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How to Upload Photos that will Create Interest

So, you've got a great profile but, so far, no one seems interested. You've tried everything: enticing headlines, fun information about yourself, everything...except a photo.

sexually, sexual, Photos

So, you've got a great profile but, so far, no one seems interested. You've tried everything: enticing headlines, fun information about yourself, everything...except a photo. Did you know that members with profile pictures are 7 times more likely to receive a message? A picture really is worth a thousand words.

Let's begin: there are two ways to upload the picture.

If you know the name of your photo, you can simply type it in the box.
If you don't know the name, however, don't despair.
Click Browse? and search through your files until you find what you want.
Click Open? and that should send the photo to your management site.
Now, click Upload?. Your picture should, successfully, be on your profile.

There is much more to this, however, than simply loading the picture. Here are some universally helpful hints that'll help you decide which photo you should use:

If it's a profile picture, make sure it clearly shows your face. A blurry photo or one that only shows you in the background is not effective”showcase yourself!
If you want to send a specific message about yourself, then chose a picture that matches that message. For example, if you say you are a funny individual but then select a photo of you frowning, it sends mixed messages--this can turn potential suitors away.
Don't get lost in the crowd; never use photos with a large number of people in them. This can confuse anyone looking at your profile. Try to find pictures that only display you or, at most, a very small group of people that you can easily be seen in.
Rotate your photos every few weeks; this will not only keep your profile interesting but you can also garner attention from people who had overlooked you before.
Use recent photos. A picture of you from college is fine....but only if you're still that age.
Most importantly, smile!

Now, once you've selected that perfect picture, you might need to scan it. Here are a few tips that can help this process run smoothly:

When scanning your image, make sure you do a preview scan first. This will help the scanner locate the image and ensure you only copy the picture - not the entire scanner bed.
Photocopies often do not scan very well. If you have a scanner, it is best to scan the original image to achieve best quality.
You might want to consider, once the image is on your computer, using the Cropping Tool. Cropping is an excellent way to remove unnecessary and distracting elements from your picture.

After you have selected and scanned a photo, you can upload it onto your profile; however, there are certain guidelines to be remembered before you post a picture. They are as follows:

The picture must be of you; do not try to pass a friend, family member, celebrity, etc off as yourself.
The picture cannot contain any contact information; this can be potentially dangerous. Do not include phone numbers, addresses, etc.
Do not include sexually graphic pictures; this rule covers touching yourself or others in a sexual way (this includes masturbation), sexual intercourse or the use of bodily fluids.
Your picture can be rejected if it is copyrighted, unless you have permission from the original artist.
Your picture can also be rejected if it is deemed to be offensive, obscene, or violent.

The photo can, ultimately, be the most important part of your profile; chose it wisely and see the reactions it gets!


Why You Should Order a Photo Blanket and How to Do It

Have you ever seen a photo blanket before? Better yet, have you ever heard of a photo blanket before? If you have never seen or heard of a photo blanket before then you are missing out on something amazing. Photo blankets are the new way to create and preserve memories for years to come.

photo, blankets

Have you ever seen a photo blanket before? Better yet, have you ever heard of a photo blanket before? If you have never seen or heard of a photo blanket before then you are missing out on something amazing. Photo blankets are the new way to create and preserve memories for years to come.

A photo blanket is a blanket with a black and white or color photograph constructed onto it. There are many individuals who automatically love the concept of combining a photo and blanket together; however, others do not. If you are one of those individuals it is likely that you are wondering why you would need a photo blanket. The reason is simple because it could add a personalized touch to your home.

Making a photo blanket is not as easy as it is to make a photo t-shirt. There is a lot more design and skill that must go into developing a photo blanket. Because a photo cannot simply be ironed onto a blanket it is often difficult or impossible for an average individual to do without the proper training. For this reason many photo blankets are purchased from a company or an individual who makes them for a profit. The easiest way to find an individual or company who specializes in making photo blankets is by using the internet. Simply by keying the words photo blanket into a search engine you should be provided with a list of photo blanket makers.

While the internet has made it easier to find blanket makers they have also made it easier for low-quality products to be purchased. When trying to select an individual or company to design your photo blanket you will want to make sure that you know who you are dealing with. A company website should offer any relevant training or experience and it should definitely show photographs of completed blankets. If you purchase a photo blanket from an individual or a company who does not provide samples or important information you are putting yourself at risk for being scammed into paying a large amount of money for a low-quality product.

The amount of time it will take for your photo blanket to be completed will all depend on the individual who is making it. If you need a photo blanket for specific time or event you are encouraged to place your order well in advance. Once the completed product is received you can do whatever you want with it. Whether you choose to cuddle with your blanket or put it away for safe keeping you will likely be pleased that you made the purchase.


How to create a self running slideshow

Using the free Inzomia image viewer you can create a stand alone slideshow program with your images. This article gives basic step by step instructions to have you self running slideshow ready and running in a couple of minues.

slideshow, image viewer, image viewer

If you want to share a few photos with friends and family creating a self running slideshow can be a fun and different way to do it. I will show you step by step how you can create a self running full-screen slideshow that does not require any installation and that does not infect your computer with strange add-ware or other unwanted software.

Selecting photos
First of all you need a couple of images to use for your slideshow. Use your favourite image program and make a copy of your selected image. Photos taken with a normal digital camera are larger than what can be displayed on a normal computer screen. Having larger images does nothing for the quality it only make the files larger and they take a longer time to load. Resize your images to 1024x768 which is what most people has set as resolution for their desktop. If you want to make a slideshow from a movie you can download Fast video indexer, and use it to capture movie frames.

Building the slideshow.
When you have selected the images start Inzomia image viewer and add the images to the empty playlist. You can reorder images in the playlist by dragging. The slideshow will display the images in the playlist order.

Next, open the preferences on go to the slideshow tab do set how many seconds each image should be displayed. On the transitions tab you can select if the slideshow should have transitions and you can alter the transition type. If you check the “show transitions in navigation” you can try the settings by clicking on different images in the playlist.

When you have completed you settings click on the Save button. From the file format dropdown list select “Self running exe slideshow”, select a filename for your slideshow and click Save. You will be prompted with a dialog asking if you want a help dialog displayed before the slideshow starts, click “yes” and you are ready.

Running your slideshow
Now close Inzomia image viewer, if the program is running the slideshow will not start. Find the exe slideshow on your computer and double click it to run the program. When you want to share the slideshow with friends the best is if you have a web server where you can upload the program or if you pack the exe file in a zip file. Many mailservers and firewalls do not allow exe files as attachments. This is to prevent users to accidentally install harmful software on their computer. The slideshow you created with Inzomia image viewer does not contain any addware or other harmful code.

Creating a self running exe slideshow with Inzomia image viewer is so simply anyone can do it. Sharing you photo as a slideshow is fun and different and the one you give the slideshow does not have to have the program installed.


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