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Small Business


Take Waste Out Of Your Spending

The ability to save money has nothing to do with income. Take waste out of your spending and you’ll drive the haste out of your life.

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The ability to save money has nothing to do with income. Take waste out of your spending and you’ll drive the haste out of your life. Continue to learn “the rules,” as they’re always changing.

Learn the rules
We’re not taught “the rules” in school—high school, college, law school. So we go through life in the dark, not understanding why it’s so hard to get ahead. Hard work and perseverance unfortunately aren’t enough—you have to know the rules to become financially free.

The first time I bought a new car, I’d just gotten out of law school. When I asked how much the car was, the salesperson asked how much I could pay each month, instead of telling me how much the car was. He never told me how much the car was, but I still bought it. This is not a smart way to buy a car. A few of unexpected life events and suddenly I was struggling to make the car payments. I bought it under their rules, not mine.

Prepayment penalty—Many mortgage companies want to entice you to keep the mortgage in place for the life of the loan. For many people, very little money goes toward paying down the principle the first seven years of a loan. Some mortgage notes have prepayment penalties so that if you pay the mortgage off earlier, you get penalized. Know what is on your note. You need to make informed decisions instead of being whisked along by a strong breeze—direct your own choices.

Adjustable rate mortgages—These adjust no more than X%/per year and X% over the life of the loan, with a lifetime cap. Be prepared to pay the maximum adjustable amount, incase rates increase. When the stock market crashed in 1987, my mortgage increased $1,000/month, an amount I couldn’t afford and had no backup plan for paying.

The mortgage broker is trained to help you get in the home you want, as is the real estate agent. If you say your maximum is $300,000 for a home, the agent will show you homes at $350,000. Then when you insist on only seeing homes in your price range, suddenly you really want a more expensive home and are likely to buy something more expensive. Remember, money is emotional. Stick to what you can afford and master money’s power over you.


Swiss Watches Wholesale—What a Deal

Buying Swiss watches wholesale seems like a joke because Swiss watches are of great quality and as a result carry a high price tag. However, this is not a joke and while these watches are high quality you can buy Swiss watches wholesale and have a great timepiece at an unbelievable price.

wholesale watches

Buying Swiss watches wholesale seems like a joke because Swiss watches are of great quality and as a result carry a high price tag. However, this is not a joke and while these watches are high quality you can buy Swiss watches wholesale and have a great timepiece at an unbelievable price. You of course want to know when, where, and how you can take advantage of Swiss watches wholesale prices because you like a quality watch and really enjoy spending a small amount of money on something of such high quality.

So, to answer your questions about when, where and how to buy Swiss watches wholesale. First, you can buy Swiss watches wholesale right now from your computer and you can buy them at How you buy Swiss watches wholesale is simply picking the watch or watches you like the most and then checkout with a credit card and simply wait for the Swiss watches wholesale to arrive in your mailbox. It truly is as simple as that to buy Swiss watches wholesale, who would have guessed?

Don’t delay any longer because you have lived too long without the watch of your dreams and now you can make that dream a reality by purchasing Swiss watches wholesale. One for you, and the rest you can give as gifts to your family and friends. Everyone will appreciate their watch, but nobody will guess you bought the Swiss watches wholesale! Go ahead and check out the website today and within a week you can have Swiss watches wholesale for you and all you know.


Surety Bonds with Low Premium Rates to Credit Worthy Applicants

Great Surety Bond rates for good credit and good solutions for surety bonds with bad credit. All surety including surety bond, contractor bond, performance bond, insurance bond, court bonds, erisa bond, construction bonds, license bond etc.

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<center><h1><a href="">Surety Bonds</a> with Low Premium Rates to Credit Worthy Applicants</h1></center>

<a href="">South Coast Surety</a>, a nationwide bond only agency, has redesigned its website to better meet the needs for national surety bond production. Along with a new look, the web based applications add to South Coast Surety's ability to provide fast responsive support to its growing <a href="">commercial</a> and contract surety portfolio.
San Clemente, CA, January 10, 2007 -- South Coast Surety is a surety bond only agency that provides surety support on a national basis. The firm's strong web presence at makes available the largest scope of surety bond agency products on the internet. South Coast Surety has seen a continuing growth in their commercial bond portfolio of <a href="">license bonds</a>, <a href="">broker bonds</a> and many other <a href="">miscellaneous surety bonds</a>. To meet the production needs of their expanding commercial surety bond business, South Coast Surety has designed the web site to allow their many insurance agents and the general public easier access to surety bond applications, rates and forms.
Among the features of the recently reformatted site is the Newly Required Bonds section. Currently listed is the <a href="">California License Bond<a/> increases to $12,500 effective 1/1/2007, the New $25,000 Colorado <a href="">Mortgage Broker Bond</a> and the South Carolina Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond Increase to $30,000. The site not only displays the new bond information, South Coast Surety also provides some of the lowest premium rates written for these and many other surety bonds.
Although South Coast Surety is located on the west coast, it proudly services the entire nation. Whether it is the thousands of tax preparer bonds, <a href="">contractor license bonds</a>, <a href="">motor vehicle dealer bonds</a> or any of the hundreds of bonds issued on a regular basis, South Coast Surety's staff has the knowledge and experience to take care of all surety requirements. If a specific bond type is not on our site, just ask us about it.
South Coast Surety provides surety bonds with low premium rates to credit worthy applicants and has good solutions for applicants for surety bonds with problem credit. All Commercial Surety Bond applications are approved. For more information in regards to South Coast Surety's <a href="">bad credit surety bond program</a> go to:

For more information in general about South Coast Surety and its staff go to:


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