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 How to Properly Plan for Successful Weight Loss

Before taking actions in any problem we encounter, there should always be a plan first. Here are the four key elements you will for making your weight loss plan a success.

weight loss

Before taking actions in any problem we encounter, there should always be a plan first. That is, if we want to come up with positive results. You wouldn’t want to enter a battle without preparing how to defeat the enemy, would you? Attempting a task without planning is like building a house without a blueprint or playing against a basketball team without planed plays with your teammates. How could you expect a good outcome?

Weight loss is not at all different from the above mentioned plan-necessary situations. It also involves taking actions in proper ways that need to be perfectly planned in order to bring satisfying results. Here are the four key elements you will for making your weight loss plan a success.

Setting a Goal:

Okay, so your weight is somewhere around 20% above the considered normal for your height. You tend to eat more than 5 regular meals a day. You’re certain that you’re obese or at least overweight. Now, the question is, where do you want your weight to be?
Setting a goal is the first step in planning for weightn loss. Know what you want to accomplish. This way, the road you are taking is clear. You can keep track of your journey and whether or not you are going along in the right direction. With a goal in mind, you are always motivated to finish a task, or in some cases, to start doing it.

Be Definite:

Setting a specific goal when planning for weight loss improves your chances of success. You just need to be clear and definite with what you want to happen. Vague aims such as ‘I’d like to be healthier’ or ‘I need to lose a few pounds’ tend to produce half-hearted efforts and poor results. Instead, state your goal distinctly: ‘I want to lose 1 to 2 pounds this week and every week’ or ‘I want to trim my waist line from 40” down to 38” by the end of the month’. If you need to, write it down and put it where you will always see and read it. This way, you’ll always be reminded of what you want and need to accomplish by the end of the month, the week or even the day.

Be Realistic:

In establishing a definite weight loss goal, make sure that it is possible to accomplish first. How can a goal like ‘I’ll lose 15 lbs. in just a week’ happen if all of the evidence presented by research suggests that you should only burn 1 to 2 lbs in a week? Goals need to be sensible so that they are within reason to be able to obtain. What happens when you set a goal and don’t reach it no matter how hard you tried because it wasn’t really achievable? You will only get depressed and disappointed which are two of the psychological causes of obesity. And the problem just becomes a vicious cycle with no end to it.


After carefully defining a goal of what you want to achieve with your weight loss efforts and keeping it in mind, the next step is planning on how to accomplish it. Planning involves proper scheduling of activities to be done throughout the whole day for a certain period of time including exercises, meals, sleeping and waking. It comprises of the time these activities should be done, the duration and in the case of eating meals, the food to be consumed and what amounts. This way, inappropriate spur-of-the-moments decisions can be avoided.

A proper and effective weight loss plan consists of quality time for performing such activities. That is, allow enough time to meet the objectives correctly. For example, sleep should be scheduled to last for around 7 to 8 hours a day so that you’ll be able to get enough rest. Lack of sleep may cause improper eating habits the next day.Again, plans should be relatively realistic. Include only time and activities you know for yourself you can accomplish for a given period of time.

Also, as you finish preparing your weight loss plan, you might want to write it down since you can’t always remember when you’re supposed to do each part of the plan. Post it in a place where you can always see and read it to remind you what your plans are for the day. Try your best not to skip anything in your scheduled plan so as not to ruin the effectivness of it.


How to Assess Your Weight Loss Diet and Exercise Routine

Before you make any big life-changing decision, you will likely assess yourself and the situation. This means that you evaluate your abilities, your desires, and what’s best for you. This should also apply before you begin a weight loss program.

weight loss,lose weight,exercise,diet

Before you make any big life-changing decision, you will likely assess yourself and the situation. This means that you evaluate your abilities, your desires, and what’s best for you. This should also apply before you begin a weight loss program.

Start by doing a little in-depth research on yourself. Try jotting down information about your activities, goals, and interests. Use this information to formulate a realistic diet and exercise routine.

Conducting this type of self-evaluation can be difficult, even painful. But asking your self a few questions and being honest about the answers can be beneficial for your long-term health. You should do this before you begin a diet and weight loss regimen, in order to guarantee your success.

According to the National Institutes of Health, obesity is the second leading cause of preventable death in the United States. If you are not honest with yourself, and work to find a feasible health and nutrition program, you will suffer the effects for a lifetime.

Because so many diets expect you to follow cookie-cutter methodology, you might follow them for a while, but will quickly grow bored. That is why having a personalized diet and exercise plan is so important. By finding what works for you, you will have an easier time sticking to it.

In your self-assessment, determine how you are doing physically and nutritionally. Grade yourself honestly. Establish how long you have been overweight and think about your crash dieting patterns. Also, determine if you tend to regain weight once you’ve lost it. After listing those things, determine what you want your realistic weight loss goal to be. A sensible goal is to lose about two pounds per week. Finally, determine how you can reach your goal most effectively. Consult a dietician if you need to.

Don’t forget to consider your family medical history. A doctor or dietician will want this information as well. Consider any family members who are overweight. Is there a family history of heart attack, diabetes, or cancer? Also, learn such information about yourself as your Body Mass Index, your cholesterol level, and your blood pressure. Also, assess you general stress levels.

Think about your current level of physical activity. How much you do physically now will determine the rate at which you can begin exercise for your weight loss goals.

The idea of taking a personal inventory is not to discourage you, but to educate yourself about yourself so that you can approach a new diet and exercise lifestyle safely and realistically.


How to Burn More Calories To Lose Weight

How many calories can you really burn

weight loss

Copyright 2006 Adrian Bryant

The number of calories you burn exercising depends on three factors:

1. Your Bodyweight

2. How Long you Exercise

3. How Hard you Exercise

Body Weight

The biggest factor in determining how many calories you burn exercising is your bodyweight. The good news is that the more you weigh the more calories you will burn while working out. The reason for this is very simple-a heavier person has to use more energy (burn more calories) to move themselves around.

A 250lb person will lose weight at a quicker rate than a 150lb person. For example if a 250lb and 150lb person both went dancing for 30min the 250lb person would burn 350 calories while the 150lb person would only burn 200 calories.

What would the 150lb person have to do to burn the same amount of calories as the 250lb person did dancing in 30 minutes? That 150lb person would simply have to:

* Exercise Longer -OR- * Exercise harder

Workout Time

One way for the 150lb person to burn the same amount of calories as the 250lb person did dancing is to dance longer. If the 150lb person dances for 30min they will burn only 200 calories but if they danced for 60min they would burn 400 calories.

The longer you workout the more calories you will burn.

You'll burn more calories if you walk 3 miles instead of 2 or if you clean up your entire house instead of just cleaning the kitchen.

You can also burn the same amount of calories that you do in 30 minutes of exercise by splitting it up into 3 shorter 10-minute exercise sessions done throughout the day. Doing this has the same effect that eating 6 small meals does (see page 28 in Weight Loss made Easy).

Doing a lot of mini-workouts throughout the day also keeps your metabolism elevated throughout the day. Mini-workouts are good for people who are short or time or have funny schedules.

You can also split a 60-minute exercise session into three 20-minute sessions or six 10-minute sessions. A 45-minute workout could become three 15-minute exercise sessions. Whatever you decide to do to split up workouts try to keep them at least 10min of longer to get any real weight loss benefits.

You don't have to exercise longer to burn more calories there is one more factor you can manipulate when comes to burning calories.

* Exercising Harder

What if that 150lb person can't stay and dance for 30min but only has about 20min to dance-what can they do to burn 350 calories or more in 20minutues? One solution is for them to increase the intensity of their workout activity.

In this case the 150lb person would have to dance a little faster or change their intensity from a low to moderate/high intensity. The higher the intensity of a workout the more calories you will burn.

You will burn more calories walking at 6mph pace than you would walking at 4mph pace. The good thing about increasing workout intensity is that you don't have to workout for a long time to burn the same amount of calories working out at a lower intensity.

You would burn about the same amount of calories if you walked at 6mph pace for 30min and walked at 4mph pace for 45min.

There are 3 ways you can determine how hard you are working: 1. Talk test Low intensity if you can sing your favorite song or carry on an uninterrupted conversation while exercising, then you're exercising at a low intensity

Moderate-High intensity If you can't sing your favorite song and can only carry on an interrupted conversation (a conversation where you can only respond) then you are working out at a moderate intensity. Speech that is somewhat labored with a little huffing and puffing is a good test of exercising at a moderate-high intensity.

High-Very high intensity Can't talk at all. Have to stop and catch you breathe are signs that you may be working TOO hard at very high intensities.

2. 1-10 scale

Rate your level of intensity on a scale of 1-10. With 1 being sitting on a couch watching TV and 10 being you exercising Too hard.

Rate anything that's a 2-4 as low intensity, 5-7 as moderate-high intensity and 8-10 being high-very high intensity.

3. Sweat Test

No sweat. No problem! Low intensity

Breaking a sweat. Sweat appears on the normal places on your shirt around your collar and armpits moderate-high intensity

If you can ring a gallon of sweat from your shirt after exercising then you are working too hard at a high-very high intensity

You would have to consistently work out for 45-90 minutes everyday to start seeing any weight loss results from doing only Low intensity activities, about 30-45 minutes for moderate-high intensity activities, and 15-30min for high-very high intensity activities

You can get an idea of how many calories you are burning when doing certain workout activities by using the WEIGHT LOSS CALCULATOR.

You will see that the more you weigh the more calories you will burn when doing any workout activity and you will also notice that the amount calories you burn will vary depending on the activity.


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