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Yes You Can! How to Write a Report or E-course

With planning, research, and creativity, wtiting a report can establish you as a writer, expert, and trusted information source, so follow these simple instructions and then spread it around.

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In my article about offering bonuses, I suggested writing your own report as one possible bonus. You could also write a report or ecourse as a stand-alone product. You may find the very thought of writing these intimidating, so I'll help you get started.

I'm assuming you are working with a website or product in a well-defined niche area, one in which you are at least somewhat knowledgeable. I'll also assume you have been writing web copy, articles and/or sales letters. You've already generated lots of information.

Whatever you are planning to write always starts with what you know, and the easiest way to get started with that blank page is to make a list. So make a list of what you already know about your topic. Do this quickly; it should be easy because you can just write down the titles of articles you've already written.

I'll talk about writing a report, but the only difference between that and an e-course is that an e-course is a step-by-step process. If your information lends itself to that format, then use it instead of the report, which simply provides information; a course leads you through action steps.

I'll use my favorite golden retriever example. You've decided to write a report about finding the right puppy. You've already written articles about puppy mills, SPCA and other animal shelters, pet shops and breeders. What haven't you written about - maybe it's classified ads from unknown owners, golden retriever rescue leagues, and buying purebred vs. a mixed breed. You also haven't written about any diseases or other physical disorders common to the breed, which will come into consideration when deciding what puppy to get. There's your list, open to being edited, of course.

That's what you know. The next step is to research and fill in some details. You'll also be looking out for things you've forgotten about and important things you don't know, which should be included.

You've gotten about 5 pages in writing already done (your articles), you should write a 10-page report at least. You may want to add a few pictures, charts or diagrams, so it may end up being a 15-page report, including cover, table of contents, and resource page.

It's good practice to add something to your articles that you've already written, so start your research there. You may find a picture of a puppy mill and an article by someone else that you can add a reference to, giving it's author full credit. You can add links to the SPCA and rescue leagues, and call up a friend who works in a reputable pet shop to ask him a few questions. Quotes from experts also make valuable additions, as do new research findings or news articles.

You then tackle each of the additional subjects one at a time. Inevitably, reading about each topic jogs things in your memory that you already know. Write that down quick. It helps when you're doing the final editing and writing to have as much as possible already in your own words.

Alright, you've got the subject matter of your report done, but it's all for naught if you haven't got some structural elements in place as well. Use plenty of white space, this gives the reader's eye a rest. Choose an attractive font that is also easy to read. Then focus on what I call the interest-catchers. You can have the most interesting report on the planet, but if your title and cover isn't provocative, creative, intriguing, or otherwise captivating, no one will download and read it.

Also, your chapter headings, which will be read in the table of contents, must be engaging. And finally, assuming that somewhere in the report you are promoting yourself, your webpage, your newsletter, your ebook, some action that you want your reader to take...promote with pizzazz. Ask yourself, why would someone feel they HAVE TO click on your link? Make it so.

With planning, research, and creativity, your report can establish you as a writer, expert, and trusted information source, so execute it carefully and spread it around. Whether you give it away on it's own, use it as a bonus, or sell it, you will be amazed at how it enhances your online presence and ultimately, profits.


Tag, You're It! (Or, How To Write Slogans)

Some call them "tag lines"; others refer to them as"catch lines" or "tie-in-slogans." Whatever the words used to refer to them, they are perhaps the most important part of your promotional writing.

writing, articles, promotion, slogans, headlines, taglines, advertising, promoting

Some call them "tag lines"; others refer to them as"catch lines" or "tie-in-slogans." Whatever the words used to refer to them, they are perhaps the most important part of your promotional writing.

Do you recognize any of these? :

"Like a rock..."
"Fly the friendly skies..."
"It's the real thing !"
"Quality is job number one"
"The quicker-picker-upper"

Most of those tag lines are recognizable by us without even including the name of the company or product.

They summarize in a very few words the essence of the thing they are promoting. They communicate a good, positive feeling or relationship to the product. They do it with a simple,memorable phrase that is easily repeated.

The shorter the description is, the more challenging it is to write. Anyone can write a 500-word description of a product or service. Now try doing it with 5 to 10 words ! Each word you choose is very important to the message.

HERE ARE SOME TIPS for writing good taglines for your business offer.

1) Start by noticing ads on billboards as you drive down the road.

Billboard advertisers have but a couple of seconds to grab your attention and sell their product or service. Usually their copy is going to be a very good tagline with a picture of the product or service. These are great examples of how to write effective taglines.

2) Notice other media forms like magazine and newspaper display ads, business cards, brief radio and TV commercials.

Observe the thing that caught your attention and makes the message easily remembered. It's usually a concise and well-written tagline.

3) Write down everything you can think of that relates to your business. You may even start with a narrative description in paragraph form.

4) Now, make a list of the top 25 or 30 things that are important and worth mentioning.

Whittle that list down to 8 or 10 of the most important things you wish to say.

Now eliminate repetition or things that are not really that necessary to your product or service.

Get your list of words or phrases down to 3 or 4 central elements.

5) Based on your final core selection, make up some phrases that will serve as your taglines for consideration. Keep them short and use simple, everyday language.

Which of these taglines would you remember best? :

"Joe's auto repair shop, the lowest-prices and the best service"


"Quality Care For Your Car !"


"The Best Tax Service Anywhere Around The Town !"


"Your Tax Experts At Work !"


"Emergengy ambulance service available 24-hours a day"


"When Minutes Count!"

Well, you get the idea!

Do some test marketing with your final two or three best taglines. Discover the one that works best for you and incorporate it into all of your promotional messages.

Remember, like any of life's endeavors, experience and practice help to improve your skills level. If you want to be a good writer, write a lot!

Best of luck with your promotional efforts.


How To Write The Greatest Article Ever Written!

The first step to writing a great article is, to write about how to help your reader get what they want, and achieve their dreams.

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From the desk of: John Arrington
Sunday 11:02 pm

The first step to writing a great article is, to write about how to help your reader get what they want, and achieve their dreams.

The simplest way to start writing a great article is: Start just jotting down notes, sentences, paragraphs, as things start coming to you. Don’t worry about grammar or spelling at this time just take note. You will be bringing it all together later. Just get started. One way to help you with this simple task is to carry a small recorder with you at all times. When you think of something just record it and come back to it later and write it down. This is a great idea for those who have busy schedules. Don’t worry, if you don’t have a recorder a note pad will do.

Write about things that is important to your reader and offer them advise about how to improve their circumstances and how to achieve their dreams. When writing a article, write like you are talking to someone. You advice has to be helpful, not condemning. Write as though you are talking to them, not at them.

How To Get Your Article Read!

Write a short heading saying something like this: This information has been a great help to me, I thought it might be interesting to you also. Share with others what has worked for you. Your hearts desire as a writer should be to help others save time, heart ache, and money. And reach their goals in the shortest period of time.

Make sure your advice is easy to understand and easy to put into action. Don’t confuse your readers with a lot of do’s and don’ts. This is considered TMI (To Much Information). Stick with the facts. Talk about your reader, Not about you.

People want to learn about how to avoid pain and get what they want. The sure fire way to get your article read is to define the readers problem. Now tell them how to solve the problem. This makes reader begin to think and makes your article sticky.

I’m only trying to help those who want to become successful writers, just write from your heart. Reach out to your readers and truly offer information that will help them. Your rewards will come later. You only receive after you have given. You don’t receive before you give.

Be A Problem Solver!

Think of areas or problems you have had when you tried to do something. Then what did you do that made it a lot easier. Then what was your reward for solving the problem. Keep it simple, just the facts.

I guarantee if you practice what I’m revealing to you here in this article, you will in time become one of the most sought after Authors, but it takes time. But you must really want to help your fellow man and don’t focus on trying to sell something or sound like you’re a sales person. Article are not to be written in that manner. Make sure you have read the submission policy before submitting your articles. When writing just be yourself. A true help to man kind.

How To Become The Super Article Writer!

How to information is very valuable. People want to know How To do something. Just start taking notes as your thoughts start coming to you. Let your feelings flow. I truly believe that everyone has some advice that could help some one. And most people will offer many excuses like. I don’t know where to start or I don’t know what to say. No, I think the real problem is, they just don’t get started. If they would just start I think they would be amazed at their knowledge and feeling good about themselves because they truly helped someone more on with their life. Or become a better person.

Ok, now you have finished writing all your notes. Now its time to edit your notes and rewrite them as a draft. Delete the garbage and rewrite the strengths of your message.

Make Your Article Interesting To Read!

All this means is to make your article easy to read and understand. Try to keep your paragraphs short. Don’t try to crowd to much into one paragraph. And don’t be to serious because this becomes boring reading material. Be creative and write a funny sentence every once and awhile, but stay focused on offering advice about solving their problems.

Write With Seeing Words!

Use words that makes the reader see their situation and see the solution. It’s like writing in such a way that the reader see’s and feels the message being presented to them. Much like watching a movie. Write with feelings. Believe what you are writing about.

Now Sharpen Your Articles Appearance!

Now that you have rewritten your notes and edited the garbage and rewritten the strengths as a draft. Now its time to rewrite this draft one more time. That’s right, just one more time. But this time either add more to it or subtract even more weak words. This will be your final Super Article. Remove all the words with no strength or wasted words.

Now, read your Super Article over again. Is there some more weak words or can you improve it some more by adding to its strengths? Now once this is done let your family and friends proof read it and get their feedback. If the feedback is good. Start submitting right away.


You have just become a great author. Give yourself a pat on the back you deserve it.

I hope this article helped you with your writing career.
To Your Success,
John Arrington

Copyright 2006 & beyond John Arrington.. Reprint rights granted to all so long as this article and by-lines are reprinted intact and all links made live..


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