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Sitemap taxonomy - To classify web content

Sitemap taxonomy is a way to classify the tremendous amount of information available on the World Wide Web. Organizing web content is a lot of work that requires manpower and money. But creating sitemap taxonomy is a process that must be done in order to make information readily available to users.

Often times the information is there but users are unable to access it. With the sitemap taxonomy, web content is arranged in such a way that the user will be able to use it effectively. As it is more and more users are flooded with information that is useless to them thus creating frustration.

Impact of sitemap taxonomy to Internet marketing

Sitemap taxonomy can be a big boost to Internet marketing. The whole purpose of being on the web is to get exposure to a wider audience of potential customers. Unfortunately, the overflow of information often makes it impossible for searchers or browsers to find what they need.

Most of the time online users form searches that often turn up useless or non-relevant results. This is not only frustrating for users but also for any company advertised on the web. Users are left guessing the right keyword they need to use in order to get the information they need off the web.

Unfortunately not all users have the patience to keep guessing until they find the right keyword. More often than not, users will give up their search and go on with another search. This can mean lost sales for any company on the web that doesn't have a sitemap taxonomy.

Building a sitemap taxonomy

Many people may think that building sitemap taxonomy is an easy simple process of putting together keywords. Sorry to say, sitemap taxonomy is a demanding task however it does have its rewards. With an effective sitemap taxonomy in place, a website is more likely to get more traffic that would translate into profits.

Working out a sitemap taxonomy is often a trial and error process. It requires using the right terms that users are better acquainted with, in order for them to find their way through the site. At the same time, using the wrong terms may make it impossible for users to find what they need within the site.

There are generally two sets of online users that should benefit from the sitemap taxonomy, browsers and searchers. Browsers often use the sitemap taxonomy to find their way within a site while searchers use online search engines to find the information they need. No matter what type of user is involved, the sitemap taxonomy should address the needs of both users. Enabling either user to find the content they need.

Do-it-yourself sitemap taxonomy

The best candidate for creating the sitemap taxonomy of a site is the company itself or the individual behind the website content. Although hiring a professional to create the sitemap taxonomy of the site is an option, it is best that someone with firsthand knowledge of the website's content do it. There are a number of important aspects to consider before doing the sitemap taxonomy.

Keep in mind that in general the sitemap taxonomy should be extensive not profound. Putting together profound sitemap taxonomy may only make matters worse as the user will have a difficult time finding the subject matter they need. It is also best to use basic terms instead of advertising jargon that can be easily understood by all.

When structuring the sitemap taxonomy, it is important to maintain some exactness at the highest levels. This helps make it easier for users to navigate the site and find the information they need. It is also a good idea to limit the number of items under each level from two to seven subject matters. If not then it is best to combine subject matters for a more efficient sitemap taxonomy.

Take into account that sitemap taxonomy is not an exact science. It requires constant fine-tuning in order to produce an effective sitemap taxonomy. However the entire process will pay off big in the long run as users who are more likely to find what they need are those more likely to spend money.


The Truth about Cash Gifting and Taxation

Make no mistake: cash gifting is 100% legal in the United States and Canada. There has never been a law passed that prohibits us as individuals from sharing our assets, belongings or cash.

Home Business, Marketing, Business, Work At Home, Internet

Make no mistake: cash gifting is 100% legal in the United States and Canada. There has never been a law passed that prohibits us as individuals from sharing our assets, belongings or cash. It is a misconception to believe otherwise – a misconception that can keep you in the poorhouse. From the beginning of time, people have helped other people. Everybody needs help sometimes. Gifting programs allow the receivers to obtain proper housing, start businesses and even send their children to college.

Cash gifting systems that are based on honesty and integrity use what is known as the EZ1Up program. In a nutshell, this means that you give first and then receive. Of course, the beauty of it is that with proper promotion you receive far more than you ever gave initially. You recoup your investment rapidly – and many times over!

The United States IRS Tax Code, Section 26 defines explicitly the taxation responsibilities that apply to cash gifting programs. In essence, you can receive up to $11,000 from any number of individuals without any taxation implications. In excess of $11,000, you are required to report the monies received as income and pay a regular income tax on them. It is always advisable to keep a close record of monies received from cash gifting programs. They can build up very quickly. Pay your taxes on time and diligently and there will be no problems - ever.

Cash gifting is hugely popular now days. There are no bogus products to buy or sell like with MLM programs. Those who have been in MLM programs can finally offer their downlines something that they can actually make money on. EZ1Up programs eliminate all of the hype and nonsense that you find with all MLM programs. You give and then you receive – it’s that simple.

Stop wasting your time promoting programs that force you into monthly dues and the promotion of bogus products while simultaneously disallowing you from making any real money. Explore the realm of cash gifting programs today. With the EZ1Up platform, there is no chance of being cheated. There are constantly monitored databases that ensure a level playing field for all. No more are the people at the top of the ladder the only ones to benefit. Everybody is equal in a cash gifting program.

Gifting programs are comprised of private groups of like-minded individuals. They are people that value the timeless tradition of generosity. They feel good about helping those less fortunate than them. They feel even better when others help them back. It’s a Win-Win situation for all. It is 100% legal. And as long as you pay your taxes, there is only benefit to be gained. Prosper!


Outsource – CPAs’ big decision for tax season

CPAs are missing out on the wonderful opportunity to benefit from outsourcing and growing their practices and enhancing their professional profile. Outsourcing has been a pillar of business growth for many years in other sectors of the business world. The negative publicity given to outsourcing due to political reasons has created resistance towards outsourcing and some really great opportunities are being lost by the accounting industry in this delay.

Outsource Accounting

Outsourcing has been maligned for political reasons. The tremendous benefits of outsourcing to all, have been lost among the debates related to its so-called damage to the nation’s economy. Outsourcing has suffered because of its close association, in today’s world of internet, to offshoring. However, outsourcing has been a normal business practice for a long-time in the U.S. and has been the major contributor to the growth of many business organizations.

Outsourcing has been used very frequently in the manufacturing industry for a long time very successfully. Manufacturers have been able to reduce their overall costs, improve manufacturing processes, improve product quality and grow their business with the help of outsourcing. Even in the service sector, outsourcing has been used quite well for many years. Even in the 1980s CPA firms would hire tax filing firms to enter data into tax software and provide tax return printouts to reduce the load on the firm staff. With the arrival of tax software that could be used by accountants in their own offices to prepare tax returns, somehow a trend of bringing back all work in house took hold. For the last few years, small and medium-sized CPA firms have developed a habit of handling all the work in-house and taking pride in it. This trend, that took hold in the last few years, and the negative publicity associated with outsourcing is to the disadvantage of the accounting industry.

Outsourcing is a fact of life in the 21st century. From our domestic lives to every aspects of our professional lives, we outsource. In this age of specialization, it is extremely crucial for the accounting industry to pay attention to the benefits of outsourcing and catch up with it as soon as possible. There are some very definite benefits in outsourcing, for CPAs.

CPAs who own and manage small or medium-sized practices spend a tremendous amount of time manage their practices, including staff management, work flow management, and handling usual problems associated with managing a small business. However, the actual strength of CPAs is in their ability to decipher tax laws and advice and help their clients optimize their tax situations. They also have a strong understanding of the issues related to efficient financial management of businesses and personal financial management. They can help with business valuation and help clients develop systems and procedures for effective management of their businesses. All of these services require CPAs to have the time to continuously develop professionally to stay current with the new developments in each of those fields. They also need to have the time to dedicate to their clients in these areas. If they are too busy managing their practices, supervising their staff’s work, entering data into tax software and compiling tax returns, then they are too busy doing the work that could be easily done by someone else, under their supervision. They get themselves too busy competing with the “other” tax preparation services, franchised or independently owned, and do not get the time to provide the much-needed high-value services to their clients.

Outsourcing their tax and regular accounting work provides a great opportunity to CPAs to release themselves to provide high-value services to their clients. Many clients get an opportunity only once in a year to interact in detail with their CPA at tax time. Many CPAs lose this opportunity as they are too busy with the “tax season” and don’t have the time to look at anything else. That is surely a lost opportunity, year after year. If CPAs organize their time, during tax season, in such a way that they get to interact with their clients and look at their matters in detail, they could grow their business significantly. Clients like CPAs who take interest in their matters and provide personal attention to them. Most clients, that are of value to your practice, do not mind paying for such premium services.

Tax season this year offers an opportunity, once again, to CPAs to consider outsourcing some of their tax return work. By doing so they could have some extra time to provide higher-value services to their clients and differentiate their practice from the other tax preparation services. It is now time for CPAs to differentiate themselves from the regular bookkeeping and tax preparation services and outsourcing provides a great opportunity for them to do so this tax season.


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