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How to Read an Online Poker Review: Part 1 of 2

Online poker reviews will help you choose the best online poker room for your needs. Learn what to look for when deciding where to play.

online poker review

There are plenty of online poker review sites out there (including our review portal, each giving you their take on the numerous poker rooms circulating the internet. Below we’ll begin the process of breaking down for you our own online poker review template so you can learn what to look for when seeking out your next online poker room.

<b>Software & Graphics</b><br>
There are number of software programs most commonly used in online poker rooms all over the net, most notably: Microgaming, Cryptologic, RealTime Gaming, and PlayTech. Some online poker rooms, however, will use their own proprietary software.

Whichever software your online poker room uses, reading online poker reviews will give you a good idea what internet savvy poker players think of the various programs. Some factors to consider include:

- Speed and smoothness of game play <br>
- Reliability of the software <br>
- Usability of the interface <br>
- Table view options (Bird’s Eye or 3D Player-Centered) <br>
- Selection of automated features (auto-post blinds, preselect bid/fold buttons)

Under this heading in an online poker review you’ll also find information on how players are represented in the game (text, icons, flags, avatars), and the subjective quality of the graphics and sound.

<b>Game Variation and Limits</b> <br>
Here you’ll find a listing of the games offered, such as: <b>Texas Hold’em</b>, <b>Omaha</b>, <b>7-Card Stud</b>, <b>5-Card Stud</b>, <b>Draw Poker</b>, <b>Hi/Lo</b> variants, and occasionally even rarer, more odd games like <b>Crazy Pineapple</b>. Some sites will even have the smattering of <b>Video Poker</b> or non-poker casino games like <b>Blackjack</b>. These days, however, a great number of online poker sites have companion online casino sites.

You’ll also find listed under this heading in an online poker review the betting structures available at each game -- <b>Limit, Pot Limit</b>, <b>No Limit</b> -- and the range of stakes for each. If you see in an online poker review the term “<b>Microlimits</b>”, for example, that generally refers to games with blinds in the penny or nickel range. A $20/$40 game has small blinds and raises starting at and in increments of $20 and has big blinds and raises starting at and in increments of $40.

Lastly, in this section of an online poker review, you’ll learn whether the online poker site offers <b>Ring Games</b> or <b>Tournaments</b> (or both), and if they do offer tournaments, what kind?

<b>Freeroll: </b> No cost to enter but the prizes are real;

<b>Freezeout (or Shootout):</b> Winner takes all (or top 3 placers) by process of elimination; most poker tournaments are of this variety (even Freerolls and Sit-n-Go’s);

<b>Sit-n-Go (or Sit and Go): </b> Usually run 24/7; a Sit-n-Go is a freezeout, can be of any stakes, and starts each time the required number of players buy-in;

<b>Re-Buy: </b> A form of Freezeout whereby, when you get knocked out, you have the option of buying in a second time;

<b>Satellite: </b> A Freezeout where the prize is a seat in a larger poker tournament (usually a land-based poker tournament) with a much larger prize;

<b>Bounty:</b> A Freezeout with a bonus; certain players have “bounties” on their heads; whoever knocks any of those players out of the game collects that bounty, whether they win the whole game or not.

This section of an online poker review is where you’ll learn how many players, on average, frequent the poker room. The online poker review will usually say how many players, during peak hours, participate in both the Ring Games and the Tournaments.

Traffic in an online poker room is a double-edged sword. Too much traffic means that you might have trouble finding a seat at a table, but you won’t have trouble finding action at your desired stakes <b>and</b> there’s likely to be a ton of fish to squeeze out of their bankrolls.

Too little traffic means that you may not find action at your desired stakes, but you’ll never have trouble finding a seat <b>and</b> you’ll probably play the same players more frequently. Getting to know your opponents’ habits is an excellent advantage.

Stay tuned next week for the conclusion of How to Read an Online Poker Review, detailing: competition, bonuses, rake, customer service, promotions, deposits and cashouts, and ease of use.


How to Read an Online Poker Review: Part 2 of 2

Online poker reviews will help you choose the best online poker room for your needs. Learn what to look for when deciding where to play. Part 2 of 2.

poker, online poker review

In part 1 of this 2 part series, we began to lay out for you exactly what online poker reviewers look for when evaluating an online poker room, using the poker review template from our own poker portal at

In part 1, we explained in depth the following sections: Software and Graphics, Game Variation and Limits, and Traffic. In this concluding article, we will delve into what information is contained in the rest of the sections of a typical online poker review.

Here in an online poker review, you’ll find a gauge of the level of skill predominant at the various games (Texas Hold’em, etc.), types (Ring Games, etc.), betting structures (Limit, etc.), and stakes ($100/$200, etc.).

The term <b>fish</b> refers to players that aren’t very good. The call a lot of bad bets and can be intimidated easily. A good player can beat fish consistently with little difficulty.

The term <b>shark</b> refers to expert players that devour the fish. (For another appropriate animal reference, consider a fox in the henhouse.)

This part of an online poker review will tell you the signup bonus you’ll get (usually a percentage match against your first deposit), as well as any other bonuses available at the online poker room.

Some common bonuses are as follows:

<b>Bad Beat Bonus:</b> If you lose a hand holding higher than a certain amount (usually 4 Queens), you win the largest portion of a bonus that is shared amongst all the players that posted blinds in that round

<b>Magic Hand Bonus:</b> Every round (or hand) in an online poker room is given a number (which is how you can later refer back to earlier games); in a Magic Hand Bonus, the online poker room chooses a number (say, every one millionth hand) and gives every player who posted blinds in that hand a share of the bonus, the largest portion going to the winner of the hand

<b>High Hand Bonus:</b> Given to any player that gets the highest hand (above a minimum high hand, eg. 4 Kings) in a set period of time, without folding

<b>Progressive bonuses</b> (or Progressive Jackpots): These start at a certain amount (eg. $500) and each day that goes by without a winner claiming the bonus, a certain amount (eg. $50) is added, until someone wins the accumulated amount and the jackpot is then reset to its starting level.

Here is where the online poker review will tell you what the commission is that the online poker room takes for each hand. The average rake is 5% of the pot, up to but not exceeding $3. Many online poker rooms take smaller cuts from smaller pots or lower stakes games.

Some have a wonderful <b>No Flop/No Drop policy</b>, stating that if nobody stays in to see the flop, no rake is taken.

<b>Customer Service</b><br>
This section of the online poker review tells you the ways to reach customer support (toll-free phone, email, live chat), the hours (preferably 24/7), and most importantly, the quality, courteousness, and responsiveness.

Similar to bonuses, but meriting their own section of the online poker review, promotions are special, time-sensitive events, generally with extraordinary prizes that include hefty jackpots, vacations, automobiles, and free seats in World Poker Tour and World Series of Poker events.

<b>Deposits and Cashouts</b><br>
You’ll find two things in this section of an online poker review: first, the payment methods accepted for deposits (purchases) and cashouts (withdrawals), such as PayPal, credit cards, NETeller, etc., and second, the promptness, reliability, and security with which they process these transactions.

<b>Ease of Use</b><br>
This section of an online poker review usually discusses the usability and intuitiveness (or lack thereof) of the interface. In addition, you’ll learn here about the layout of the lobby and the information given, including lobby stats like the following:

Hands per hour: Tells you how quickly the game moves and could be a gauge of the experience level of the players;

Average pot: Tells you how aggressive the players are and how much you can expect to win or lose each hand; and

Flop percentages: How many players at the table on average are staying in to see the flop; tells you how loose they’re playing.

With this handy, two-part guide to online poker reviews at your side, you should be sitting in at the perfect online poker table for you, any moment now!


Virtual Poker Playmates? Read The Pkr Poker Review!

Poker Online Playing Gets High

You have watched how your kids lap up video games. Now it is your turn to hog the computer. You got new playmates, and they can play poker with you anytime you want. The beauty of the thing is – you create the virtual gaming world. You can choose the looks and idiosyncrasies of your opponents. The Pkr poker review enumerates more of the latest online virtual gaming site.

The Reviews

Pkr, as a gaming site, is not for the rabi...

Double Bonus Poker Strategies

Poker Online Playing Gets High

You have watched how your kids lap up video games. Now it is your turn to hog the computer. You got new playmates, and they can play poker with you anytime you want. The beauty of the thing is – you create the virtual gaming world. You can choose the looks and idiosyncrasies of your opponents. The Pkr poker review enumerates more of the latest online virtual gaming site.

The Reviews

Pkr, as a gaming site, is not for the rabid poker player. Professional players complain they cannot play 15 tables at the going rate of 200 hands per hour, but for people who like to have some casual poker game the site will be just for them.

PKr has made several claims. Accordingly, at the site, you can create the personality of your opponents. You can dress them up, decide the color of their hair, and make them fat, slim, tall, or short. You can make them smile, cry, laugh, weep, or woebegone. It is fun to look how they behave according to your machinations.

Realism and an eyeful of angles

The Pkr poker review raves about the realism of the virtual self, and the virtual opponents. If you get to the site and get a gaming room, you will be amazed how your virtual self clap, rage and rant. You may let your avatar behave, as you would like to behave in real gaming rooms. The nice part of creating your avatar? You can be a man or a woman.

This new level of online gaming is a far cry from the 2D table and the blinking buttons representing your opponents; the realism of live poker games is recreated. You get the thrill of the game right in your home, and enjoy the antics of the avatars.

The Pkr poker review checked the versatility of the camera options. True to the claim, you can see your opponents just like watching a live TV poker tournament. You can also have a first person view as if you are there watching the other players at the table.

You can drag the camera to any position along the table or anywhere and post it anywhere you want a vantage view. During the game, you can check the actions done by other players. You will know if they have posted bets, checked, and raised.

All these exciting features rated high on Pkr poker review articles online. The reviews all assure the ultimate satisfaction of using the Pkr site. Once you have played in this site, you will never want to go back to the blinking buttons. Truly, online gaming has finally reached a new high.

Next, the Downside

The Pkr poker review and similar articles agree. There is nothing like watching a real live poker game to set your adrenalin going; but these all recommend that Pkr poker is the next best thing to live poker. One game, and you’ll never go back to the old hunting grounds.


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