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How to Get Rid of Ants Using a Least Toxic Approach: Part One

How to Get Rid of Ants Using a Least Toxic Approach: Part One

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Ant season is on the horizon.

As the ground warms up in the spring, ants who have been dormant in the earth during the colder weather warm up and come to the surface. Queen ants fly off to find new nesting areas…and before you know it, ants are back in our world.

While ants play an important roll in the ecosystem, it is no picnic when they become pests in our world.

But all too often, when people have a pest problem they run to the store and buy a can of toxic pesticide, come home and spray the pest.

Whoa! Let’s step back and take a look at handling ant problems using a least toxic approach.

Perhaps I should first define “least toxic approach.” This term means you try to solve the insect problem with the least toxic material. If that doesn’t work, then you try something a little toxic but not as toxic as poison. You keep trying to solve the insect problem using progressively more toxic substances until you find something that works. Using this approach, the solution to your insect problem can range from doing nothing to spraying toxic insect killer, if that is the only thing that works.

Why should you bother with a least toxic approach? For one thing, studies are beginning to reveal the serious side effects of the overuse of toxic pesticides in our environment.

Did you know that evidence suggests a risk for some types of cancer and even genetic damage from exposure to pesticides?
And perhaps worst of all, children are especially at risk.

Why wait until science finally makes a direct link to damaged genes and pesticides? By that time, the damage could already be done to your genes and those of your children.

You can help protect yourself, your children and our planet by doing your part to be a good steward of our environment right now. One way to do that is to adapt a least toxic approach to pest problems…and that’s what our article series on getting rid of ants is all about.


How to Cleanse and Maintain your Colon

Discover the benefits of having a healthy colon. This article covers the purpose of the Colon and what can be done to cleanse and maintain a healthy digestive system.


Before we talk about the benefits of a Clean Colon, we first need to properly define what the Colon is and what it does. Understanding the role of the Colon is extremely important as it will certainly help you to decide what approach you will take to cleanse your colon of undesirable toxic build-ups.

The Colon, an Overview
In simple terms, the Colon is a part of the intestines, and is often referred to as the Large Intestine or Large Bowel. It measures approximately 1.5 meters in length, and apart from playing a major role in the digestive process in humans, it’s main functions include: storing waste, reclaiming water from partially digested foods, maintaining the water balance in the body, and absorbing some vitamins, such as vitamin K.

The Colon plays out the last major step in the digestive process – the step that delivers fecal matter to the rectum which is responsible for defecation. During this step, it unfortunately becomes a repository for built-up ‘compacted’ fecal matter which can contain many undesirable toxins. Most people have anywhere between 5lbs to 40lbs of fecal matter in their colon at any given point of time. Of this, much could possibly be undesirable compacted matter, and according to many studies around the world, if it is not flushed out, it can lead to chronic symptoms of constipation and some believe even bowel cancer can be contributable to such a build-up.

The Solution : Colon Cleanse
A colon cleanse is simply the act of cleaning the colon of built-up fecal matter. There are many ways to flush the Colon of the unwanted compacted fecal matter. Some are very basic, some require extremely intrusive and uncomfortable measures, and some require the consumption of various plant or mineral remedies. The different remedies can be narrowed into 5 categories:

Change in Diet
A simple change in your dietary habits can assist in flushing the colon and maintaining regularity. Consuming large quantities of fresh fruit and steamed vegetables, as well as fiber-rich cereal and brans significantly help the colon to function correctly. This can help to flush out 'some' of the compacted matter, but usually requires the assistance of one or more of the following other remedies..

Colon Hydrotherapy and Enemas
Both of these techniques require the insertion of an apparatus into the anus and water being forced into the colon to help dissolve some of the fecal matter in the lower end of the colon. Colon Hydrotherapy differs in that is uses more water than an Enema and should always be administered by a professional healthcare worker. There are some DIY Enema kits available, but truth be known, both are uncomfortable, intrusive and can be very embarrassing.

Herbal Remedies
The majority of Herbal Remedies use herbs such as psyllium husk to act like a sponge as it works it's way through the bowel. The husk swells when it comes into contact with water and typically results in an emptying of the bowel, but there is no substantial evidence to support that it effectively dissolves any of the compacted matter resting in the colon.

Laxatives are a temporary measure for constipation (they are not a true colon cleanser) and have been said to have many side-effects. A laxative simply clears the bowel, and like herbal remedies, the laxative does nothing to cleanse or dissolve the compacted matter.

Oxygen Based Cleansers
Oxygen-based colon cleansers are arguably the only way to properly melt away that compacted matter is through an oxidation reduction reaction. They typically use specialized ozonated magnesium oxides to reduce the solid toxic mass into a liquid or gas form. It works in the whole system, not just the large intestine as the other forms of constipation treatments. It cleans the entire intestinal tract and delivers much needed oxygen along the way--all without the side effects of laxatives and discomfort of enemas and hydrotherapy.

No matter which method you use to clean your colon, you should definitely take a look at your dietary habits. Changing your diet is the simplest way to ensure correct functionality of the Colon. It can also help to reduce the frequency of needing to flush it of undesirable compacted focal matter in the future.


How To Take Care Of Your Ant Farm

One of the hobbies that are fast catching up the attention of many American's is Ant Farming. An Ant farm is typically a man made artificial ant colonies used as a habitat for ants. Ants, these small insects with their well organized social world and divisions of labor has always fascinated most of us and have drawn more attention in the recent times.

The development of an ant farm depends on the choice of the person intending to build them but at the end of it becomes qui...

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One of the hobbies that are fast catching up the attention of many American's is Ant Farming. An Ant farm is typically a man made artificial ant colonies used as a habitat for ants. Ants, these small insects with their well organized social world and divisions of labor has always fascinated most of us and have drawn more attention in the recent times.

The development of an ant farm depends on the choice of the person intending to build them but at the end of it becomes quite a learning experience that stimulates our mind. In most of the cases, ant farms are built as a hobby by fascinated individuals and children or and in the other cases are built for the purpose of research. Whatever the purpose of building an ant farm is, it truly offers exciting disclosures into the captivating and complex life of ants.

The development of ant farms is taking place in many households. Most of the ant farms can be lidded or lidless and come in a variety of sizes and shapes. The design of most of the ant farms involves the use of glass on the sides and top for visibility. While considering these farms as a hobby, it is advisable to be cautious regarding the variety of ant's one uses for colonies.

If you are starting your farm, it is better to avoid the potentially precarious types like harvesting ants and fire ants. These kind of ants can create chaos if handled improperly. Now the question is from where to gather the material and most important, the ants. Some of you might consider collecting the ants from under dried logs or if this seems futile the ants can be ordered.

If you are still insisting on collection your own ants, the simplest way to attract them is to drop some sweet syrup and wait for them to turn up. For a good collection you will need one or more queen and broods apart from workers. This way, your farm can keep bustling with activity for a longer period of time.

But while you opt for collecting your own ants, it seems far more difficult to collect a queen and broods unless they are ordered.

Moving on to the design of the galls farm, you should use sand or composite depending upon the color of ants used. This will definitely help in easy viewing of the ants. Before you start deporting them into their new habitat, make sure that you have dampened the sand so that they can make tunnels.

Now, once they are set up in their new home, you can feed them with food particles, sweet sugary syrup like maple or honey and dead insects. Ants cannot starve to death without food, however, water, is vital for their survival. The general advice is to keep the ant farm moist and away from direct sunlight.

To make sure that they always have water available you can use a cylindrical tube filled with water and sealed with cotton on the top. This ensures that water doesn't leak and flood their colony. It is better to seal the farm, to prevent the ants from leaving it. In such case, the lid should be removed everyday for a short duration to allow for air.


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