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How to be the Leader in Wholesale Handbags

There are hundreds of wholesale handbags…why would customers buy their handbags from you and not the numerous competitors?

Wholesale handbags, wholesale

There are hundreds of wholesale handbags…why would customers buy their handbags from you and not the numerous competitors?

They want wholesale handbags that are cheap. They want wholesale handbags in a variety of styles. They want wholesale handbags that represent the whole spectrum of available designs. Can you give it to them? Are you really offering the best in wholesale handbags, or will they leave your site in frustration and go to another wholesale handbags provider?

Remember that there are hundreds of wholesale handbags sites on the Internet. If they don’t like your wholesale handbags, they’ll go elsewhere, and take their money with them. With this kind of competition you have to make yourself different. You have to have either the most affordable prices or the latest trends or the widest variety of wholesale handbags they’ll ever find at a click of the mouse.

Now you can really get the best suppliers, the best designers, and the best prices to stock your wholesale handbags inventory. Our extensive directory of wholesale handbags suppliers puts you in touch with the companies that can give you the competitive edge. Now you can sell wholesale handbags that include the latest handbags from this season’s runways, as well as the inexpensive and classic styles that many people look for when they visit wholesale handbags sites.

This extensive directory of wholesale handbags suppliers will immediately increase your edge over other wholesale handbags websites. Since you can talk to more suppliers, you have better bargaining power. You can find cheap sources for wholesale handbags, or negotiate for a better price, and then carry over those savings to your customers. You can be the wholesale handbags website with the best bargains, or the wholesale handbags website with the most frequent sales.

Our directory of wholesale handbags will also enable you to expand your inventory. You can include all the major designer labels and position yourself as the fashionista’s source for wholesale handbags. And if orders come pouring in for a particular style—as if often the case when something is declared as the “It” accessory by all the fashion magazines—and you run out of stock, you can always find an alternative supplier. You don’t lose money and turn away disappointed customers because you’ve run out of the hot item. Having this wholesale handbags directory means you always have what you need.


How to Buy Gorgeous Handmade Handbags from Indonesia

Want a unique handmade handbag? Discover the remarkable beauty of Indonesian handmade bags and how you can help the survivors of the 2006 tsunami every time you buy a handbag...

laga handbags, handmade handbags, handmade handbag, charity purses, charity bags, fashion handbags

Cookie-cutter fashion handbags are a dime a dozen, and thousands of them are produced in factories and sold in every town. But handmade handbags are delightful, rare treasures that any woman can be proud of. When a handbag is handmade, it is unique in many ways and reflects the skill and creativity of its maker. Many women in Indonesia choose to hand-stitch handbags to earn a living for their families. Their handbags are beautifully embroidered with amazing designs, but yet they usually possess the same or better quality as any factory-made handbag.

If you're just yearning to own an elaborate - but unusual - handbag, here are some great tips. Let's explore what types of Indonesian handbags are available and how to choose the right one for you.

Look for Practicality

Before falling in love with a certain design, be sure the handbag will meet your everyday needs. Do you need the handbag for work or play? Do you plan on using it every day or only for special evenings out on the town? Also, consider how many items you will need to carry in the handbag. Handmade handbags come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They range from petite to very large travel handbags. Some come with shoulder straps while others have hand straps. There are even very small make-up carriers for trips. It depends on how and where you plan to use it.

Choosing a Design and Color for Your Handmade Handbag

Handmade handbags come with a variety of styles and designs. Embroidery is used to create unique patterns such as diamonds, curved lines, circles, stars, and floral patterns. Indonesian handbags are often creatively labeled to express the type of design and color on the handbag. The words gift, live, great, eternal, recover, morning, believe, and so forth reflect the personality behind the purse as well as the style and color. Choose a style that matches several of your outfits, or that blends well with your body shape and hairstyle or color.

For spring and summer, there are colors such as red, cream, light blue, or olive. For fall and winter, colors such as black, dark brown, dark blue, and silver are excellent choices.

Help those in Need with Charity Bags

Another option to consider when buying an Indonesian handmade handbag is to shop for charity bags (or charity purses). Charity bags are made by those in Indonesia who need the money for daily food and supplies. Some companies in the United States offer to buy the handbags and resell them to Americans or through the Internet. A few companies will even train the workers and provide sewing and embroidery supplies to work with. One such company is Laga Handbags (online), which helps women who were survivors of the tragic tsunami of 2006 in Sumatra, Indonesia. The women workers of Indonesia are able to learn skills for a lifetime while providing a valuable service to handbag lovers.

When choosing a company for handmade handbags, research online to find companies that offer authentic Indonesian handbags, not replicas. The real handmade handbags are usually priced from $35 up to $150, depending on the style and size of the bag. Companies should provide detailed information about how and where the handbags are obtained, and where the company is located. Look for companies that are up-front about their procedures and customer policies.

A handmade handbag from Indonesia can also be a memorable surprise as a gift for Mother's Day, Christmas, birthdays, or other occasions. The handbags are reliable and affordable, and the remarkable craftsmanship of Indonesian women makes them highly desirable in the fashion world. Go online today to find that perfect handmade handbag for you!


How to Drive Up Sales in your Wholesale Handbags Website

Customers are getting smart. They know what they want, and with the sheer number of wholesale handbags websites on the Internet, they will walk away if they don’t get it. After all, there will always be another wholesale handbags supplier who can give them a better deal. Or if not a cheaper handbag,

Wholesale handbags, wholesale, internet wholesale, wholesale

Customers are getting smart. They know what they want, and with the sheer number of wholesale handbags websites on the Internet, they will walk away if they don’t get it. After all, there will always be another wholesale handbags supplier who can give them a better deal. Or if not a cheaper handbag, something in a better color or a prettier design for the same price you’re offering. They’re very fickle when it comes to buying wholesale handbags. “If you can’t sell me the wholesale handbags that I’m looking for,” they’ll say, “I’ll find someone who will.”

So the way to succeed at the wholesale handbags industry is to really offer the best variety and the most reasonable prices. Even if you lead the pack in search engine optimization, or have the fanciest graphics and the most colorful product photos, if your wholesale handbags website doesn’t deliver value to the customers, you don’t make more sales.

That’s why it’s important to develop your wholesale handbags business’ network of suppliers. How can you offer good prices for your wholesale handbags when you’re paying too much for your stocks? How can you entice your visitors to shop when your catalogue of wholesale handbags is meager and monotonous?

That’s why your success in wholesale handbags depends on an extensive directory of wholesale handbags suppliers. It’s the most useful kind of database that you’ll ever find on the internet, and perhaps the smartest move you’ll ever make for your business. Having found one, you can find suppliers with the best rates, and then negotiate for even prices by telling them that you can always take your business elsewhere. And if you’re not happy with any of your wholesale handbags suppliers (maybe their service isn’t reliable, or their quality is erratic, or they simply don’t have the designs that your visitors want) then you have other options.

And if your wholesale handbags business blossoms, as we all hope it will, then you can expand it without worrying that you won’t be able to keep up with the demand for wholesale handbags. You can go to other wholesale handbags suppliers to get a different kind of style or material, or include more whole handbags suppliers of designer labels. You have more power over your business, you deliver better value to your customers, and ultimately, you have higher profits.

So what are you waiting for? This kind of service may be exactly what you need to stand out in a sea of wholesale handbags suppliers. So the next time a customer visits your wholesale handbags website, and looks at your large inventory and sees the low prices you can afford to give (because you get it lower prices too) she isn’t going to walk away. Except, maybe, to get her credit card - make that credit cards - and buy all the handbags she can.


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