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List Your Local Business for Free on Google and Yahoo

As a local business owner you must have a Free listing on Google and Yahoo local. Your prospective customers are turning to the Internet in growing number and searching for businesses like yours. Will they find you?

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As a local business owner you wear many hats and you have countless responsibilities. Consequently you’re not always able to follow-up on opportunities that could advance your business. It is the nature of running a business.

Once an awhile an opportunity comes along that you absolutely should not pass up. In this case it is <b>a business listing on both Google and Yahoo local</b>. Not only can it generate targeted traffic in your area, but the listing is <b>FREE</b>. And here is another reason why you need to jump on this, it doesn’t matter if you have a web site or not, you still qualify for the free listing.

<b>Why would you want a free business listing with Google and Yahoo?</b>

Because they are the two largest search resources online, and account for approximately 78% of the total search results. But even more important is the fact that your customers are searching for local products and services online in greater numbers. In some surveys it is suggest that as much as 25% of all Internet searches are local in nature.

Your customers are turning away from the cumbersome yellow pages. Instead their utilizing the content rich resources of the Internet. You have to ask yourself - if you competitors are listed and you are not, when a prospect searches online which business will most likely end up with a new customer?

<b>How hard is it to list your business?</b>

It can be done in less then an hour. Below are the two locations:

Local Business Center -

Yahoo Local - (Click on the “Add/Edit a Business “ link at the bottom of the page)

<b>The Benefits of a Local Listing</b>

Besides the excellent exposure, you get to list important details about your business, including:

<li>Business Name</li>
<li>Email address</li>
<li>Web address</li>
<li>Payment methods accepted</li>
<li>Brands carried</li>
<li>Products/services offered</li>

In addition to company details, Google and Yahoo both provide an interactive map for locating your business. I’m sure most of you have utilized the mapping service of either of these search engines and know how convenient it makes finding a business. Not only can customers find out who you are, but they also can pinpoint where you are.

As I mentioned, neither of these services require a web site, but when you combine your listing with a link to a killer web site you are in position to do so serious customer conversion. For those lacking a web site, Yahoo offers a free 5 page site. It allows you to get a basic web presence until you get the real thing up and running.

At this point few businesses are cashing in on local Internet marketing. For those that are the <b>results show a higher ROI, and an improved customer conversion rate.</b>

The future of your local business will depend on how effective you are in reaching your customers online. Getting a free listing on Google and Yahoo Local is an excellent start.


Yahoo Acquires Popular Behavioral Ad Firm

Yahoo inc, the California-based search engine, announced recently that it has purchased BlueLithium, the fifth largest online ad network in the U.S. for $300 million, in with the goal of cornering the ever popular market of behavioral ad targeting.


Yahoo inc, the California-based search engine, announced recently that it has purchased BlueLithium, the fifth largest online ad network in the U.S. for $300 million, in with the goal of cornering the ever popular market of behavioral ad targeting.

With this deal, Yahoo’s current behavioral ad targeting efforts, aimed primarily at users of Yahoo mail and Yahoo travel, will be strengthened by BlueLithium’s tracking technology, designed to zero in on consumer preferences as they navigate a site, which allowed for a more focused targeting of ad delivery by a business or, in this case, a search engine.

This tracking ability is made possible by the use of cookies—small packets of data that record user visits and habits on certain sites, and over time, make it possible for Web sites to target their ads to specific demographics within their consumer base.

According to Yahoo News, senior vice president of the Yahoo Publisher Network, Todd Teresi, responded to this purchase of the three year-old, invitation-only BlueLithium network via telephone by saying that this (purchase) “will give us (Yahoo) the ability to (deliver) more relevant advertising to consumers not only on the Yahoo network but also off of the network.”

Yahoo’s user base of over 250 million is expected to greatly expand, with the addition of BlueLithium’s nearly 120 million users, and the geo-targeting capabilities of the new tracking technology will allow said users to connect to online customer segments, featuring marketers that offer products and services tailored to their particular interests, and in some cases, location.

Search Engine Optimization, which targets the behavior of Internet users via the use of searched keywords and other related methods, will likely see benefits from this newer type of behavioral marketing technology, since it will provide a clear, more defined scope of an individual’s search preferences and favorite sites.

It is reported that this acquisition of BlueLithium is expected to be finalized by the fourth quarter of this year, pending regulatory approval and other conditions.


Tips for getting your website listed on yahoo

Treat Yahoo as both a directory AND a search engine. Yahoo offers a number of different search results. Part of their search results come from an actual search engine, and some of their results come from human editors, called surfers.


Treat Yahoo as both a directory AND a search engine. Yahoo offers a number of different search results. Part of their search results come from an actual search engine, and some of their results come from human editors, called surfers.

Every Yahoo directory submission is viewed by a person. (Search engines use spiders and indexing software). Admission into the Yahoo directory is entirely at the discretion of the Yahoo surfer viewing your site. That's why the free submission lead time can often be 8-10 weeks, without using the Express Submit service.

Unlike search engine submissions that accept multiple pages from the same site, Yahoo surfers prefer to view your home page, and they will navigate your site from there.

With directories, the site owner selects the most appropriate directory categories for his/her site and writes descriptions that concisely and accurately describe the content of the site. Factors that affect directory placement are selecting the right category and writing a good description.

Always differentiate between the Yahoo search engine and the Yahoo directory whenever you speak to a search engine marketer. The strategies for getting listed in search engines are different from the strategies for getting listed in directories.

Fill out the Forms on Yahoo Exactly as Requested

We know this seems obvious, but some sites don't get listed because the submitters do not follow directions when filling out the forms. When Yahoo asks for a telephone number, give only one telephone number including the area code. When Yahoo asks for a 25-words-or-less description, don't try any fancy word stacking or keyword tricks. Stick to a concise, accurate description of your site's content. Yahoo surfers often change your site description after it's listed in their directory.

Although some fields are optional, try to fill in all of the fields in the form, especially the fields asking your company name, address, and telephone and fax numbers. Yahoo wants to know that you have a legitimate business that will be around in years to come.

Select the Categories (only 3) That You Want to be listed under Very Carefully

To select your categories, type in your selected keywords in a Yahoo query, and study the results. Your site does not belong where you believe your target audience is searching. Your site's actual content should accurately reflect the category or categories you wish to be listed under.

You will probably be listed under the same categories your competitors are listed under. Study your competitors' directory listing. See what their descriptions are, and then modify your site's description to show the Yahoo surfer that you definitely belong in the categories you selected.

If you are a U.S. company, under the category Regional/United States/ in Yahoo, all 50 states are listed. You should include your site in one of the regional categories, if applicable. Don't be surprised that most of your traffic from Yahoo is local. Many customers need to hear your voice or see your face to feel secure about hiring you or your company for a project.

Category listings are also at the discretion of a Yahoo surfer. You need to spend the time selecting your categories and studying your competitors so that you do not get listed under an "undesirable" category.

Have Unique Content and Point This Information Out in Your Submission

A web site is of no value to the Yahoo directory if the site contains the exact same information as other sites in the same categories. So to add value to the Yahoo directory, and to call attention to the unique aspects of your online business, make sure you have unique content on your site.

You can point out any unique content to the Yahoo surfer via your 25-word description or the extra comments field in the submission form.

Get a Virtual Domain Name

Yahoo tends to recognize virtual domains ( over others. Why is this? Yahoo wants to have legitimate organizations and companies in their directory. They do not want a small start-up company that won't be around next year, thus resulting in a dead link to a URL in the directory. A virtual domain shows that you are serious about your business.

Try to Get Listed in One of Yahoo's Regional Directories First

At the bottom of Yahoo's home page are some of Yahoo's regional directories. If you are in one of the regional areas, you can often get your web site listed much faster in the regional directory than in Yahoo's main directory.

Commercial web sites must pay an annual fee of $299 (currently) to be listed in the Yahoo directory. Sometimes, a Yahoo surfer might discover a content-rich commercial site without you ever submitting.

"Design for Speed" (Quotation from a Yahoo Surfer)

Yahoo is looking for sites that download very quickly, preferably within 30 seconds on a dial-up modem.

Of course, exceptions do apply; such as if you are an online video game company and use Shockwave on your site. Then it is understandable that your web site might take longer to download.

Lastly, the rule "Content is King" applies to getting listed in Yahoo. If Yahoo editors don't feel your site looks or sounds like a legitimate business, they don't have to list your site. So make sure your web site is easy to read, easy to navigate, easy to find (on search engines), shows consistency in design and layout, and is quick to download. Above all, have unique content to add value to the Yahoo directory.


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