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How to Make Sushi

Instructions on making sushi for the beginner.

how to make sushi

Sushi is a Japanese food consisting of vinegar-added rice with a topping. However, many people know sushi for its raw fish, but if you are vegetarian, you may create your own sushi delicacies using vegetables.

These are basic tools you need in your kitchen to prepare sushi
1. A sharpened knife to cut fish and/or vegetables and a cutting board
2. A wooden ladle or spatula to work with rice
3. A sushi rolling mat, to roll sushi into desired shapes
Ingredients Needed
1. Sushi Rice or the sticky rice and medium or small-grained white rice is used to prepare this.
2. Rice Vinegar
3. Wasabi (it is a green-colored condiment prepared from horseradish)
4. Gari, which is a pickled ginger
5. Nori which are seaweeds but used as thin sheets after drying the weed
6. Soy Sauce
7. Vegetables including asparagus, carrots, celery, sprouts, lettuce, and one can add any vegetable.
8. Sushi-grade fish and even canned tunas are also good

Take a small sheet of nori place it on top of mat that rolls sushi. Add cooled vinegar-cooked rice on top of nori. Add little wasabi (optional). Add vegetables/tuna/sushi-grade raw fish on top of this. Do not over pile ingredients on to the roll. Then roll the sushi up and see that the roll is compressed and squeezed evenly to ensure good shape to your roll. Now cut the roll to desired number of pieces. You may even refrigerate the roll before cutting.
As you see it very easy to prepare sushi and once done you may enjoy sharing with your friends.


How To Make Incredible Pan Sauces

If you want to elevate your cooking skills to a new level and add a whole lot more to your gastronomy repertoire, learn how to make a simple pan sauce. With this technique in your cooking bag of tricks, you can turn a simple pan-fried steak into a mouth-watering meal, a plain boneless chicken breast into a delicious feast, or a modest pork chop into a scrumptious banquet. Ok, maybe I'm stretching a bit but check this out.

Restaurants chefs use this technique all the time. ...

If you want to elevate your cooking skills to a new level and add a whole lot more to your gastronomy repertoire, learn how to make a simple pan sauce. With this technique in your cooking bag of tricks, you can turn a simple pan-fried steak into a mouth-watering meal, a plain boneless chicken breast into a delicious feast, or a modest pork chop into a scrumptious banquet. Ok, maybe I'm stretching a bit but check this out.

Restaurants chefs use this technique all the time. Basically they cook something in a sauté pan over pretty high heat until it's done and leaves a bunch of brown caramelize bits of "stuff" in the pan. You look at this "stuff" in the pan and say to yourself, "Now how am I going to clean this 'stuff' off the pan? What a mess! I wish I had used a non stick pan."

The "stuff" has a name, it's called "fond" and you want that "fond" stuck to your pan because it is packed with incredible flavors. It's also easy to remove by adding a little liquid to the pan and using a wooden spoon to dissolve it. This is called deglazing and can be done with wine, brandy, fortified wines, stock, cider, fruit juices or most typically a combination of two. Just be careful if you use wine to remove the pan from the heat so the alcohol doesn't ignite and blow up in your face. I've spoken with chefs who have seen this happen.

The next steps are to continue to cook the liquid in the pan until it is reduced by half and finish by adding several pats of butter to thicken and enhance the flavor of the sauce. If you ever knew how much butter professional chefs use in restaurants to "enhance" flavor, you would be amazed. I sometimes think they make their dishes too rich because I get that uncomfortable "too full" feeling later on, but then again, it's so good while you're dining. Now those are just the basics.

To create more complexity to the sauce you'll want to add some aromatics like garlic or shallots for a subtle but additional layer of flavor. Then you might want to add some additional ingredients such as mushrooms, mustards, chutneys, herbs and/or spices to give even more complexity and flavor.

For more information on making classic and quick pan sauces at home including what kind of pan to use, how much deglazing liquid to use and two example recipes for the same sauce, one classic and the other quick go to


How to Lose Those Menacing Pounds

Here are some ways to help you drop pounds.

weight loss, beauty, health

Everyone wants to look great during the holidays. It’s the time they see their family and friends. For some people, that’s means to drop a few pounds. Many of us want to lose weight. The equation of losing weight is simple; take in fewer calories than you burn. But we all know it isn’t that easy. Our bodies aren’t math problems. We are very complex organisms. Each one of our bodies differs in some way. You can’t exactly pin point a diet to work for everyone, but here are some tips on helping you lose a few pounds. You can use these tips just for the basis of the holidays or you can use them all year around.

1. Put the kettle on

Green tea is a great way to lose weight. It also is very healthy for your body.

2. Drink water

Water is one of the main elements of your body. You need it. Drinking water helps regulate your body system. Besides being healthy, water makes you feel fuller. Everyday, you should drink half of your body weight in ounces. For example if you weigh 180 pounds, you should drink 90 ounces of water. Don’t try to drink this all at once; spread it throughout the day.

3. Stop drinking sodas

Sodas are no nos. Sodas dries your body out. “There are approximately nine packets of sugar and close to one hundred and fifty calories in one twelve-ounce can of soda or juice,” says Netty Levine, M.S., R.D., a registered dietitian at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. They just aren’t healthy.

4. Eat healthy

Start eating healthy. So many of us exercise and look over the simple fact that we do not eat healthy. Eating healthy can improve your look as well as your attitude. Some ways to eat healthy are to:

• Eat food rich in monosaturated fats

• Eat a fiber-based breakfast. Fiber helps you stay full longer.

• Place protein in your meals. Protein also makes you stay full longer

• Eat more vegetables. Vegetables balance your meal out. They also contain fewer calories as other foods.

• Keep track of calorie intake. Calories turn into fat.

• Throw the chips away. “Junk food” isn’t good for the body. They usually contain lots of saturated fat, which is not good unless it is polysaturated or monosaturated. Most of these foods are also high in sodium; this causes the body to become bloated.

• Eliminated red meat. Its not healthy.

• Eat soup, salad, and fruit. You just can’t go wrong with these types of food. They are low in calories and fat.

• Cut out fried foods. Fried foods taste good, but it isn’t the best for our bodies. The oil causes our bodies to become slightly sluggish. Over time it can even start to clog your arteries.

5. Enjoy your meals

So many of us rush. We have to make a deadline, so we rush. We have to run some errands, so we rush. Don’t rush your meal. If you rush your meal, you won’t feel hungry when you are done. You will eat more and more because you feel that you aren’t satisfied. Take the time to savor your food; you will fill full faster.

6. Stop dining out. COOK!

When cooking foods you can control your calorie intake. You also tend to eat more healthy food; your food tends to have less fats.

7. Do not eat late!

Most people are more active earlier in the day. Eating late, one tends to lie down, sit down, or even go to sleep. If one is not active after they eat then the calories from the food turns into fat.

8. Don’t try to starve yourself

Starving yourself is not healthy. All it does is break down your body. Most people should eat at least 1200 calories a day. When you starve yourself your body thinks that you are going through starvation periods. Because of this your metabolism is slowed to a crawl. Even if you lose weight, once you begin to eat once again you will gain it all back and more.

9. No emotional eating!

One of the worse things you can do is eat when you are emotional. We all are emotional at times. Eating when you are emotional might calm you down, but it also might place a tire around your waist or hips. Instead try using another outlet when you are emotional. Try running, aerobics, pilates, or yoga. If you don’t want to get physical during that time, try writing poems. If none of those works for you, there are many other things you can try. Listen to calming music, or just write your feelings down. Whatever you do; don’t pick up the dinnerware.


Exercise is one of the best ways to lose weight. Even though your weight won’t come off immediately, your weight will stay off if you keep a healthy routine. Many people see exercising as a rigorous activity; it doesn’t have to be one. Besides the aerobics, the sports, and the running, you can try yoga or pilates. You don’t even have to do that. You can use the stairs instead of an elevator. You can park your car at the back of a store lot.

You can even sign up for a dance class. You’ll get two in one; a fit body and some new dance moves. If you like to shop, go to the mall. You’ll walk a lot while carrying bags. Take a stroll after dinner. All of these are workouts that can help you drop some pounds.

11. Prioritize your workouts

Exercising doesn’t work unless you keep with it. Quitting exercising after two-weeks won’t help you.

12. Inches not pounds

Don’t worry if you step on the scale and you don’t look lighter. It’s not about the pounds; it’s about the inches. You should also keep in mind that muscle weighs more than fat.

13. Say no to negative

Have courage in losing weight. Thinking that you will never lose weight will only discourage you. You will never get anywhere with a bad attitude.

14. Hide the scale

Looking at the scale will make you feel that you haven’t loss anything. It also makes us rush our weight loss. Looking at the scales is a quick way to gain discouragement.

15. Avoid fad diets

Do not use fad diets. Fad diets will only cause you to lose weight temporarily. As soon as you decide you want to get off the diet, you will gain all the weight back. If you want long-term weight loss, stay away from the fad diets.

16. Don’t just think about it. Do it!

Thinking about what you are going to do to lose weight will not help you. You have to get up and do it. If you remain thinking about weight loss, it will remain at just that, a thought.


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