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How To Choose Over-The-Counter Products For Your Hair

Ah, the never-ending debate over professional and non-professional hair-care products. In the past, this debate was resolved easily with a famous quote, “You get what you pay for.” But today, the line between professional and non-professional products has become blurry due to the emergence of inexpensive professional products and expensive non-professional products.

You see, it used to be that you almost always paid $10 for a bottle of shampoo from the salon. Non-professi...

Hair, hairstyle, beauty, fashion

Ah, the never-ending debate over professional and non-professional hair-care products. In the past, this debate was resolved easily with a famous quote, “You get what you pay for.” But today, the line between professional and non-professional products has become blurry due to the emergence of inexpensive professional products and expensive non-professional products.

You see, it used to be that you almost always paid $10 for a bottle of shampoo from the salon. Non-professional shampoos, on the other hand, only cost a couple of dollars. Today, however, you can spend as much or more on a bottle of shampoo from your local department store as you can for a bottle from the salon. The reason that this is so is because most professional product lines have not raised their prices in years, while new shampoos and conditioners being introduced to the non-professional market have been given packaging and price tags to mirror their in-salon competition.

So, now the only thing that separates the non-professional from the professional is the quality standard by which each product line is produced. Just think about it this way: All products made to be used in salons by professionals can only be retailed in salons. That means that the products must be of the highest quality. If they weren’t, beauticians simply wouldn’t use them. Never will you find a professional product that causes build up or leaves the hair feeling dry and brittle. Professional shampoos will also not strip hair of color or vital moisture. If you could get these products or products of similar quality in any department store, why wouldn’t your beautician use them?

While not all non-professional products are bad, you do run the risk of choosing a product that could cause problems like build up, dryness, breakage, color fading, lifelessness, frizziness and a host of other problems. That means that if you choose to use a non-professional product, you should monitor your hair closely to look for any adverse affects.

Also, keep in mind how much you are spending. While it makes perfect sense to choose a non-professional product at huge savings over a professional one, it doesn’t make much sense to spend as much on a non-professional product as you would for a guaranteed, professional product.

In the end, the choice to use professional products or not to use them is yours. Just remember to watch your wallet and most importantly watch your hair. Choose products that are kind to both.


How To Choose the Perfect Hair Cut For Young Girls

Talks about the various ways your little girl can do her hair to make the look as fabulous as possible. Discusses hair styles for short, long, and everything in between to make her look adorable.

Hair Styles,Girls Hair Styles,Girls Hair,Younf Girls Hair Styles

Your daughter or the significant little girl in your life, the same one who used to dump strained peas on her head and drop toys in the toilet, is growing up, and, believe it or not, will soon be choosing her own haircuts and picking out her own outfits, not to mention dating, driving, working, and voting.

Thanks to easy media access, little girls today are much more fashion conscious than their mothers were, and even if your teen or pre teen is a camo pants wearing, mud playing, bundle of energy, it is just as important for her to have the right hair cut now as it will be in a few years when she becomes even more fashion conscious.

Depending on the age of your young girl, you should allow her to help you decide the hair length that is right for her. Long hair on little girls is classic, but if she has thick or very fine hair, this can be difficult to maintain. Also, something that her salon stylist can help you with is determining the best style for her face shape and hair type.

For short hair styles the Pageboy or Bob hair cut is best for thick hair, thin hair, younger girls, and active girls. The Pageboy is a basic variation on the bob and is easy to care for. Layers can also be cut into the bob for a look of added texture and depth, and hold products, can be applied to add extra tousled effects and firm hold for special occasions.

The Pageboy or Bob with bangs is the same as above, except with a wisp of a bang, skimming the skin just above the eyebrows, and adding softness to longer, more angular face shapes.

For short hair almost any variations on an adult hair style can be applied to young girls hair, but the trick is to make sure that your daughter is able to style it on her own or with minimal help. For older girls maybe nine and under this should not be a problem, but the younger ones will more than likely require a little help.
For medium hair styles the graduated layer look is easy to care for and style.

It requires minimal care and looks very cute, especially on little girls with thick hair, as the ends can be razored back to reduce bulk and define the layers. A little gel, brushed through the hair in the morning help to keep layers defined, and a spritz pomade will make sure that her hair stays brilliantly beautiful even when she is hanging upside down on the monkey bars.

For long hair styles girls with very fine hair require constant trims to keep it looking sleek, but most girls, including those with very thick hair, look adorable with a long look. The trick is, again, to add layers to the back but not too many, maybe one or two, to reduce the bulk and keep hair looking fresh between trims.

Remember that a haircut is very personal and a hairstyle that you may think looks great on your little princess may make her want to hide in the closet. So remember to always listen and try to find the right style together.

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Not Born Blonde? Tips On How To Lighten Your Hair

These tips on how to lighten your hair can help you achieve a better blonde color that doesn't sacrifice your hair condition completely. Learn about weaving hair color though your hair, and why you should use protein and moisture treatments in between hair coloring to restore your hair's condition

how to lighten your hair, blonde hair, hair color ideas

Lightening your hair can be a great way to change our look and reflect a different outlook. Or bring in the summer, or herald a new job or period in your life. If you can't afford to go to a salon, try these tips on how to lighten your hair to avoid brassy and badly damaged hair.

* When doing regrowth, don't apply all the hair color to all of your head. Follow the instructions on the packet, which always say to apply color first to the roots, for a specified period of time. Then, apply the lightener to the rest of your hair. If you don't do this, you will end up effectively dissolving the ends of your hair. And even the parts of the hair shaft that don't quite get to that stage will be severely weakened and quite likely to break off very easily.

You may need a friend to help you lighten your hair, but at least the extra effort will mean you have a better looking color, and better hair condition.

* Use a brush and section the hair. Its much easier to apply the lightener evenly this way. Use clips to keep the rest of your hair out of the way whilst you work on each section.

* Hair needs to be in reasonably good condition to take peroxide based lighteners, especially if you are going for a look that is a lot lighter than your natural or base hair color. Use protein treatments to strengthen your hair first, if its not in good condition. Or go for a few highlights to complement your cut instead. And remember to use intensive moisturizing treatments afterwards, as well. You can alternate the two every week for a few weeks. Then, if your hair no longer needs strengthening, stop using the protein treatment. You will most likely need to use the moisture treatment still, though.

* If you want a sun kissed look - go for a color that is only 1 or 2 shades lighter than your natural hair color. Get a friend to help you, and 'weave' the highlights through your hair. The trick is not to have the color looking too chunky. You could try going for a weave effect by mimicking the way a loom moves through a rug when it is made.

Using the end of a long comb or hair coloring brush, move it over and under a section of hair, picking out the hair that is left on the top of the handle. Then, with a piece of aluminum foil handy, put the hair on the foil and apply the hair lightener. This is what hairdressers do to get a subtle and blended effect.

* If you want to go quite a lot lighter than your natural or base shade, you may need to do it gradually. Dark hair can be difficult to lighten, at least if you want to keep any sort of condition and length to your style. So you may need to compromise first and go for more of a caramel color, and then go through a process of using protein and moisture treatments weekly for a month to strengthen your hair again.

When applying lightener the first time, follow the instructions on the packet, and test your hair at regular intervals. You'll need to test both for color and condition. Rub the ends of part of your hair to see how light it is getting, and also to see whether it disintegrates at all. If it starts to disintegrate or break off, you'll need to wash out the hair lightener, no matter how many gold or orange tones are left. This is where a semi permanent caramel color will come in. Apply this all over your hair once you've washed out the peroxide based lightener. Then use two treatments every week, a protein and a moisture treatment, for about a month.

Then you can try again. But be careful when doing your regrowth. Follow the instructions for applying color to regrowth otherwise you will severely damage your hair.

Don't sacrifice too much hair condition for lighter hair. Work with your hair so you end up looking a million dollars, instead of ten!


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