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How To Troubleshoot Your Computer's Mouse

Read about problems that your mouse may cause.See how you can correct such common mouse problems as no mouse movement,and mouse pointer misbehaving.See how to follows precedures used to correct such mouse problems

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Copyright 2006 Otis Cooper

The Motherboard is the largest component in your PC and the Central Processing Unit is its brain. But when your input devices go on the blink, you're shut down for awhile. When Computer Mice problems come, we don't panic as fast when we cannot access our hard drive.

When you grab your Mouse and either click or roll the buttons and nothing happens, your computing fun stops. Even though the mouse is a little input device, you will wish you understood its every aspect when it dies.

When input device failure occurs, the problem may lie with the computer's hardware,the mouse, the OS or Operating System. Let's take a look at what you should check when mouse failure occurs. If you need help with mouse components, contains photos of every component in the computer.

When the mouse dies, you should be able to perform the same functions with the keyboard. It may be a little closer but you won't be shut down completely.


First...If the mouse has no movement, first look at the mouse connection at the rear of the computer.Be sure it is plugged in completely.

Second...remove the plug and inspect for connectors or pins that may be broken or bent. The connector is color coded with green being that of the mouse.

If your mouse uses the USB or Universal Serial Bus connector, check the connectors for any damage and be sure it is plugged in.


Should your mouse quit in the middle of computing, save your work immediately. Press the ALT key to access your program and save your work.

Check the connection in the rear to be sure it has not worked itself loose.If the connection is tight, inspect the mouse components for birt.

Remove the retain and trackball inside the mouse. Clean the Ball with a mild solution and be sure all residence is removed.And clean the Ball Cavity with a cotton swab. Replace the ball and secure it with the retainer.

Connect the mouse to the system unit and boot the the computer. Try clicking a program to see if the mouse wotks. If the mouse fails, check the device driver for the mouse.


This problem may be the result of your computer be affected by a virus. Use your Anti Virus software to scan your sysem for viruses.

You can go to to download a free version of anti virus software if you don't have anti virus software installed on your system.

A corrupt device driver can also cause the mouse to misbehave. Check the device driver by opening the Control Panel, and open the System folder.

Select the device driver tab and use the down arrow key to scroll down to the mouse.Expand the mouse to see if the driver is installed.

If you see a yellow icon, the mouse has a problem and you can try to re-install the device driver.First uninstall the mouse from Windows and reboot the PC.

After the system reboots, the operating system will find the mouse and re-install the driver.If you have a wireless or USB mouse, re-installing the special software may be in order.

A misbehaving mouse may occur when you install another device on your system.If this happens, the mouse and new device may be conflicting with each other by using the same address.

Unplug any hardware you installed and uninstall any software recently installed. See if the mouse operates properly.

Use the System Restore utility to set your computer back to a time when the mouse was working as it should. The Registry can be the culprit of the mouse behaving badly.

You can connect your mouse to another computer to verify it is bad. If the mouse works on another system, check the problems mentioned in the PC's operating system.


To keep the mouse performing at its very best,you should take the time to clean the components of your mouse.Regularly clean the mouse, both inside and out.

Clean the outside of the mouse with rubbing alcohol. This solution is best since it does not leave any residue.Take the time to clean a small area first, to to certain any damage to the plastic will not occur.

The components inside the mouse to be cleaned are the Rollers, as well as the Ball.These two parts are the most important to be kept clean and always take great care in doing so.

Carefully take apart the mouse by turning the retaining ring counter clockwise to unlock it. Remove the Ball and clean it with warm water and not alcohol.

The rollers inside the moise cavity can be cleaned with alcohol by dampening a Q Tip and wiping the rollers gently.

With clean hands, insert the ball back in the mouse and replace the retaining ring. Now enjoy your mouse and should it cause any problems, you're armed with the knowledge of how to diagnose and repair most problems


How To Troubleshoot Your Computer's Video Display

Learn the cause and solutions to solving such pc display display problems as a blank monitor.See how to identify your video card and the problems that it may cause.Read simple checks you can take to resolve video display problems fast.

pc repair, computer training software, computer training, computer maintenance,pc tips,pc help,computers, pc training courses

Copyright 2006 Otis Cooper

Troubleshoot Video Cards

When you have problems with your video display,it can be something as simple as having the brightness turned down to a bad controller on the motherboard.If you have not done,first learn to identify the components of the video display system.

When you look inside any open computer,see if you can locate the Video Card.Is your video card mounted in an adapter slot or is it integrated onto the motherboard.If the card is motherboard integrated,locate the jumpers that will allow the card to be disabled should you need to install another card.

The Monitor is the second component in the video display and it must be compatible with your video card.Be sure the maximumn resolution of your video card and monitor are the same.Its even better to your a higher resolution display on your monitor.

Go to to see a video card in an adapter slot and one that is motherboard mounted. Follow these procedures to correct any type of video display malfunction.


As we first mentioned,chack the brightness and contrast buttons on the monitor to be sure they are not turned down. Yea,we know.This sounds a little silly to think this could be overlokked,but believe me,it really does.

And while we're talking about simple checks,be sure the monitor is receiving power.If the power indicator light is out,remove the power cable and look for any bent or broken pins or connectors.

Try to reboot the computer one or two times to be sure the system did not just lock up.If nothing happens,replace the cable with a known good cable to prove that the wall outlet or surge protector has power.

If the monitor has power but nothing is on the screen, check the data cable going into the rear of the computer. Be sure the cable is secure.If it is,Turn the power off to the system unit,remove the cable and look for broken, loose,or bent pins.

Finally,if you're blessed enough to have two computers, exchange the monitor with a good monitor to see if it works.Replace the old monitor if the new monitor works. If the new monitor fail as well,remove the system cover to inspect the Video Card.


When the Monitor is known to be good but its screen is still blank,the Video Card is the most likely culprit.First inspect the card to be sure it is fullly seated in its slot if it is adapter slot mounted.

Check the jumpers of any motherboard mounted card to be sure a jumper has not been lost or loose.If you have been inside your system,its always a possibility to have moved the card.


If your monitor works but the images appear fuzzy,or flickering often,and the text are hard to read,it may be time to adjust the video card's resolution and the refresh rate.

Right click the desktop,select properties and open the display properties dialog box.Choose the tab for settings and adjust the slider to change your display resolution.Most 17-inch monitors will have a resolution of 800 x 600 but choose the best resolution for your eyes.

After adjusting the resolution,check the display to see if all flickering and other problems have vanished. If not,optimize the refresh rate.The refresh rate is the rate in which the video card redraws the screen.Lower refresh rates sometimes cause flickering.

To adjust this rate,open the display properties dialog box in the desktop, and choose the settings tab once again.Click the advanced button and choose the adapter tab if your operating system is Windows 98.

If you have Windows XP,choose the Monitor tab.And from there you can set the refresh rate to about 70Hz or 70 Hertz.Check your monitor's manual or web site to see the maximum refresh rate for your monitor.

To effectively maintain your video display,visit the supporting web sites for updated software patches and device drivers.Watch for new control software for your card that will greatly boost its performance.

Take the time to clean the system unit case which will allow air to flow freely.This in turn will help keep the video components cool which will allow the card the perform smoothly.

Rush over to and study the video components.Then open your PC ,locate the video card,and know if it is motherboard mounted or not.To learn much more in great detail, get the PC Super Pack with detailed video all about the video display system.


Your Checklist On How To Revive A Dead Computer

Want to know what to do when your computer won't do anything.Learn what is required to get your computer going when it seems lifeless.Step by Step procedures should get your computer running fast.

computer pc repair software hardware computer upgrade computer maintenance pc tips

Its not something we like to think about but your computer will fail, if you keep it long enough.It may be a simple problem,such as the floppy drive not reading the disk to a major system crash.

Because computers are run by operators,User Error is the most common cause of computer malfunction.When the user is at the computer,he or she may add or delete certain files.Or he/she may remove or exchange certain hardware features.

When we look at user error,we must remember that since we're human,the user error may be easy to solve by simply asking the last user if he/she installed any software,re-configured any software or hardware settings,etc.

A large percentage of computer malfunctions are due to environmental factors such as power surges caused by lightning, resulting in overvoltage.

Another cause for failure may be room temperature being too high or low,as well as dust,dirt,or sunlight.If you're in business and heavily dependent on your computers,such fators as room temperature,sunlight and protection against power surges is of the utmost importance and simply cannot be overlooked.

The most common pc problem is when you can't access your PC at all.When you turn on the power switch,NOTHING HAPPENS.

Here is a quick checklist of troublshooting procedures you should follow if you encounter this problem .There videos you can download from the Internet should you need assistance in just how to perform these procedures:

Try the Power Switch a second or third time.If nothing happens..

Check the wall outlet for power.If the outlet has power. Check the power cord itself from wall to computer.

Check the Power Supply inside the System Unit.

Replace the Power Supply rather than trying to repair it.

If the system make those click noises,but the screen is blank, check the Monitor.

If the monitor proves to be good,check the Video Card,even in a new system.

Another big headache you will most likely encounter if you're a regular user of your computer system,is the fact that Windows will fail to load or the system's POST will fail to run.Download the file below to learn much more about the Power On Self Test.Don't forget those preventive maintenance procedures that can be done often to keep your PC running at peek performance.

Running such Windows ultilities as Scandisk,Disk Defragment,and Disk Cleanup will help your computer performing at its best.Using a can of compressed air removes dust that could build to the point of causing a short.

If you get the computer to boot but it does not want to read from the hard drive'the Master Boot Record on the hard drive may be corrupted or even missing.To verify that the master boot record has not been damaged...

Boot from the floppy disk that contains the FDISK program and type the command " fdisk mbr " to restore the master boot record onto your hard drive.


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