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How to Succeed in Business

Every one has their own definition of success. My definition of success is to be happy while working at something I believe in and am passionate about. Here are six steps I use to achieve my definition of success.

business, success, succeed

Every one has their own definition of success. My definition of success is to be happy while working at something I believe in and am passionate about. Here are six steps I use to achieve my definition of success.

Freedom - If you don't live in a country with freedom to pursue a living as you see fit, success would be difficult by my standards. I am thankful to live in a country that provides me the freedom to choose my living. Many people do not have the freedom to seek out their own business, so it seems that one must first become free to succeed in business.

Persistence - An idea with no motion may as well have never been. No one else will ever know of an idea until the idea is brought to motion. To accomplish a goal requires that you be moving towards the goal. To continue moving towards a goal, even if the going gets tough, is persistence. To succeed in business, persistence is vital.

Vision - You need to be able to see the goal ahead of you. You must be able to visualize the success of your business, or you will never know if you've found it.

Inspiration - You can't have a vision of your goals without some inspiration. You must be excited about your goals or you will never be happy when you meet them. One whose sole inspiration is money may run a profitable business, but be unhappy and unsuccessful. Business is hard work. If your inspiration dies out, it will be difficult to go on.

Planning - Once you have a goal and are inspired and have committed to the goal, you must plan how to achieve your goal. With no map to get from A to B, you are likely to end up at C. A simple way to think about a business plan is a list of things you have to do to reach your goals. Your plan is almost sure to change along the way, and that is OK.

Discipline - The best plan in the world is not going to be much good if it requires forty hours of work per week and there are only two hours given to it. A balance of persistence to keep going and discipline to keep going at the right pace is required.

These simple ideas illustrate a larger way of looking at life, which is to break down your goals, problems and obstacles into little pieces. Moving a mountain may seem impossible, but if you break the task down into little steps, anything is possible. If you apply this principle to running a business, you are well on your way to success.


How to Survive and Thrive Your Business Online

Everyone wants to know the secret. People at industry convention, executives from Fortune 500 companies, work from home individuals and small business alike all want to know one business secret – how to successfully market themselves online on a global scale.

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Success in a company is not about having the best technology or being the smartest or even about having the best customer service (although none of these could hurt). More than ever, success is now measured in speed. Today it is about thriving in an ever-evolving world where everything changes so rapidly – and that applies to any business. Today is a world surrounded by buyers who want it now, want perfection and impeccable service.

In order to succeed online, your business needs to be organized and able to handle the increased business your web site is going to generate. Here are some guidelines for running a business of speed and complete service.

<b>1. Run your business of speed.</b>
It’s a new phenomenon called Internet time; it’s a 24/7 kind of world today. This means if you’re business is not moving ahead 24 hours a day 7 days a week, your business is falling deeply behind. Internet time means not only doing business quickly but doing it anytime the customer wants and for as long as the customer wants it done. This I what the customers demand, and what every company doing business online needs to offer. The end result is a business that is always working, always aware of potential business, one that is always one call, email or fax away from their clients.

<b>2. Having effective meetings means having short meetings.</b>
Meetings are the annoyance of many employees workplace. They involve too little discussion, take up too much time, little gets accomplished, people ramble on too much, and respect and open discussion are often not granted. Meetings though are imperative, but the way in which they are run can definitely be changed for the better. Because the Internet world moves so fast, companies doing business online cannot afford to have unproductive meetings.

First set some genuine detail-oriented goals for the meeting. Let people have the option of attending, especially if the issues discussed have nothing to do with them. Post the meeting summary in a place commonly seen by employees, such as the break room. Start and end your meetings on time, and stay within thirty minutes to one hour. Have two or three shorter meetings through the day, with short goals to be accomplished by the next meeting. Also, don’t bore people with anything not on the agenda. Lastly, make the meetings enjoyable; use skits, slideshows, charts, even puppets to get your point across. These moments will likely stick in employee’s heads over the long, drawn-out boring ones.

<b>3. Email several times a day.</b>
In the Internet world, CEOs and employees alike uses technology to supercharge productivity. With all of the pagers, cell phones, laptops, personal organizers and more, email is definitely the most valuable tool. Set up email power sessions with employees; it allows for communication with many employees at the same time and resolves any issues fast. With an email message, you are ensured your message gets delivered to all the right people exactly how you wanted to say it, without the hassle of applying phone tag with employees or risk miscommunication and misunderstanding. Throughout the work day, make blocks of time strictly to email (sending and receiving) at least three to four times a day too.

<b>4. Brand matters on the Internet.</b>
If your business is going to succeed in the Internet world, you will not only need to capture the market share, but also work on improving customer relationships. Whenever your potential or current customers need your products or services, where will they go online? Which Web site will they choose first? Will it be yours? Some tips to increase your business brand online include discovering a way to position yourself as being unique from your competitors. Create the right image, and be sure you continue to reinforce that brand image in everything your company does online and offline. Increase the number of online visitors to your Web site through a variety of Internet marketing strategies. Even if your business only sells locally, do not be afraid to think and market yourself internationally on the Internet. Advertise, advertise, advertise. Remember the importance of earning your customers trust too.

<b>5. The power of feedback.</b>
Ask your customers for feedback, through emails, surveyed phone calls, feedback forms on your Web site, case studies and letters. Ask for feedback often, whenever you are testing out a new product, reviewing sales on an existing product or service, or simply because you want to know how your customers feel about your company. Don’t neglect receiving feedback from your employees too; they know your business too because they work with you.

<b>6. Most importantly, have fun!</b>
Create a working environment where your employees feel free to mix a little fun into their daily routines and express themselves comfortably. After all, a happy employee is a productive one. Let your employees know they are appreciated and needed too, and they will be proud to come to work with you.

The Internet world is about building a better business environment through increased communication, greater convenience, personal enjoyment and greater access to information. How does your business measure up online?


How To Get Business From Your Email Enquiries

Does your business get a lot of email inquiries? You know the type I mean - where all the information you have of the enquirer is their email address.

Isn't it frustrating when you reply to the email and hear nothing back? Then you send a follow up email and still nothing! Finally in desperation you send a third email with your best price and nothing… nada… nil response!

You finally give up out of sheer frustration. So how is it possible to turn this type of inquiry int...

how to get more business from email enquiries,email enquiries,business enquiries,convert enquiries

Does your business get a lot of email inquiries? You know the type I mean - where all the information you have of the enquirer is their email address.

Isn't it frustrating when you reply to the email and hear nothing back? Then you send a follow up email and still nothing! Finally in desperation you send a third email with your best price and nothing… nada… nil response!

You finally give up out of sheer frustration. So how is it possible to turn this type of inquiry into a sale?

Don't give up hope yet as I have some possible solutions. Instead of responding with a sales pitch straight why not ask some questions first?

Possible questions include:

How did you find our company details?
When do you need delivery?
What number can I reach you on?
Who do you currently buy from?
Why are you thinking of changing suppliers?
How often do you place an order?
What are your views on X, Y & Z?

Your aim surely has to be to elicit a response and if possible further contact details like a phone number. By responding with a question, you can gauge the level of interest and avoid wasting precious time on "tyre kickers."

Try to ask some questions that can not be answered with a straight yes or no. Instead ask leading questions that must get the enquirer thinking.

If your standard response is not working why not try the above approach? To get business from an email inquiry you must get the client communicating and if possible talking as soon as possible. This is the only way you are going to achieve results.

You also need to build rapport with your potential clients, and instill confidence. They need to be persuaded they are making the right decision. By asking leading questions you are demonstrating that you treat their inquiry with respect.

Why not prepare a standard questionnaire to send out to all initial inquiries? If somebody can not be bothered answering some basic questions then it does not make sense wasting any more time on them.

Another great idea is to hold a weekly conference call for initial inquiries. Some potential clients might not be ready for a one on one chat but would happily attend a tele-seminar without feeling threatened.

Personally I do not like the idea of giving a price based on an email inquiry. If the price is all the buyer is interested in then chances are that you will lose this customer pretty quickly even if you do manage to get their business.

If you do give a price by email and it gets rejected then reply "If price is the only issue then why don't you give me a call? We have some great deals but I would rather we talk first before I send you a quote."

Have you had an email inquiry recently? How much more successful would you be if you could double your conversion rate? Let the games begin!


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