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Track calls and SMS on your Windows Mobile phone

Spb Phone Suite is designed to enhance your PDA with new features, missing in the phone side of standard Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.

phone suite, wireless manager, phone profiles, call filters, sms autoreplayer, sms filter, phone extention

Spb Phone Suite Review

Spb Phone Suite is designed to enhance your PDA with new features, missing in the phone side of standard Microsoft Windows Mobile 5. Once installed, it'll add phone profiles, missed call notifications, unread SMS notifications, call filtering, reject and reply with SMS, photo-dialing, photos in call log, automatic profile and these are just a few things to name!

To start with, you will discover a powerful Today plug-in where you can see the most frequently used options, such as photo-dialing (called "photo speed dials"), counters for missed calls and SMS messages, profile manager, call filtering mode switcher, and other phone related controls and indicators. You will see all important phone related data at one glance and access any option with just one tap. Fine, isn't it? But let's cut to the chase.

One of the best in Spb Phone Suite and "most wanted" in Windows Mobile functions is profiles. Phone profiles allow customization of ring, alarm tones and volumes (Normal, Silent, Loud), as well as the settings for Bluetooth, WiFi and backlight. As it is with any other option in Spb Phone Suite, profiles can be customized with just a tap or two. There are also automatic profiles that get triggered on some events automatically; this includes such profiles as Headset, Car, Meeting, and Cradle. Now you don't have to worry about triggering the silent mode for scheduled meetings. You can also set a profile to activate for a certain time interval. If you'd like to make your own custom profile in addition to the default ones, the program provide you with this opportunity. Any profile can be changed in a couple of taps from the Today screen.

The photo-dialing option allows you to add a photo avatar to a contact in order to dial a contact with just one tap. To add an avatar, you need to go to the settings dialog or simply tap and hold on the dialer area. Spb Phone Suite lets you use 14 photo-dialing avatars on the Today plug-in. If there are no photos for a contact, you can choose a default avatar from the inbuilt collection.

Other interesting features include "Reject and Send SMS" option, which is useful when you are not able to answer an incoming call. You can drop it in three taps with an SMS message containing a predefined text. Besides, there is "Call Filtering" that will help you create whitelists ("pre-approved" contacts list) and blacklists. With this option in place, your PDA can accept all calls, accept all calls except those from the blacklist, accept only whitelist contacts, or ignore all. Isn't it cool or what? What's more, you can set up wildcards (masks) for numbers from blacklists and whitelists and an ability to change the filter from the Today screen.

If you think the above mentioned features are something your PDA is missing and wish you had them, then you are invited to download an evaluation copy of Spb Phone Suite. You can test it free of charge to see its possibilities and benefits. Download now!

Compatible devices list
Windows Mobile 6.0, Windows Mobile 5.0, Pocket PC 2003, Pocket PC 2002
ACER: n300 Series, n30, n50, n20 and others
ASUS: A626, A636, A639, P505, P525, P535 and others
Cingular: 8125, 8525
Dell: Axim X3, X5, X50, X50v, X51v and others
Dopod: Dopod 838 Pro, Dopod 686, Dopod 699, Dopod 828, Dopod 900, Dopod P100, Dopod N800, etc.
Eten: E-Ten G500+, E-Ten M600+, E-TEN Glofiish, Eten M700, etc.
HP: hw68xx series, hw69xx series, hx21xx series, hx24xx series, hx29xx series and others
HTC: TyTN, Wizard, Prophet, Hermes, Artemis, Universal, Herald, P3300, P3600, P4350, P3350, X7500, Athena
IMATE: i-mate JASJAM, i-mate JAMin, i-mate PDA-N, i-mate K-JAM, i-mate JASJAR and others
O2: XDA series
T-Mobile: MDA series
QTek: 9000, 9100, 9600, S100, S110, S200, G100, 2020, 9090
Other Windows Mobile Powered Devices.


How To Play The SMS Dating Game

Why the text (SMS) message revolution has made it easy for men to play the field and how women can turn the tables on womanizing Romeo's.

dating, first dates, SMS, text message, single, men, women, flirting, date, picking up

A couple of weeks ago, at a relaxing, uneventful Saturday afternoon barbeque, one of the single girls decided to turn up the heat on conversation with a dating dilemma. "Why would a guy", she asked, as every man with a beer in his hand and no ring on his finger fidgeted nervously, "promise to call after a fantastic first date, and then do nothing but send flirtatious SMS messages for the next two weeks?"

A few quick thinking cads made haste towards the barbeque to compliment the host on his steak flipping techniques and discuss last night's game. The rest of us found ourselves surrounded by a school of circling single white females, eyeing their prey over a fourth glass of bubbly. As a single male, I knew my chances of surviving this conversation were remote. Ever so carefully, I backed up towards the safety of the kitchen door, mumbling something about a top up.

Hidden behind the walls of my bachelor pad, having survived my near-eunuch experience, I feel it's now safe to give you the inside scoop on how a guys mind works (or doesn't work) when it comes to telephone dating procedures. Of course, there are books that will tell you that Mars isn't that into Venus, because he has the maturity of an eight year old and is really looking for a Mother Earth. Theoretically, they are quite sound, but throw them into the real world and they're about as useful as a man holding a toilet brush.

I have some wonderful female friends. Some single, some in relationships. Like you, they are all sexy, intriguing and intelligent women. Yet, you all suffer from a common condition. I call it Men-agitus. You caught it the first time some midget Romeo stole a kiss on the merry-go-round at pre-school morning break, and dropped you for a Tonka truck and a sandpit by lunch. As a result, you seem to spend a significant portion of your lives analysing men's actions and words. In the case of communication, the answer is really quite simple. Men don't really enjoy speaking with women on the phone. Ok, maybe if the conversation turns a little flirtatious our ears prick up, but for the most part, the very thought scares us to death. You have blackbelts in voice boxing. It's what you do. Your aim is to see if we are capable of stimulating your mind with our least exercised organ. Our objective is to get off the phone whilst you are still interested enough to see us again.

In face-to-face land, we don't need to solely rely on our bogus communication skills. We can flash our boyish smiles, tenderly hold your hand, make stupid jokes, or attempt handstands. Anything to distract you from what we have to say. As visual creatures, we feel right at home here. We can gauge your reaction to our antics, read your body language, and take peeks at your cleavage when you're not looking.

On the phone, we feel naked and exposed. Sometimes we might be. Once you stop talking, we are expected to reply, and we know you are listening intently with those inbuilt radars. We open our mouths and the words are almost too terrified to come out. We can feel your analysing mind ticking over asking, "What did he mean by that?" "How is getting your dog stoned funny?" between "mm hmm"'s and deafening silence. Our confidence falters as we grasp for insightful comments and sweet anecdotes. It really hurts our brains, alright?

Then along comes SMS, beep beeping like a beacon of light towards the shallow world of manhood, offering the perfect weapon against verbal interaction. We can make you feel desired whilst having a beer with our mates at the pub. We have time to deliver the perfect funny line. It enables us to absorb your probing questions and reply with confidence. Even end the conversation with a suggestive rendezvous, without committing to a date, and still come out looking good.

You want to know why a guy sends you endless text messages and never calls? Think of his mind as a refrigerator. If he's insatiable for a taste of you the next day, he slips you between his leftover pizza and six-pack of beer. If he's not that keen, you're his spaghetti bolognaise. A delicious dish, but he doesn't really want you two nights running. So he's put you on ice between the brunette behind the bank counter, and the redhead from the gym.

So what's the answer if you really like the guy? Stop making it easy for him to keep you at arms length. He's riding Message Street and there's no sign of traffic. If you want him, you have to turn the tables. It's time to get out of the party pies, and into the pepperoni. It means taking the SMS game to the trenches. Where the hunter becomes the hunted and one false move can be fatal.

Simon's Recipe To Turn Swaggering Players into Begging, Pleading, Ground you Walk on Worshippers in 4 Easy Steps!

Step Number One - Resistance. Never succumb to those naughty midnight messages. He's drunk, alone and horny. Leave him to marinade a while. Ignore for at least three days.

Step Number Two - Set The Bait. Send a short reply telling him you've been busy, hope he's well, and you'll catch up soon.

Step Number Three - Be Patient As The Fish Nibbles. The male ego is easy pickings. When he messages, and he will, leave it a day before replying with confident, yet faint interest. Suggest he calls you some time, but not today, as you are tired from all your socialising of late. Note: be sure to use a word like socialising. In the male mind this translates to "flirting, and possibly more, with the competition."

Step Number Four - Reel The Sucker In. His imagination will be running wild by now. When he calls, be friendly but not over-enthusiastic. If he asks to meet you within the next 3 days, stick him on a plate, glad wrap him, and plonk him behind your box of choccy's and half finished bottle of bubbly. If he suggests next week, pull him off the hook, tell him to kiss your proverbial goodbye, and throw him back in the sea.

Now you may be wondering why I'm telling you all this. Do I think it's time one of us was finally honest with women? Am I saddened by the pain women experience as a result of my thoughtless gender? Have I had enough of consoling broken-hearted female friends on a Friday night - when my plan was to go out for a few drinks, laughs, and be introduced to their gorgeous, promiscuous girlfriends? Did I hope that revealing sacred male secrets would provide a new angle for picking up at parties? Yes, to all of the above. Hey, don't give me that look...I'm just a guy!

Now you know our game, it's time to unleash hell.


Making Cheap Telephone Calls Using SMS

Increasingly, people are realizing that they can make cheap telephone calls using SMS.

phone call, telephone call, cheap phone call, sms triggers phone call, email to sms, email to fax, jamaica, moneybooker

Around the world, SMS - or Short Message Service - has become ubiquitous. Millions upon millions of SMSes are sent and received each day from one mobile phone to another. These 160-character messages are the way in which people around the globe or around the corner stay in touch with one another. Increasingly, however, people are realizing that they can make cheap telephone calls using SMS.

Using an SMS gateway, a cheap phone call can be triggered using SMS. An SMS triggered phone call to Jamaica, for example, would cost less than one U.S. dollar. Technology allows you to place a call between any two telephone handsets, while your mobile phone or computer keyboard becomes a convenient dial pad. Contrary to what you may imagine, a telephone call placed with an SMS gateway uses a reliable telephone network, so the quality of the call is high.

More than Telephone Calls

An SMS gateway can be used for more than a cheap phone call. There are a variety of SMS-based services that you can use.

Email to SMS: An email to SMS service allows you to send SMS through email. Some SMS gateways go a step further by allowing your business contacts, family members, and friends to send SMS to you.

SMS to Email: Almost all mobile services offer SMS to email. Some SMS gateways, however, allow two-way communication between email and SMS - without limiting communication to a short window of time.

SMS to SMS: With SMS to SMS communication, you can broadcast one SMS to one person or to many different people. The better SMS gateways allow for an SMS to be sent discretely, or allow an SMS to be sent to a set of predefined names that you provide.

Scheduling: Although simple SMS scheduling can be done with a mobile phone, SMS gateways use a Web interface to allow for more complex scheduling.

Fax Services

With the right SMS gateway, you can send faxes anywhere using email to fax. In addition, you can fax a web page to any fax machine using SMS. Furthermore, you can create a schedule so that you can regularly receive a fax of a particular web page.

Some SMS gateways charge for their services in hard currency; typically, you can use a credit card or a payment service like moneybookers. Other SMS gateways incorporate a credit system, and charge for services with credits. You can either purchase credits using a credit card or payment service, or you can earn credits by referring friends, family members, and business associates to the service. In essence, you receive a commission each time some you refer uses the services of the SMS gateway. If you choose to go that route, you can go from making cheap telephone calls using SMS to making free telephone calls using SMS. What could be better than that?


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