mortgage Protection Coverage</b>

There are a number of national and international companies that specialize in mortgage protection and term life insurance policies. These organizations often offer the best rates, because they deal primarily or solely in these types of policies. Many companies that concentrate on providing customers with the best rates on quality mortgage protection and term life insurance coverage primarily market themselves via the Internet. You can often find them on your own through a search engine, or with the help of a free online insurance quote service.

<b>Selecting the Best Mortgage Protection Coverage</b>

Selecting the best mortgage insurance coverage can be very confusing. Be sure that you conduct thorough research before making a choice. Premium costs and coverage options are not the only important considerations. The reason for purchasing mortgage insurance is to make sure that your family will not face foreclosure following the death of a loved one. This means that it is important to focus on situation with which your family will have to cope in the event of your death, or that of another member of the household, when making your choice regarding the best mortgage protection option.

When deciding what type of policy is best, and which carrier to choose, you need to think about factors such as the outstanding balance on your mortgage, the minimum monthly payment, the earning potential of other members of your household, how income and expenses will change following the death of a family member, and the other types of insurance coverage that you and your family already have.


How to Find the Right Mortgage

A mortgage that is properly suited to an individual’s needs when buying a home can save the individual thousands while a mortgage that has not been properly tailored to their needs can place the house and the individual’s financial future in jeopardy.

finance, loan, dept, home, consolidation

A mortgage that is properly suited to an individual’s needs when buying a home can save the individual thousands while a mortgage that has not been properly tailored to their needs can place the house and the individual’s financial future in jeopardy. And because there are so many types of mortgages and mortgage products available, it’s essential to have a basic understanding of mortgages before choosing which one is the right one.

First one needs to understand the different options available to them. For people who have good credit, a fixed rate mortgage is usually the best option. These types of mortgages offer the same interest rate for the entire life of the loan so the monthly payments will always be the same. One may also choose an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) after a one, five, or ten year term. These mortgages have a fixed rate for a certain period and they then move to a variable rate after the one, five, or ten years. This means that the monthly payments could be more or less, depending on what the interest rate currently is. Rates don’t generally have dramatic increases or reductions so there are usually no large surprises. However, over the course of a thirty-year loan, the interest rate could be considerably more or less by the end of the mortgage.

Individuals who have no or bad credit will have a higher interest rate on their mortgage. They may also have to look into the sub-prime lending market where the loans will have much higher interest rates and many different structures. When looking at the different loan options available, it’s important to make sure there is no prepayment penalty, which have a fee associated with paying off more of the mortgage in advance. These loans should be avoided as the goal is to pay off the debt.

A mortgage consists of two major components: the down payment and the interest rate. For people who are very active in investing in different things such as the stock market, and real estate, it’s best to pay as little down payment as possible. If the individual has a good credit rating, it’s best to try to get a 100% mortgage. The interest on these mortgages is generally higher but the cost of borrowing will be less than the returns the individuals will receive on their investment.

For individuals that are not active investors, the mortgage can be a great investment tool. Paying off a mortgage with a 6.5% to 7.5% interest rate makes more sense than savings accounts that offer a 2.5% interest rate.

Everything in the mortgage process is negotiable. The goal is to lower the down payment and the interest rate. The higher the down payment is, the lower the interest rate will be and the sooner one will be able to pay off the mortgage. Using a mortgage broker can help one find the best mortgage for the specific situation.


How to Generate 27 Qualified Subprime Mortgage Leads Per Day

Discover how to generate 27 qualified subprime mortgage leads per day.

Subprime mortgage leads, mortgage leads, refinance mortgage leads

There are several benefits to focusing on subprime mortgage leads. One good reason for generating subprime mortgage leads is that the borrowers are less likely to shop your offer. Also, the commissions on subprime mortgage loans can be quite lucrative.

I’ve found that one of the best ways to generate subprime mortgage leads is by direct mail.

So let’s look at the steps involved in putting together a profitable direct mail campaign to generate subprime mortgage leads.

Prospect List

There are two sources I recommend for obtaining your mailing lists – list companies and credit agencies.

Here are two sample criteria to request from list companies in order to target subprime borrowers:

1) Get a list of home owners who have just filed a chapter 13 bankruptcy. Do a cash out refinance and pay off their chapter 13 bankruptcy.

2) Get a list of people who originated a loan with a subprime lender at least 2 to 5 years ago. Their pre payment penalty will be expired and they will be ready to refinance.

Here are two list ideas when working with a credit agency to obtain your subprime mortgage lead mailing list:

1) Find homeowners who need help with their finances. Get a list of homeowners who are currently 30 days late on their first mortgage loan. Or, get a list of home owners who have a certain number of consumer lates 30, 60, or 90 in the past 6 to 12 months.

2) Select borrowers with a low credit score. You select the credit score range based on your loan programs.

Combine these with other criteria to better target your prospects. Here are two more list criteria ideas:

1) Homeowners with $15K to $50K outstanding revolving debt
2) Properties that have an LTV of 80% or less

Mail Piece

Here are a few important basics you’ll need to incorporate into your mail piece:

Personalized content

* Give sample payments.
* Tell them how much money the new loan will save then monthly and over the next 5 years.

Tell them about your unique selling propositions (USP’s)

* 1% mortgage loan options
* No closing cost options
* No payment for 2 months
* Are they already approved? If so, let them know in the letter

Be sure to comply with the state banking regulations in your area. Include the following in your mail piece:

* Equal housing lender logo
* State license number
* Disclose APR’s

Share some personal information about yourself under your signature

Your title
Years in the mortgage business
Awards you’ve received
Degrees or certifications you’ve earned

Here are examples:

Your Signature

Your Name

Senior Mortgage Planner
10 Years Mortgage Experience
Licensed Financial Planner
Married with 3 children
Single mother of two
Youth basketball coach

To get a complementary refinance letter that has produced more than $2,500,000 in mortgage commissions over the last 12 months visit:

Use Split Testing to Improve Your Conversion Rates

Now that you have a list of prospects and a mail piece, it’s time to mail. The secret to direct mail success is testing. If you test different elements of your direct mail campaign, you will find ways to increase conversion rates. Over time, you will have a mail campaign that will generate huge returns.

How to conduct Split Testing

Instruct your printer to separate your list into 3 groups:

1) Group 1 will be 80% of your list
2) Group 2 will be 10% of your list
3) And group 3 will consist of the last 10% of your list
4) Make sure the groups are randomly selected


1) Mail your original letter to group 1
2) Make ONE very small change to the original letter and mail it to group 2
3) Then, make another very small change to the original letter and mail it to group 3
4) Track your results and see which version of the letter had the highest number of calls, applications, loans originated and loans funded.
5) Make the winner your original letter and start all over again

Do you see what you have just done? It’s called split testing. If you do this consistently, you can continue to increase your conversion rate, get more leads, fund more loans and make more money!

Here are some ideas for changes:

* Use a website address instead of a phone number
* Use a website address with a phone number
* Add a heading
* Change one paragraph.
* Experiment with the PS
* Offer a coupon or something for free (appraisal, processing, etc)
* Add Red Headlines to your letter
* Use different envelopes
* Talk about different and unique USP’s

Be sure to only make one small change at a time. If you make massive changes you won’t know what specific change affected your conversion rate.

Don’t underestimate the power of this testing. If you mail 2,500 letters a week, a 1% increase in response will give you an extra 25 calls per week. That’s an extra 100 calls per month. At a measly 10% conversion rate, that’s an extra 10 loans per month.

That could easily equate to an extra $50,000 to $90,000 in commissions every month!

I am confident that a strong direct mail campaign will help you generate more subprime mortgage leads. Try these tips and you’ll be amazed at your results!

Please feel free to reprint this article as long as the resource box is left intact and all links are hyperlinked.


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