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How To Create Effective Team bonding At Your Events

When it comes to team work you will need it for most of your events. You will need to think about the teamwork first. You will have plenty of little details that must be completed, but can you put the most effect team together? When it comes to choosing people to be on a team, you have to pick them for a reason other than personal. You need to know that they are able to make decisions and get things done. They have to be goal oriented, however, you should also think about the way that they can come together and find easy and quick solutions to any of the problems that may pop up.

First, when bringing a team together, you need to get them to bond. The way to get a team to bond is to give them a simple task and then watch how they work with each other. Some people will bump heads quickly and then some will come together and really focus on the task at hand. You should make sure that you pair the team so that they will work to your advantage. You should make sure that each person has something to bring to the table. When it comes to activities that will build team spirit, you may want to think about letting the group divide itself. Partners tend to work better when they are placed with others whom they wish to be with. This however, can also be the devil in disguise. Not only can this work to your advantage, but you may eventually have to separate them because they distract each other from the task at hand.

However, to build team bonding you need to make sure that you allow the teams to have most or complete control over things. You will find that if you add some competition in with the mix which of the groups will perform better. You can do this by setting the group into two smaller groups with the same task and then see which team can pull it through. Then you can get some feed back and see if you have someone ruining your perfect team equation. When you find out that there is someone ruining your team, you can either pull them from the project or give them smaller and insignificant tasks to seem like they are helping.

If you need a team to improve on their teambuilding skills, you will need to set them aside and tell them out you feel. You can let out that you are disappointed. This way you can motivate them to put things in gear, but you may need to talk to the group members about why they are falling behind and try to find a solution. Sometimes you will find that your teams will be ineffective because of one person and that may be the time to let someone go. However, if it is crunch time you need to get everyone working together successfully.

For the process of planning the event, you need to delegate activities or roles within the groups and then keep an open door. With the open door you are able to find out what is the trouble, where the trouble is coming from, and how to take the right measures. When you are trying to keep a team going you have to act as manager and sometimes you need to be touch and sometimes sympathetic.

As for the activities that you do to help build good team work, you can get creative with them, but make sure that your tests or tasks is apart of the bigger plan. This way you can get things done and the others can learn about the importance of teamwork.


How to be the Most Memorable Person at Networking Events

Most of the people I hear from hate networking. They go only because they know they "should," but it's like pulling teeth for them. If you've experienced the usual clammy grip of fear when it's your time to introduce yourself, the following may help you feel more at home, make deeper, more lasting impressions, and attract voluntary referrals from many of the other attendees.

networking, referrals, business cards, memorable, introduce, introduction

Most of the people I hear from hate networking. They go only because they know they "should," but it's like pulling teeth for them.

If you've experienced the usual clammy grip of fear when it's your time to introduce yourself, the following may help you feel more at home, make deeper, more lasting impressions, and attract voluntary referrals from many of the other attendees.

First, if you want to take some of the pressure off, it can help to consider your first half-dozen events to be nothing but practice.

It helps even more if you go specifically to listen and get to know who's there, rather than to "sell" your own story. So take along your business cards, but dump your nice four-color 12-page brochures. There's a better way to make powerful impressions.

Here's an example that happened to me on Monday.

My wife does a lot of work for an NGO here in Japan that helps North Korean refugees, but I have little direct participation, other than running their English language website ( ).

This past Sunday, we flew over to Seoul for the three-day North Korean Holocaust Exhibition to be held at the Parliamentary building.

The event started with the usual speeches and ribbon-cutting. Then the main organizers all split off, doing individual interviews with journalists. The regular attendees wandered around viewing the exhibits. And those who were there to gather information or disseminate it began mingling, meeting and introducing themselves. In other words, this turned into a networking event.

I wasn't there to sell anything or to persuade anybody, so I wandered around looking for the people who appeared too intimidated or too shy to mingle. These are the folks who hang back by the wall, or who stand alone looking wistful.

I found two ladies who told me they were doing a paper on refugees, so I led them over to the two main activists (I had exchanged emails with the activists for a couple of years, but had only met them in person minutes earlier).

I walked up, tapped both of the leaders on the arm and said, "Excuse me, but you two need to talk with these ladies. They're doing research on your topic. I think they may be able to help you tell your story." Then I backed away and let them have at it.

Later, I met a German journalist who had just arrived in Seoul as the new correspondent for his publisher. I found out what kind of information he was looking for, then led him over to a lady -- one of the refugees who had managed to escape through China -- and introduced him.

Now, bear in mind, I didn't even know the lady, and neither he nor I spoke any Korean, but I took him over and we tried talking with her anyway. Sure enough, some people nearby stepped right up and offered to interpret. Again, I just backed away and let them work.

Later, these people came back to me, appreciative and wanting more information about our NGO and website.

When you concentrate on giving and on priming the pump, good stuff can flow. People WILL remember you if you go out of your way to spread THEIR name around. Boy will they remember you.


How to Maximize the Benefits of a Networking Event?

Everyone needs to network: entrepreneurs, small business owners, job seekers! But does everyone maximize the benefits of networking?

small business, marketing, business, New York,

Everyone needs to network: entrepreneurs, small business owners, job seekers!
But does everyone maximize the benefits of networking?
The purpose of networking is to build relationships so you will get leads from someone you know, or from someone who knows someone you know. When you attend a networking event the purpose is to meet business people from various industries to get exposure.

What networking is not?
Networking is not a numbers game; you need to focus on quality and not on quantity. Some people think that they had a successful event when they have collected 30, 40 or more business cards, but they are missing the real point. How many of these 30 or 40 people will you be able to follow-up? How many of these 30 or 40 will follow-up with you?
What is the purpose to collect a huge number of business cards that will end up in a shoe-box on one of your shelves?
Networking is not a place to sell. You have to be prepared to give your elevator pitch to introduce yourself, not give a sales pitch. If you attend an event expecting to find a client to close a sale right away, chances are you will be very disappointed. Furthermore the other attendees might not appreciate your attitude.

What networking is?
Networking is more than just shaking hands and collecting business cards.
It is about building relationships and being committed to help other business professionals.

It is about the quality of your contacts and not the amount of your contacts.

It is about consistency. The best is to belong to two or three groups, attend their events regularly, get to know the other members, and in exchange they will get to know you and trust you. When you see the same people over and over you develop a strong and relationship with them. The benefit of building relationships with a committed group of people will result in new leads for your business.

It is about patience. The benefit will not appear overnight, and this is why you need to follow up with your contacts. Networking is like dating, one meeting is not enough to know someone. It will probably take some time, some meetings, some lunches or some drinks before you really start doing business together.

Here are some tips on how to maximize the benefits of a networking event.
• Be prepared when you attend a networking event. Know your goals. Are you looking for leads, partners, new clients, services?

* Bring your business cards and a pen to take notes on the back of the cards you receive.

* Have an effective 15 to 30 second elevator pitch. Learn how to sell yourself before your services or products. People want to hear about you first and when they know you and trust you, they will buy your services or refer you to someone else.

* Have a brochure and/or a web site. Some people will probably want to hear more about your business later, so give them the opportunity to get the information they are looking for.

* Meet people, ask about their business or services. Be curious and ask about them. people love to speak about themselves, so ask questions and listen to their answers.

* Be a problem solver. people will be more interested in you if you tell them how you can solve their problem instead of just hearing your story.

* Go to people; don’t wait for them to come to you. Some people are very shy, they will be very happy if you make the first move.

* Go to events with a friend, a colleague, a client, and introduce people to each other.

* Send a thank you note or email to your new contacts. Thank them for their time and reintroduce yourself in a few lines. They met lots of people during the event and your business card doesn’t say everything about you. So it is good to reinforce your introduction.

* Give them the link to your web site. Tell them about your newsletter, if you have one. This is the best way to stay in touch on a regular basis.

* Schedule follow-up meetings with the people you had a good connection with, or if you think that you can help each other.

* Do it again and again. You will see that networking can expand your contacts, which will definitely help grow your business.

(c) 2006 Biba F. Pédron


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