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How To Become a Mortgage Broker

The Mortgage Industry accounted for $18 Billion in loans last year. As a mortgage broker you can expect to take your cut out of that very large pie. And the best part is, you can get into this profession with almost no education or formal training. No other profession is so easy to get into yet offers such a high-end, six-figure earning potential.

how to become a mortgage broker

The mortgage industry accounted for $1,815,949,279,000 in loan transactions in 2004. That's one trillion, eight hundred and fifteen billion, nine hundred and forty-nine million, two hundred and seventy nine thousand one year!

Mortgage brokers average better than 1% commission on every a conservative estimate is $18,159,492,790 to the mortgage industry in commissions last year. Eighteen billion is a lot of money to go around.

Consider a profession that doesn't require any formal schooling yet offers a six-figure plus income potential to any broker who wants it.

Here's how the business works...

A mortgage broker acts as the middle man between a borrower and a lender. The broker bridges the communication gap between the technical requirements of the lender and the non-technical demand of the borrower. And here's the best brokers get a cut of every loan they close.

The upside for this profession is nearly unlimited. Once you've reached a high monthly income level from your mortgage commissions you can move into other areas of the business and make huge amounts of money.

Buying second mortgages, funding choice loans yourself and buying real estate investment properties are just a few examples of the opportunities for expansion that are available to successful mortgage brokers.

If you're ambitious and want to become truely wealthy this industry will afford you every opportunity to do so.

The mortgage industry does, however, require that you master three important skills before it will reward you with success.

You have to be able to sell.

This is ultimately a personal business. You will be dealing with people every day. Knowing how to relate to all kinds of people to make sure they are comfortable during an unfamiliar and very important process is vital. Sales skills are essential to your success as a mortgage broker.

Prior sales experience is helpful but not necessary. Regardless of your sales skill level you should commit to continuously learning everything you can about sales.

You have to understand loan processing.

Processing a loan is an exercise in navigating a bureaucracy. It takes patience and a different mindset than you need when you deal with your clients. Put in the effort to make the personal relationships with decision makers at your favorite will pay off in concrete, financially measurable, ways.

The best way to establish yourself as a professional is thorough expert knowledge. Study the loan process from front to back and really learn the in's and out's of funding a loan. It will give you insight and perspective on the business that will enable you to offer better service, faster closings and a smoother process to your clients.

You have to use effective marketing.

Without effective marketing you won't have any prospects to sell to. It's the marketing that brings in prospects. Your mortgage business, indeed...all businesses, depend on it for their very survival.

But marketing can do much more for you than help you survive. If done carefully, methodically and scientifically, marketing can propel your mortgage business to levels of financial success you never dared imagine.

Effective marketing can build a mortgage business into a cash cow...sales and loan processing can't. The greatest success in the mortgage business can be had the quickest by mastering the art and science of mortgage marketing.

This is a great industry. It offers all the opportunity you could ever want. True wealth awaits those who apply proven methods to their mortgage business.


How To Become A Mortgage Broker And Still Remain Sane

The process of how to become a mortgage broker is not necessarily a difficult one; however, many people get discouraged along the way because they are not aware of the shortcuts that are available to them. If you want to know how to become a mortgage broker and not lose your mind, here are a few simple steps to help guide you along the way.

First of all, you should be aware of the basic process of how to become a mortgage broker. There are certain licensing requirements se...

Mortgage Broker , real estate, careers

The process of how to become a mortgage broker is not necessarily a difficult one; however, many people get discouraged along the way because they are not aware of the shortcuts that are available to them. If you want to know how to become a mortgage broker and not lose your mind, here are a few simple steps to help guide you along the way.

First of all, you should be aware of the basic process of how to become a mortgage broker. There are certain licensing requirements set forth by the state which require you to pass an exam. Many states also have requirements regarding criminal history that exclude felons and people that have been convicted of crimes of moral turpitude. If you do not have a criminal record, or at least one that prohibits your licensing, and you can pass the exam, you can be a mortgage broker. Where do people get discouraged? During the exam process, it is easy to second guess yourself and your abilities, as the test is not exactly easy.

The biggest mistake people make in trying to become mortgage brokers is studying for and taking the exam on their own. While you may not be able to have someone in there to help with the exam, you can certainly get help in preparing for it. There are several training courses and study classes you can take that will cover the material on the test, answer any questions you have, and provide sample tests. These study courses are invaluable when it comes to preparing for and passing the test.

Another consideration to make is the knowledge and encouragement you can obtain from a mentor. In the same manner that knowing what is on the test can help you pass, knowing what awaits you on the road to being a mortgage broker can help you succeed. There is no reason to travel alone when someone is available to show the way.

On the other hand, you can always do it the hard way. You can order books that are hard to read and seem to complicate things; you can decide to figure things out for yourself and not ask for help when you need it; and you can choose to get discouraged and quit. It is a lot more difficult to be successful when you do things the hard way. However, now that you know the easy way, doesn’t it look more inviting?


How to structure your mortgage note for resale to an Investor

This article discusses the many variables are included in structuring a residential mortgage note for re-sale. Pleas note: this is just a guide. If you have any questions about the mortgage laws in your state please consult a licensed mortgage broker or an attorney in your state.

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I have come across many note sellers that ignore the advice of being prepared. Properly structuring a note for resale can be the difference between selling the note fast and with little friction as opposed to selling yourself short or worse, not selling the note at all. In order to properly structure a mortgage note for resale is as follows:

1) Get the biggest down payment possible. 25% is the Note Buyer's ideal amount in a perfect world although, you can definitely get away with 15% - 20% if need be. Anything under 15% equity becomes very risky for a Note Investor. In the case of a down payment under 14% equity, you will have a very tough time getting a high bid on that note. Anything under 10% down, will unlikely sell at all.

2) Make sure you (the seller), pull credit on the potential borrower. 600 FICO score - 700 FICO score would be ideal. Remember; the worse the credit score is, the bigger the down payment you should require! Make sure you keep a copy of the credit report so you may present to the mortgage note investor underwriting the transaction. As far as credit scores, 650 or higher is considered great to excellent credit. 610-649 is good, 609-590 is fair 589-500 is poor and below 500 - don't even bother. Also try to gather D.T.I. or Debt to Income information from the borrower as well. How much money she/he has coming in per month verses what dollar amount is going out per month. A standard credit report will show you what the borrowers monthly bills are. All you need to do after that is get an accurate dollar amount of what the borrower truly makes after taxes. This way there will be no surprises for you or the Note Investor and this will insure you the highest bids out there! 45% is the max D.T.I. ratio you should allow. This means, if the borrower's income is $5,000.00 per month, 45% DTI ratio would be $2,250.00 (5,000 x 0.45 = 2,250.00) in debt per month. The borrower only owes 45% of what they make to monthly debt.

3) It helps tremendously if the seller orders and completes an appraisal before submitting the note to a Note Buyer. The reason being, presenting an exact legal appraisal to a Note Investor allows for a more accurate bid, thus a hassle free transaction. This way when the note is underwritten, there will be no surprises on the collateral property whatsoever. This step is not necessary although, by doing this your are drastically increasing your chances of a very smooth note sale.

4) Include a high interest rate with the shortest term possible. Meaning, be sure that your borrower can afford the payments at the shortest term she/he can legitimately agree to.

5) Try to keep the loan under a 10-15 year payback date. Anything over 12 years usually takes a much steeper discount then say a 10 balloon. The Note Investor generally likes to be out of an investment in 5-10 years. Ideally, if your borrower situation permits, 5-10 is the first choice.

6) Include a prepayment penalty based on your states regulations and laws.

Please keep in mind; the above information is just a guide. If you have any legal questions about mortgage origination laws in your state, please consult a licensed mortgage broker/banker (in your state) or an attorney. Always be prepared!

Knowing this info before hand is the difference between a smooth transaction and a complete nightmare! Good Luck!


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