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How To Be Successful At Networking

One of the first things you need to do to be successful at networking is be out going, being social, confident and not just a fence sitter. You must get out & meet & create as many people as you can. The more times you work a room full of people the more you give your business a chance of success. You will become more & more confident in time. Next time you have a chance to attend a networking function follow these tips to become successive at networking, while looking succes...

One of the first things you need to do to be successful at networking is be out going, being social, confident and not just a fence sitter. You must get out & meet & create as many people as you can. The more times you work a room full of people the more you give your business a chance of success. You will become more & more confident in time. Next time you have a chance to attend a networking function follow these tips to become successive at networking, while looking successful, bold, and sounding smooth to others around you.

Step 1

Preparation. Before you attend the event write down what your strengths, attributes and special skills are in order for you to know why someone should be interested in what you have to offer. Keep these strengths in your head in order to boost your confidence and remind yourself of why people should be talking with you and listening to what you have to say.

Step 2

Visualization is everything, picture the room in your mind, picture yourself shaking hands and talking with people. By visualizing everything you will be doing it can really help even they most shy individual. Visualization is a powerful tool used by many successful people whether it is in business, sports or entertainment.

Step 3

Now when it comes to working the room have a confident posture, a controlled walk, be friendly, make lots of eye contact and a firm handshake to those you meet. You can use your surroundings as an opening topic to talk about. Example the venue or the host. This will help you to find a common bond and to keep the conversation going. Always start with small talk before you get down to business.

Step 4

When you need to get down to business have some questions prepared to ask people in order to find out what their needs are and then you can shape the conversation in order to reflect the way your services will help people in these areas. You don’t have to be pushy, rather soft sell yourself and build interest. This will make people more receptive to be helped by you.

Step 5

When it comes your turn remember to repeat the individuals name back to them, talking is only have of the event, actively listen to what they have to say and keep a mental database of as many details you can about the person to whom you are talking. If possible always get a business card. The best time to ask is usually after they have talked about what they do and then you can offer yours in return.

Finally thought

When you return home be sure to write out information on the back of the card. This way you can maintain and build and rapport for future meetings emails and phone calls. Everyone likes a person who remembers them. Within the next 24 hours be sure to email everyone, just a quick email saying how you enjoyed there company and mention something special or unique about that person, plus suggest that they keep in touch with you.


How To Skyrocket Your Business With a Nework Marketing Builder

What a Networkmarketing builder does, What you need to build a completely automated duplicable system, This is a networker's dream come true!, Inform, sell, educate and train automatically

network marketing, networkmarketing, marketing, mlm, internet marketing, home business

A Networkmarketing Builder? Yes, I will outline now step by step how you and your downline can use a "Networkmarketing Builder", to create excitement and explode your easy home business, fast. Consider for a moment, the perfect automated recruiting and training system, that will work for you promoting any Network Marketing business or Ordinary Business.

A"Networkmarketing Builder" is a user friendly software for your PC that makes it simple and automatic for any network marketing business(es) you're involved in.

You need a completely automated duplicable system anyone can use...

* A free E-mail Marketing Course that you can download from here: (This file is in PDF format (Acrobat Reader). Acrobat Reader:
* A Free Networkmarketing Newsletter that you can obtain here:
* A Networkmarketing Builder

Let me first explain exactly why a "Networkmarketing Builder" is the perfect tool for you and your downline to build your business fast. Then I'll get right to the strategies for success using less time and effort. I'll insure you're maximizing your efforts using the "complete" system for your PC while saving you valuable time. Time you need to "get away," knowing your PC is hard at work for you. Spend this "time" with family, friends and for yourself.

Let me tell you the "Secret of Networkmarketing Success":

"The fortune is in the follow up!"

Did you know that you can automate the "Key" aspect of successful Network Marketing Online and GROW YOUR NETWORK, STARTING TODAY!

A "Networkmarketing Builder" can insure your success, as well as your organization, by providing the tool that will automate the "Secret of Networkmarketing Success":


**Plus, you can provide this tool to your organization that will generate excitement, growth and cash! Not only for sales made through your own "Networkmarketing Builder" Web Store as a reseller, but cash from ALL orders your Associates and contacts make as well.**
**All while you and your downline are exploding your organization!**

And there's a brand new Web based version of "The Networkmarketing Builder" called "The Online Networkmarketing Builder". If you would rather manage your contact base and automated marketing from a Web based interface, and not use PC based software, click here:

More about "The Networkmarketing Builder"...

A "Networkmarketing Builder" can help you manage your contact database and keep in touch with automatic, personal and consistent follow up, because was originally designed specifically for the Network Marketing Industry.

The biggest problem we see in the Network Marketing Industry is people just don't have enough TIME each day to build their business. So, they soon get frustrated and quit or move on to the next opportunity promising wealth and freedom, only to find out they have the same problem.

Not enough TIME to build their business!

There are a few keys to the beginning of a successful Network Marketing business.

* First, above ALL else, you must get started right away. Procrastinating this step will nearly insure failure.

* Second, realize people DO procrastinate and put decisions off. The first few times you contact a prospect the timing just might not be right. You simply MUST follow up and keep in touch consistently. This will insure when they're ready you get in touch with them. Don't miss the opportunity to recruit a player that decided to go with another company because he or she hasn't heard from you.

This is where the problem comes in. People don't have the time to follow up with prospects and their downline near enough to be REALLY successful. You must make it easy for a new member to get started and duplicate your system!

E-mail and the Web are the answers! It costs you about $20 a month to send as much mail as you want; And $300 a year to host an entire web site The cost of phone calls and the postal service can be hundreds of dollars a month. Now, I would never recommend to forget the phone, fax, voice mail or snail mail. These are all part of building any successful business online and off-line and simply must be used.

* The third is a good consistent supply of pre-qualified leads for you and your downline.

This is a Networker's dream come true! Because you can do it all with less than 15 minutes a day!

* Copy your sales and training follow ups into "The Networkmarketing Builder"
* Import your prospects and downline members
* Then "The Networkmarketing Builder" does the rest for you, following up and keeping in touch for as long and as often as you want.


Imagine an automated system that delivers information to your potential customers and then follows up with them automatically over a preset number of days, weeks, and months. An automated system that nudges, inquires, follows up, reminds and answers questions for each and every contact in due course, over and over...

Having an automated system to send e-mail communication and follow up to your potential and existing customers will save you time and money. Maximize your marketing efforts, stay organized, and make more MONEY in less time.

Systematic follow up will insure all your prospects are walked step by step through your opportunity and your product line. They will receive the whole story a little bit at a time taking them by the hand right to the sign up. Keep telling them about the features and benefits you and your network marketing company can offer them until the time is right for them to join or you strike a chord.

What if you could AUTOMATICALLY...

* Help train and motivate your downline members?
* Follow up and keep in touch with your prospect ?
* Contact your customer to remind them of their reorder cycles?
* Get new recruits started off fast and started off right?
* Import your coop leads and begin to further qualify immediately?
* Make one file of your prospecting letters to send to your members so they can import it into "The Networkmarketing Builder" to begin building their business immediately?

Sounds great, but where will you get the sales letters to follow up with?

This is a fair question. But there are many resources to depend on. This is one reason you decided on network marketing in the first place right? The support of a company and your organization!

* Contact your upline (often the letters you need are ready)
* Find all your old sales letters and applicable outgoing mail
* Work together with your upline and downline to assemble a series
* Be sure to share your series with your members
* Subscribe to our free Easy Home Business Newsletter, going to the following web address:

"The fortune is in the Follow up"

You can use a "Networkmarketing Builder" to expand your organization, then resell it to your downline creating excitement and results right away. Encourage them to resell it to their new recruits as well and earn second level commissions.

Another important benefit is you can send new members one file to import into their "Networkmarketing Builder" that includes prospecting and training message series for your Networkmarketing all ready to go! This way, your Associates can simply plug new and old prospects or import leads directly into their "Networkmarketing Builder". Then they automatically start sending sound consistent follow up in a timely manner. This will boost their sponsoring efforts and build excitement immediately!!

This is a powerful Networkmarketing tool. When a NEW Networkmarketing member joins, you can mail them a file to import into their new "Networkmarketing Builder" program that contains tons of sales letters, follow ups, training and more. They can customize them; then import their own contacts and new prospects into the "Networkmarketing Builder", and start sending messages that sell the plan and your products. They can now keep in close contact with all their prospects and organization, automatically!

If you have an existing organization that's even better, you have a built in prospect list and reseller force. Since it will be in their best interest, and yours, this is a win-win situation! Tell them how a "Networkmarketing Builder" can help build their business and organization while saving valuable time and money.

Even beginners can simply plug people into the "Networkmarketing Builder" and let their computer do the lion's share of the work following up.

This would be perfect for your network marketing business!

Do you see the power with your own personal "Networkmarketing Builder" for your networking business and Associates?

Another very successful strategy is to coop your lead generation and put a system in place to divide up your leads into files and send them to your associates. Using the "Networkmarketing Builder" and participating in your coop lead generation system your downline has access to the perfect downline building system. They import their leads and start building their business right away.

The Industry is growing faster than any other time in our history but competition is fierce....


Imagine providing the marketing tool that almost guarantees your new and existing Networkmarketing recruit's success. You can help them automate their follow up and lead management. This insures you and your downline are doing a TON of work, in just minutes a day.

They can import yours or the company's pre selected messages right into the "Networkmarketing Builder" to grow their new business and yours. The "Networkmarketing Builder" automatically gets your new partner started off right and started off fast!

Don't forget you earn commission on every order your downline and customers sell as well. The power of duplication at your fingertips. Your new recruits just plug their new and old prospects into their software and off they go sponsoring faster than ever.
Not only can it follow up with hundreds, even thousands of your prospects in a few minutes per day, but you can also ...

<1> Send a training series over 12 months or more keeping your downline informed and motivated
<2>Advertise and mail a free "Networkmarketing training series." Of course your information covers the benefits of your products and opportunity all right in the same series.
<3> Mail a "getting started fast" training series to all your new recruits.

Let's review how much time you're spending on your mail communication. Use minutes or hours in each blank.

1) Keeping customers posted on specials and new products per day_________
2) Following up with prospects requesting more information per day_________
3) Keeping track of your contacts and e-mail communication per day_________
4) Introducing a new product to your contact database per day_________
5) Motivating and training your employees and associates per day_________
6) Educating your customers and prospects per day_________

Total hours spent per day on these activities? >>>__________
Your cost ($$$$) ? _________

A "Networkmarketing Builder" affords you the opportunity to do much of this communication in minutes, not hours.


Click here to download a free copy of Postmaster "The Networkmarketing Builder":

To Your Success,
Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi


How To Use The Power Of Networking And Leverage Like The Big Businesses Do

How do you earn your money? Are you:

1. working for someone
2. a professional or self-employed (exchange your expertise for someone's money) = small business owner
3. a business owner
4. an investor

Most people opt for employment because they see it as a “safe” option. “Job Security” is what they want. However, as many people will tell you; due to downsizing and industries like the recording industry changing from records to CD's, where a skill is literally obsolete ...

Network Marketing, work from home, home business, home based business, marketing, networking,

How do you earn your money? Are you:

1. working for someone
2. a professional or self-employed (exchange your expertise for someone's money) = small business owner
3. a business owner
4. an investor

Most people opt for employment because they see it as a “safe” option. “Job Security” is what they want. However, as many people will tell you; due to downsizing and industries like the recording industry changing from records to CD's, where a skill is literally obsolete overnight, there is really no such thing as “Job Security.” If you have a job, think for yourself: What would you do if your boss tells you tomorrow that you have no job? How long will you be able to survive?

The second way is to be self-employed, or to be a professional. Some professionals have jobs, like teachers, nurses and doctors, but most have a practice or are self employed. Others are self employed by offering a service. If you ask someone who is self employed why he is self employed, he will often say: “I prefer working for myself and not for a boss.” That is just about the only advantage. Does the self employed have fixed hours to work? No, they often work overtime. Do they have a fixed salary? No, if there is a bad month, they have to take a cut in earnings. They often can't take holidays, weekends or days off.

The third way is to be a business owner - this is someone who leverages his time by having people work for him, and/or own a big network of businesses, such as MacDonalds.

The fourth way is to be an Investor - someone who uses money as leverage.

You can possibly see from the descriptions above that the last two: Business Owner and/or Investor probably have the most money. Why do they have more money? There are two words above that give you a clue: Network and Leverage.

What is a network?

My Thesaurus describes it as: A system, complex, set-up, set of connections, and set of contacts. Examples of Business Networks or Systems: McDonalds, Wendy's, Wal-Mart, Starbucks.

What is leverage?

My Thesaurus says: influence, power, force, control, pull, weight. Simply put, leverage is to get other people to do work for you so you can get more done. The owner of McDonalds has 1000's of people doing work for him in stead of him doing it all himself.

Can you see the power of leverage and networking? How can you use the power of networking? You can start your own business. However, starting your own business is quite difficult and very costly, and most people don't have the money to get started. You will have to come up with a new idea, or an idea that gives you a competitive advantage over an existing business. After putting lots of your own money into research, brand names, copyrighting and start-up costs, you will have to find loans somewhere with your business plan that your accountant wrote for you. Most people who want to start their own business take out a loan on the equity in their property, or take out a second mortgage on their house, to get started. Big business may start as a small business. But take care that you don't think your small business falls in this category. If you bought your small business, and you are running it, and it needs you to survive, then you just bought yourself a job. But true leverage is when you can walk away from your business and it can carry on without you.

However, most people don't have the resources to get their own business up and running. Besides, there is another problem for most people: Consider this scene: You have worked for a company for 15 years. You have been promoted a couple of times. Now there is an opening to become manager of your division. You and another guy both want that position. You have both worked hard for it, but only one of you can get it. Perhaps one of you want the promotion so bad, he is willing to bribe someone for it - Is this fair? Most people can never dream of obtaining the top jobs.

Now we have to wonder: Is there a way that you can use the power of Networking and Leverage as well? Is there a fair structure where you get paid and promoted directly in proportion with your efforts? The good news is that there is. It is called “Network Marketing.” In Network Marketing, not only do you get paid directly in proportion to your efforts, but you have the power of leverage and networking working for you as well. You have exactly the same opportunity as anyone else to get promoted to the top positions. Now this is fair.

But isn't Network Marketing an illegal Pyramid Scheme? I hear you ask.

Though Network Marketing and pyramid schemes do share some similarities, there's a very important difference that makes the latter illegal. In pyramid schemes, income is generated solely on the process of recruiting others into the pyramid. Sometimes a product of service of questionable value is involved (that is never retailed to the general public by the way), but generally what you're buying is the right to recruit others into the scheme. This is illegal. Also, in pyramid schemes, those who get in first and who are at the top win, while everyone else loses. In a legitimate Network Marketing company, on the other hand, distributors are paid only on product movement, not on recruiting, both at wholesale and retail. There's also compensation based on training and managing of your marketing team. And unlike illegal pyramids, in Network Marketing, no matter where you're positioned or when you join, you can advance to the very highest income levels and even make more money than those above you in the network.

In all business and government structures, the pyramid is the foundation. It contains the hierarchy of, and indeed shapes the role of, all who participate in the organization.

Whether it is the president of the United States and his vice president, Congress, and all the way down to the local government employees, or Microsoft, where one guy sits on the top, followed by his vice presidents, all the way down to the mail clerks, the pyramid structure is ubiquitous. The first thing we should agree on is that there is no inherent problem with the structure of a pyramid.

In government and in business there are several features of the pyramid that are found consistently:

1. The further away from the pinnacle, the less power an individual has, and the less money he or she makes.

2. There is usually one person on the top and that position is typically unattainable to others in the organization. If someone lower down in the structure does assume that top position, it is still reserved for one person at a time.

3. Normally those at the top like to stay at the top. Those toward the top may have incentives to move up higher in their organization, but there is typically no incentive for those higher up to help advance those who are lower down to surpass them. The order of the hierarchy is somewhat sacred.

4. At each level in the organization job titles go along with salaries. Normally a person cannot assume more money or more power without the “permission” of someone above granting those advancements. Normally, people have little control over advancing. One cannot typically “self-advance.”

Going back to pyramid schemes versus legitimate network marketing, the contrasts and similarities need to be examined. One of the bad images of pyramid schemes stems from the fact that if there is no viable product, or just money is being moved around, the people at the bottom really do get a raw deal. If only money is being passed around, by the time an individual rises to the top, the money may simply have run out. This is bogus, illegal and frowned upon by the USA's Direct Sellers Association, and the Federal Trade Commission. (Both the DSA and the FTC oversee and ordain legitimate network marketing companies.) Contrast this with MLM compensation plans in which income is only paid out to those who qualify with enough volume during that pay period.

In a pyramid scheme, the payout runs out because no such limits are set.

In a good Network Marketing company the product is so good it can stand on its own. So this is the way the money is made: From the product, not from recruiting. These are the features of a good Network Marketing Company:

1. Each distributor can surpass the level of anybody who came into the organization before him or her, if the new distributor's performance is greater than the one already in the business.

2. Each new distributor is encouraged to become a CEO, or the top of his pyramid, by the encouragement, leadership, and training of those in his support team. Those above the new distributor in the organization are motivated to elevate the level of everyone who is newer in the business.

3. There is no glass ceiling, no job title with a fixed and limited salary attached to it. The system does represent financial freedom because the model for business growth and the ability to generate income are inherently limitless. The rewards, incentives, acknowledgements, etc. at every level above the new distributor, all the way to corporate, are authentic, on-going, effective, and inspiring.

4. There are no barriers such as race, education, gender, previous experience, etc. Anyone who does the work gets to the top. (Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and of The Business School for People Who like Helping People has been a strong advocate of network marketing. He tells a story of having been the top salesman at Xerox; he was not promoted because he lacked a college degree.)

5. There is no single top position. There is unlimited room for these so-called top positions.

6. People can “self-advance.” We give ourselves a raise based on performance, not on politics, nepotism, returning favours, or anything else.

7. No one's earnings are limited to his or her own efforts. Through the process of leveraging ourselves, the bulk of our commissions come from other people like you and me, who want a better life. It is a business of teaching other people to teach other people, to teach other people, etc. It is an ethical, high-spirited, method of distribution, product consumption, and compensation.

Network marketing represents what we all crave: financial freedom, and time freedom. The opportunities for leadership and self-development are as great as the chance to make a lot of money. Whether or not you decide that this is for you, it is hard to beat this model for building an asset that will pay you over and over. Network marketing makes sense; it is the only viable model for creating financial freedom for the average person. And it is fair.


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