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How To Be A Closer Family

Family should always be first, but it's easy to forget what matters most in today's hectic world. The greatest gift we can give our children is being part of a healthy, loving family as it is their foundation and security especially in times of need. Children will always need a safe haven and the home should provide that for them. Creating a happy and safe environment is easier than most people think. I hope the following will help get you started.

Give your children the ...

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Family should always be first, but it's easy to forget what matters most in today's hectic world. The greatest gift we can give our children is being part of a healthy, loving family as it is their foundation and security especially in times of need. Children will always need a safe haven and the home should provide that for them. Creating a happy and safe environment is easier than most people think. I hope the following will help get you started.

Give your children the opportunity to speak openly and freely about their concerns and troubles. This is a sure-fire way to increase your family's closeness. Maintain honesty and you will find that problems get solved quickly and easily. Instilling open communication in your children will also help them in all aspects of their lives later on. "Listen" with an open heart and a willing spirit. Don't judge the thoughts and feelings of other family members. Instead, try to understand where they are coming from and figure out solutions to ease their problems.

Spend quality time together each week. Many parents have full-time jobs and it's difficult to fit in time for relaxation and leisure, however, it's very important you make time for your family. Discuss what things the family would like to do together. Try to pick activities that encourage talking and interaction like bowling for example will enhance relations better than silently watching a movie in a theater. Try to keep the activity lighthearted and fun. Laughter bonds better than anything and its affects will ripple throughout your life.

Chores doesn't sound like it will bring a family closer, but one would be amazed to see what it can do. Having a clearly defined list of responsibilities for each member of the family will ease frustration and resentment. It will also encourage family members to get involved with household responsibilities and teach them that teamwork is important. Be sure to put the list up in a place that everyone will see easily and make a point of congratulating people when they do something well.

There are many ways to gain closeness within your family. These three steps are designed to give you a head start and help you create the family life you have always wanted. Initiate conversation with your family and get their ideas and suggestions for gaining a closer relationship. Always be open and willing to listen and work together. It won't always be easy, but it will always be worth it.

How to be a Coupon Queen

Want to be a Coupon Queen ? Learn how to save 50 to 80% off your grocery bill!


So you want to be a Coupon Queen ? Well to be a Coupon Queen you first have to have the right attitude. You have to learn how to think like a Coupon Queen. You have to be willing to work hard and think outside the box. "It's not Impossible to save 75 to 80% off you grocery bill "

For starters you cannot be brand loyal. Be open to try new things.You will find that you can get alot of the top name brands for free or almost free by just simply watching for sales and clipping your coupons. Store brands are not always cheaper than name brands when you are using coupons. .Also buying in bulk is not always cheaper especially when you can catch a sale Now that you have the right mind set lets tell you how to get started!!!

Where To get coupons:
You need to start by subscribing to your local newspaper!
Ask friends and neighbors for their coupons.
Check local coffee shops and book stores for newspapers that people leave.
Check local recycle bins for papers there too!! Look for coupons in your grocery store! Email companies tell them how you like or dislike products and they will send you coupons! We have a page provided for you with a list of companies to write to on my website at .

Organizing your coupons:

Start with a small $1 coupon organizer until you've mastered your own system and you want to get serious then you can go to a 3 ring binder with divders and clear baseball card sheets! Label your dividers like: <br>
Boxed helpers<br>
*You can even divide them out further the more coupons you get!! <br>

For multiple inserts:

Start by tearing out pages from your coupon inserts and laying them out on the floor. Continue doing this and matching up identical pages from the rest of your inserts. then staple each stack of like coupons together so you can cut them all out at once and that also keeps your coupons together as well! Invest in an electric stapler and good pair of kitchen sheers!!

Don't forget to save money on gas ,you can take competitors ads and price match at some stores! You can also get extra discounts by shopping at a store that offers a club card or catalina coupons! What is a "Catalina Coupon" you may ask? A catalina coupon is a coupon that spits out at the register when you buy certain items. Sometimes they will apit out for buying certain products.These coupons say manufacturer coupon on them BUT..... Most people have no problems using them with the coupons you get from the sunday paper etc. So more savings for you!!!!

Don't forget about online coupons as well! Many sites like ours offer coupons that you can print out online and take to the store to maximize your savings! Check out at


How to Make a Family Tree for Free

Researching your family tree can be a fascinating and costly hobby. Learn the websites, software and tools to use to get started for free.

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A very common question among beginners is "How can I make my family tree for free?" Though genealogy can evolve into an expensive hobby, here are some ideas to start to make your family tree for free.

Download free family tree software

One of the best software programs to help you make your family tree, Personal Ancestral File (PAF), is also free! Download PAF (link) to start organizing your information and making your family tree charts for free. Start your family tree by entering your information (name, birth date, birth place, etc.) and continue to add as much information as you know about your family. Once you have entered in everything you personally know, it's time to get help from family members to expand your family tree.

Interview your parents, grandparents and other relatives

The next step in making your family tree--interviewing relatives--is also free! Sit down with your parents, grandparents and other relatives and find out as much information as they know-names, dates, places-about their parents and their grandparents. These interviews should help you make your family tree back to your great-grandparents or even your great-great-grandparents!

Search at free family tree websites

Though many family tree websites require a subscription free, there are a handful of excellent websites that can help you get started:

1) - One of the best places to start searching for your family tree. Search for each of your ancestors from your family tree who have passed away by name and with any other identifying information (birth date, death date, etc.)

2) - With more than 250,000 links to genealogy websites, this is a must-stop for any person trying to make their family tree. Browse through the links related to your family surnames-you may find websites with information that can help you expand certain of your family lines.

3) and - There are thousands of message boards for surnames where you can post as much information as you have on each surname from your family tree and see if there are others also researching the same line who may be able to help!

Visit a local Family History Center

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is very involved with genealogy and has over 1800 Family History Centers in the United States where volunteers can give you free advice on how to make and research your family tree. These volunteers can also help you search for microfilms that you can look at to find your ancestors in records from all over the world.
Share your family tree

After you have followed the steps above to make your family tree for free, share what you have found with other family members. Consider making a family tree website so that others who are researching similar lines may find parts of their family tree for free!


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