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A website refers to a compilation of Web pages that can be typically accessed through a software package, commonly known as a Web browser (one example is the HTTP on the Internet). These pages, which are essentially documents that are in the HTML or XHTML format (HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language), are accessed from a 'common root URL' - or the website's homepage (as most people know it). From this homepage, the visitor/Internet user can browse or look through the entire website either with the use of the hyperlinks or the URLs of the different web pages.

Viewed on computers and other devices that are capable of connecting with the Internet (such as PDAs and cellular phones), websites can be grouped into numerous types, depending on their use or the services that they offer. Some of them include the following:

• Archive site - maintains and protects electronic contents that are valuable to the point of extinction.

• Business site - promotes a business or a service.

• Commerce or eCommerce site - offers goods for sale.

• Community site - allows people with related and similar interests to communicate with each other (either through chat or message boards).

• Database site - searches and displays a particular database's content.

• Development site - provides data and sources that are related to software development and web design, among others.

• Directory site - contains wide-ranging contents that are usually divided into categories and subcategories.

• Download site - allows users to download electronic contents, such as game demos and software.

• Game site - provides a 'playground' where people meet and play.

• Information site - contains data or content that have the sole purpose of informing visitors (not for commercial purposes).

• News site - dispenses or distributes news and commentaries (similar to an information site).

• Pornography site - shows pornographic videos and images.

• Search engine site - provides general information and serves as a 'gateway' for other sites and resources (can also be a web portal site).

• Shock site - shows images and other materials that aim to offend viewers.

• Vanity site - a personal site that is run or maintained by an individual or a small group, the contents of which can be of any information that the site owner wishes to include.

• Blog site or blogs - registers online readings and posts online diaries or discussion forums.

• Wiki site - allows users to collaboratively edit the contents.

Yahoo! is perhaps the most famous example of a very large website. The most popular and widely-used website, Yahoo! is a mixture of the different types of sites - it is a directory site and a search engine site, among others.

Because of the enormous (and diverse) amount of information that it contains, the Yahoo! site map is an extremely useful feature in the Yahoo! website.

A site map is a web page that lists the entire pages on a web site. Organized in a hierarchical fashion, site maps can be in textual or visual form (a diagram or an image).

The Yahoo! site map serves as a blueprint for the Yahoo! website. Similar to a book's Table of Contents, the Yahoo! sitemap makes it easier for visitors or users to find specific information or pages on the Yahoo! web site without having to browse many pages, because the site map gives an overview or a visual outline of the Yahoo! web site, with each location provided with active links to enable the user to directly move to a specific location.

In addition, the Yahoo! site map allows web developers to put out links from across their sites, making it easier for search engine robots (or engine spiders) to find these pages.

Because the Yahoo! site map improves the search engine optimization of a site, this feature can be considered a valuable tool for online marketers, whose aim is to stimulate and direct traffic to their web sites.

Note, however, that the Yahoo! site map can only give you the 'basics'. Because it is important for web marketers to 'rank high' on main search engines, an effective web marketing strategy that promotes your web site is also very much needed. Listed below are some search engine strategies to consider:

1. Write a descriptive page title at the top of your webpage that avoids 'filler' words like "the" or "and".

2. Incorporate descriptive keywords on your home page, along with your business name. This is called "keyword prominence".

3. Include a Description Meta Tag at the top of the web page. This refers to the sentences (1 or 2 lines, with a maximum of around 255 characters) that describe the content of your web page.

These are just some of the many techniques that you can employ to get more users to visit your website. The important thing is to focus on keywords - and let Yahoo! site map do the rest.


List Your Local Business for Free on Google and Yahoo

As a local business owner you must have a Free listing on Google and Yahoo local. Your prospective customers are turning to the Internet in growing number and searching for businesses like yours. Will they find you?

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As a local business owner you wear many hats and you have countless responsibilities. Consequently you’re not always able to follow-up on opportunities that could advance your business. It is the nature of running a business.

Once an awhile an opportunity comes along that you absolutely should not pass up. In this case it is <b>a business listing on both Google and Yahoo local</b>. Not only can it generate targeted traffic in your area, but the listing is <b>FREE</b>. And here is another reason why you need to jump on this, it doesn’t matter if you have a web site or not, you still qualify for the free listing.

<b>Why would you want a free business listing with Google and Yahoo?</b>

Because they are the two largest search resources online, and account for approximately 78% of the total search results. But even more important is the fact that your customers are searching for local products and services online in greater numbers. In some surveys it is suggest that as much as 25% of all Internet searches are local in nature.

Your customers are turning away from the cumbersome yellow pages. Instead their utilizing the content rich resources of the Internet. You have to ask yourself - if you competitors are listed and you are not, when a prospect searches online which business will most likely end up with a new customer?

<b>How hard is it to list your business?</b>

It can be done in less then an hour. Below are the two locations:

Local Business Center -

Yahoo Local - (Click on the “Add/Edit a Business “ link at the bottom of the page)

<b>The Benefits of a Local Listing</b>

Besides the excellent exposure, you get to list important details about your business, including:

<li>Business Name</li>
<li>Email address</li>
<li>Web address</li>
<li>Payment methods accepted</li>
<li>Brands carried</li>
<li>Products/services offered</li>

In addition to company details, Google and Yahoo both provide an interactive map for locating your business. I’m sure most of you have utilized the mapping service of either of these search engines and know how convenient it makes finding a business. Not only can customers find out who you are, but they also can pinpoint where you are.

As I mentioned, neither of these services require a web site, but when you combine your listing with a link to a killer web site you are in position to do so serious customer conversion. For those lacking a web site, Yahoo offers a free 5 page site. It allows you to get a basic web presence until you get the real thing up and running.

At this point few businesses are cashing in on local Internet marketing. For those that are the <b>results show a higher ROI, and an improved customer conversion rate.</b>

The future of your local business will depend on how effective you are in reaching your customers online. Getting a free listing on Google and Yahoo Local is an excellent start.


5 Steps To Optimizing Your Website For Google And Yahoo

The mere thought of SEO is enough to send most webmasters into a flutter. A good ranking in the search engines is a sure-fire way to make money from a website, yet it is not an easy task. But while the exact ranking algorithm used by top search engines is one of the world’s best kept secrets there are some basic principals you should always keep in mind:

1. Site Design

The structure of your site is important because this is how search engines see how each page relates...

search engine optimization, internet marketing

The mere thought of SEO is enough to send most webmasters into a flutter. A good ranking in the search engines is a sure-fire way to make money from a website, yet it is not an easy task. But while the exact ranking algorithm used by top search engines is one of the world’s best kept secrets there are some basic principals you should always keep in mind:

1. Site Design

The structure of your site is important because this is how search engines see how each page relates to another. When your site is spidered, the search engine will quickly be able to judge the relevance and quality of your site from the sitemap.

Creating a good site map involves naming pages using your top keywords, while at the same time ensuring you are giving it an accurate and succinct name. Keyword spamming has penalties! Google’s sitemap is a good example at

2. Optimize for your audience, not for the search engine.

Search engines prefer sites on a specific subject because specialized information is more beneficial to search engine users. So, for example, your site would have a better chance of ranking highly if it was dedicated specifically to lamp shades rather than home furnishings or lighting in general. This is because someone searching for ‘lamp shade’ would be better satisfied with a website full of information specifically relating to lamp shades, rather than a general home furnishings site with only a paragraph or two dedicated to lamp shades.

Many sites have been successful by focusing solely on providing a website that meets the needs of their audience, rather than the needs of the search engines. If possible, survey your users to find out what they want out of the site and if they have any suggestions. The more you know about your audience, the better the design you’ll be able to create. Make it easy for visitors to interact on the site and for you to answer their questions too.

3. Label your internal text links and image alt tags

Why? The main reason is that search engine spiders can’t read images. Anything without text means nothing to the spider. Other benefits of labeling images include the ability for the image to be searchable in browsers such as Google Image search. Image text also enables visibly impaired visitors to use your site more effectively and it helps to generally improve the text content of your page for search purposes. An image label is just a clear description of the image using keywords. Just don’t include too many keywords in the alt text as there are penalties for keyword stuffing!

4. Update your site regularly

Your site ranking will be enhanced if the search engine spiders can see it is being updated frequently. Aim to add new content at least once a week to create a living site. The more frequently Google has to come back to respider your site, the better you will rank. Pages that don’t change will eventually be downgraded in favor of sites whose pages are fresher.

5. Link to Subject-related sites

Good quality backlinks are vital to SEO as these tell the search engine spiders that the site is popular and/or important. Backlinks are links that are directed to your website from another site. Thus, linking to relevant sites is a great way to increase your search engine ranking. If you can, try to implement circular linking, where the sites you link to also link to each other and back to you again. For example, you link to Site A and Site B, who both link back to you and also link to each other. The more clusters of links you can get like this, the more relevant your site will be deemed to be.

Did you realize that broken links can actually harm your search engine optimization? If you set up a link, and your linking partner pulls that link in 6 months time, your ranking could reduce. Thus it is critical to check your links regularly to ensure that you are being linked back to.

Search engine optimization is not something that can be done once and then left alone. It requires constant effort and attention. The best way to keep up to date with new SEO developments is to continue read commentary and recent articles by SEO experts.
In general, remember that the top websites are always the ones people want to use, such as the BBC, eBay, Apple, and NASA. If your main priority is creating the best website for your users, then you are on the right track.


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